10 Back To School Heatless Hairstyles

Published on October 13, 2019

everyone so for today’s video
I’ve got ten back-to-school Hitler’s
hairstyles because it is coming up –
back to school I thought it would be a
perfect video to film it’s usually I
like to have my hair in lots of
different styles so I thought I’d put
ten of my favorite ones into our video
and share with you guys and these
hairstyles literally take me under five
minutes I feel like this is perfect
especially if you’re running late in the
or you just want something really simple
but it’s still looks cute and it looks
like you’ve put a lot of time enjoy if
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to know ten back-to-school heatless
hairstyles then keep on watching the
video so hairstyle number one is to
Dutch braids so fast for what I’m
splitting my hair into a middle parting
and then you want to get three strands
of hair as if you’re doing like a normal
plaque that as you’re doing this you’re
picking up a piece of hair and then
passing it over and repeating this
process until you get to the end of your
hair like so she’s there
a dual reeow nozzle so for hairstyle
number two I’m going to be putting my
hair back in a high ponytail except I’m
leaving a big chunk of my hair out as
I’m going to be braiding this section
it’s like we did with the previous one
I’m Dutch braiding it so I’m picking up
a piece of hair and then passing it over
I’m doing this right to the end and then
I’m tying it with an elastic I’ll then
bring the braid up until the ponytail
and tie it around the hairband and then
I’ll just pin it with a bobby pin and
that is our glue
so next I’m doing a messy bonnet so I’m
pulling back all my hair and then I’m
wrapping it around my finger I then got
the hairband tying it together and to
make it more like a casual look I pulled
out some strands of hair and then I also
secured it with some bobby pins
hairstyle number four is a half up half
down I basically tied the top section on
my hair tied it with hairband and that
was literally it it was so quick and
easy to do I just don’t understand
so next is a Dutch braid but it’s going
down the middle of your head so I
started off with three strands at the
top of my forehead and I’m just doing a
normal Dutch braid which everybody
showed you guys so where you’re picking
up a piece of hair passing it over and
then you just repeat this process till
you get to the end I tied it with an
elastic and I also pulled the braid
apart just to make it a little bit more
Messier so next is a side fishtail
braids I’ll set my hair to one side and
I split it into two sections so from
each section you want to grab a piece of
hair and pass over and as you can see by
what I’m doing you can kind of
understand because I’m like really bad
at explaining but I just did this all
the way to the end of my hair I tied it
with an elastic and I also pulled the
fishtail apart just to make it a little
bit more Messier and that more casual
look so this next hairstyle is to Dutch
phrase on each side of my head and with
the rest of my hair down so yeah I’m
just Dutch braiding both sides of my
head with the middle parting and then
tying both of them with elastics and
then bring the braid around my head and
crossing them and then getting some hair
pins pinning them together just to make
sure they’re nice and secure
okay so next I’m doing an Elsa inspired
hairstyle so I put my hair to one side
and I’m braiding all of that one side
and it’s obviously a Dutch braid and
what’s doing this
I obviously tie with an elastic I also
get some hair pins and put it into the
places where it’s a little bit uneven I
also pulled the braid apart and it just
literally took like not even five
minutes hair start number nine I’m just
putting my hair in a high ponytail I’m
then just going to get a piece of hair
from underneath the ponytail and I’m
just going to do a normal braid and then
tie it with an elastic and then I’m
going to wrap it around the hair band
and then once doing that I’m just going
to pin it with a hair pin
so for the very last tenth pair style I
put my hair to one side and I’m just
twisting the front section and I’m doing
this gradually to like Midway of my head
and then carrying on with the normal
plots so that’s the end of my ten back
to school heedless hairstyles I really
hope you guys enjoyed this video and if
you do remember to give it a big thumbs
up and subscribe to my channel if you
haven’t already and that’s how to say
I’ll see you guys in my next video

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10 Back To School Heatless Hairstyles
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