Published on September 5, 2019

hi guys and welcome back so today I’m

gonna show you guys three more super

super easy ways to do your own hair and

if you’re new welcome

I am Tina you should subscribe so let’s

get started so for this first simple 1/2

up we’re going to leave out our bangs I

would say about four fingers wide and

tease the back of her crown and make

sure you’re setting it with some

hairspray so your pouf stays longer than

five minutes

and my favorite hairspray is the shaper

by Sebastian I’ve been using this on and

off for ten years it’s literally one of

the best hairspray for updos next I’m

gonna gather my crown and tie it with an


then toughen the crowd to create more

texture and to create more volume and

then I’m gonna take these side and pull

it through the crown nearly elastic

before tying this section to the main

ponytail I’m living right here now and

not a bottom

what life’s all about the world is

calling man I’m

see ya miss me

and then just do the same on the other

side come on let’s go for a ride I

finally open my eyes and I can see it so

candy so killed

and lastly I’m gonna wrap a strand of

hair around the elastic band pull on the

crown and the twist to make it look more

voluminous and fancy and if you guys

want the back to be more poofy you can

pin it up to create that look and that’s


I cannot begin to tell you guys how much

I love this ponytail because it looks

like a very fancy French to its ponytail

but it’s really not it’s very simple top

to tell divide our hair in half

and make you pop details

okay so now with the top Topsy tail

we’re going to pull it through the

bottom ponytails

very simple right then we’re gonna top

on the sides to make it look poufy okay

so make sure you actually do this part

because if you don’t do it it just gonna

look like a really raggedy looking –

ponytail top dude health and we don’t

want that okay so make sure you pull on

it and then you finish this off by

gathering the top

and pinning it close as if this is a

French twist look

okay and that

ridiculously easy but fancy looking you

won’t even believe how easy is so for

this one we’re gonna take some pair from

our crown and tie into a ponytail but

make sure you’re not taking the whole

crown you’re simply taking small

sections from each side of your head


and we’re gonna drag this down until you

get to the top of your ears

now we’re gonna simply take the hair

from each side and loop it through

giving right you now and not a bottom

Massoud is what life’s all about the

world is calling and I’m

sing we’re gonna go all the way down

toward Phoenix I feel freedom inside

come on let’s go

my eyes and I can see it so clearly

so killed

life is

these are little and when you get to the

nape we’re going to gather all the hair


twist it around into a bun shape

homicides pin it down and that’s it

you guys like all the hairstyles and

today as you guys try it out if you

liked it be sure to thumbs up and if

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notification belt and I’ll see you guys

again next Saturday I love you guys I

love beautiful hair day everyone bye

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