Published on September 14, 2019

Thank you all that have been with me since day one! We hit 1 MILLION subscribers here on this channel and it’s so exciting! Today, I share with you 10 very cute and easy low ponytail hairstyle ideas perfect for short, shoulder-length, medium, and long hair. Let me know which one is your favorite and if you stayed until the very end.

you guys we hit 1 million on this

channel it’s so exciting thank you to

all of you that subscribed keep

subscribing keep watching my videos for

some reason you subscribe to this

channel your hairstyle is a fashion or

you’re just my family you kind of have

to know I’m kidding but seriously we

really appreciate and love all of you

guys I really hope I can meet as many of

you as possible

that would be amazing and a dream come

true but for now let’s move forward to

the video because I am bringing back the

10 hairstyles I know so many of you love

those and this one we’re going to keep

nice and simple straight to the point

something that you can create within a

couple of minutes low pony tails with a


the first one’s going to be very

romantic and sweet and kind of flurry

flurry flirty and girly that’s why I

have these waves today obviously you can

keep your hair straight or whatever

natural hair you have

because ponytails that’s kind of at the

point you kind of play with your natural

hair but I gave my hair a little bit of

a curl with a really cool no tool I’m

just gonna pick my hair towards the back

and I’m just gonna take these front

pieces out I just want to frame my face

with these pieces you can also do like a

nice deep part even though I got a trim

on my hair I still have enough hair to

make a ponytail I love that just tie it

off to where you want your ponytail to


I’m just gonna go back in and just play

with my hair give it a little bit more

texture so it’s not completely flat and

sleek to my head I’m gonna take a bobby

pin and I’m gonna take a little piece of

hair no piece of hair a little section

of hair and wrap it around the clear

elastic to kind of finish off the entire

look so that completes the look all I

needed for this was have a little bit of

waves in my hair just because I think

the overall look looks better with this

type of hair especially for my tip of

hair adds a little bit more texture more

volume and a little bit more playfulness

next one we’re gonna keep it nice and

simple but a little bit more edgy and

fun the follow ponytail we’re only gonna

create 3 bubbles I’m gonna bring all of

the hair back and I’m just using my


my nails this is where it longer

fingernails come in really handy I’m

just going to tie off the ponytail then

just create the second third make sure

you’re include the ponytail from up

above I’m gonna go and take apart the

hair a little bit to kind of take it out

of its place of aluminized it add a

little bit more texture and just play

around and create those little bubbles

and that’s the beauty of this type of

hairstyle it’s very fun it’s whimsical

you can really play with it to get it

nice and of aluminized you don’t have to

be perfect

whatsoever next one’s going to be the

classic which to me is all of the hair

back into the ponytail and I’m going to

jazz it up a little bit with this little

hair cuff but I’m actually going to

tease my hair just a little bit we’re

here in the crown and a little bit

towards the bottom just to add a little

bit more texture and volume just using

my hands as my tools just gonna bring it

all I’m gonna tie it off with a clear

elastic and then we’re going to tease my

ponytail just a little bit next I’m

going to put the cuff on first and then

I’m going to teach it’s a really simple

cuff where it just opens like this and

just shuts

and that completes the classic ponytail

with a little ponytail cuff

this next one is going to include a

Dutch braid but I’m going to start the

Dutch braid around the crown and just

make a little one towards the lower

ponytail so this one you can add a

little bit of texture spray or a dry

shampoo to add a little bit more texture

to your hair if it’s not going to hold

probably is gonna skip that part I’m

just gonna grab hair for the first

section of the braid bring it back

towards to the crown and then just

divide the hair into three sections so

Dutch braid is essentially where you

take the outer two sections or the outer

sections and you cross it under the

middle section so without adding any

hair first I’m gonna start off with the

Dutch braid once I have the initial

braid started

those are Romanist start adding hair so

I bring the section over to the middle

and then I add hair to that same section

and continue to the other side add the

left or the right section to the middle

under the middle section and then add

hair to that section

I’m just continue doing that and I’m

gonna stop once I reach a little below

my ears tie it off and I’m gonna create

a little mini ponytail towards the

bottom and I took out the clear elastic

from the braid and this is where I’m

going to go in and the braid and really

take it apart and texturize and volumize

it to create more of like a dramatic

braid ponytail look obviously you can

stop right here keep it nice and sleek

maybe add a cute little bow or ribbon or

even a cuff to the end of your ponytail

but just kind of have fun with it once I

pull apart the braid you can go in and

just kind of take some hairs out messy

it up even more I have something in my

hair piece of lint oh yeah I just keep

it fun keep it nice and simple don’t

make it really nice and sleek that’s

kind of the beauty of braids you can

make them really really messy and

they’re perfect for those third or

fourth and fifth day hair that needs a

lot of texture and grit I hope you guys

like this one the next one is going to

be nice and sleek but the ponytail is

going to be a little bit teased and

textured so I want to make sure all of

my hair is

it’s like actually I do a nice side part

you can keep it in the middle I think

I’m in a nice side part

should we go even deeper all right just

bring all the hair back into a lower

ponytail here I’m really going to

emphasize with a brush to keep it nice

and sleek

I think I might just need to take out my

hairspray for this now I don’t want it

to look too perfect I just wanted to

look sleek so there’s a little bit of

bumps I’m okay with that

how does it look this looks like a wrap

schoolgirl I’m gonna take a little bit

of the or base superfine hairspray and

just spray it on the tips of my fingers

I’m gonna quickly run this right here

just kind of smooth out these little

flyaways then you’re gonna tease the

ponytail just a little bit alright I

think I’m happy with it

next one’s going to be simple Topsy tail

the ponytail should I did chew her once

Topsy tail lista – I think I’m gonna

leave some of these hairs out though

sorry I’m just gonna use my fingers just

kind of gather the hair and pay a little

bit more texture I’m gonna create a nice

Topsy tail so you create a ponytail and

then you do by that pointy tail in half

on the top of the clear elastic and you

bring the ponytail through

to finish the look I’m gonna take apart

only the top top the tail I’ll just give

it a little bit more texture I love a

good old top to tail especially two of

them and I love it this creates a really

simple and chic ponytail that you can

really wear to the office date night put

a really nice intense lipstick perfect

for a date night I love this hairstyle

okay so this next ponytail is going to

involve two braids but these are just

gonna be simple three strand braids

where you don’t have to add hair into

the braid to make it a little bit more

complicated so I’m just gonna keep my

hair right in the middle I’m gonna keep

some of these front layers and front

pieces out I was afraid to keep it nice

and framed and then I’m just gonna take

this section right here this entire

section just do a really simple three

strand braid I’m gonna do it under just

like that I’m gonna take a bobby pin and

just secure the bottom just hold it

there for a little bit and do the same

thing on the opposite side I’m just

gonna take the braids apart getting a

little bit more texture just so when you

put it into the ponytail if you see

something very subtle there once I’m

done with that I’m just gonna tie it off

with a clear elastic

I’m gonna take the braids and the rest

of the hair into a lower ponytail and

just secure the ponytail with a clear


that’s it for the luck I love that it’s

very subtle but it still gives you

something extra to the ponytail or your

lower ponytail this next one I really

want to incorporate a French braid but

just the braid at the top and we’re

gonna secure the braid with too many

bobby pins to kind of make it look like

it’s cascading into the ponytail that

makes any sense all right it’s making

sense in my mind but let’s see how it

turns out just gonna do by the hair just

give me a little section so the French

braid outer section over the middle so

I’m just gonna lay it down grab a little

section clean it up let go and then

bring it over the middle same thing to

be elated lay down grab a section of

hair clean it up let go and bring over

the middle I’m gonna do this a couple

more times to get a bigger braid I’m

just gonna bring the mirror at the side

because I can’t see what I’m doing

alright let’s go one more time on this

side and I’m done this alright finish it

great all right before I do anything

like securing just gonna take the braid

apart just a little bit like gonna go

too crazy I just want that texture the

top right so what I’m gonna do it to

secure it I’m just gonna secure the

middle strand it’s gonna be the bobby

pin up the braid just a – just in case

let’s do one more

all right perfect and then bring the

rest of the hair back into a lower

ponytail that’s it you’re done I just

thought that’s a very subtle braided

headband for the ponytail this one I’m

going to create two twists on each side

into a low ponytail it’s like they’re

doing point with the twist when to keep

it simple you grab a section from the

top and divide it into two and then

staff section I’m gonna twist it away a

couple of times and bring it over the

bottom section so keeping this bottom

section add some hair twist it away a

couple of times and bring it over so you

see them doing so the bottom section I’m

always grabbing here to it twisting it a

couple of times away from my face and

then bringing that same section over

just like that

grab some here I’m kind of keeping it


just continue that a couple more times

just gonna tie it off for now

there we go we do the same thing on this


before I pull the twist apart I’m going

to actually bring the two twists and the

rest of the hair that I have towards us

a lower ponytail I’m just going to

emphasize the twist just a little bit

I’ve pulling them apart ever so slightly

just take some these front pieces out

and there we have it for this twisted or

rope twist ponytail I love the little

dimension of gifts we’re at the very

last one you guys who is with me still

who’s still watching you guys are

awesome what I’m gonna do is create kind

of like a twist with all of the hair

kind of like a French twist but an

opposite French twist that makes any

sense I’m gonna take some clear clear

elastics but it takes that many bobby

pins is secure underneath going upwards

the twist upwards the twist upwards into

the twist are you making a lot of sense

you guys I know all right I’m just gonna

take all the hair into the back just one

make sure the front looks pretty good

I’m gonna start twisting the hair down

into the ponytail

take somebody by opens and start pinning


I just love this look I think it’s

really simple it’s classic you can bring

some hairs down to frame your face I’m

gonna keep it nice and sleek towards the

back kind of let the focus be on the

twist I hope you guys like this one

thank you so much for watching

spending time with me let me know if you

made it all the way to the end of the

video if you did I love you very much

you are awesome

but for now I’ll see you on the next one


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