Published on August 28, 2019

highway angels and welcome back to my

channel so today I’m gonna be showing

you guys 10 easy heatless hairstyles

which are perfect for back to school or

for whenever you really want to wear any

of these hairstyles but they are super

easy to do all of these hairstyles took

me between two to three or four minutes

so they are super super super quick and

easy to do and yeah I hope you guys

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you would like to see ten heatless easy

hairstyles including this one which I

like to call the stuffed bun and then

please keep watching

so the first hairstyle is a side chunky

braid so I’m doing a side parting and

then I’m Dutch braiding this side of my

hair where I basically get three strands

and then from all the outside strands I

add hair from the sides of my hair and

basically make it into a plat there’s

loads of Dutch braid videos on YouTube

so definitely check them out if you find

it really confusing but I’m just

carrying this on just above my ear and

then I’m just carrying on as a normal

plot and this is what you are left with

but one thing that I do do is I pull at

the braid to make it super big and super

chunky and this keeps your hair out of

your face and it looks really really

pretty at the same time the next

hairstyle is one of my favorites it’s my

go-to kind of bun that I do or top knot

that I do on the top of my head what I

like to do is I like to take half of my

hair first and put that into a ponytail

and kind of like bring up some side

hairs just to make it nice and looking a

little bit messy and then I bring up the

rest of my hair and put that into a

ponytail and as you can see I do have

some little flyaways and baby hairs so I

am making sure that they are hair

sprayed down so that it looks really

nice and sleek at the top of my head and

then what I simply do is I twist that

round the ponytail and I basically just

bobby pin that into place I like to put

one at the front one at the back and

then two bobby pins at the sides and

this keeps it really nice and secure and

it gives it a really nice big kind of

top burn effect but if you want to remix

hairstyle and you want to do it in a bit

of a Messier look then I like to take

that same ponytail but I use a rubber

band to basically put all of this into

place and keep it all there and it kind

of gives it more of like a messy edgy uh

vibe and my bun looks different every

single time that I do it which him is

one of the reasons why I quite like

doing it this way the next hairstyle is

something a very sleek and very chic I’m

doing a middle parting and I’m making

sure that all of my hair is nice and

sleeped down and that it’s covering my

ears and I’m basically gathering all the

hair at the nape of my neck and sleeking

all of that hair down and then just

tying that away in a low ponytail one

thing you’ve got to make sure is that

you’ve got no flyaways and that

everything’s looking really shiny and

really sleek so here I’m just hair

spraying all of my hairs down because we

definitely do not want any baby hairs

showing up but one thing that I like to

do is I like to tie a little bit of my

hair around the hairband and this just

looks makes the look look even more

sleek and this is what the final result

is something that is a very very like

Hollywood glam but you can totally get

away for wearing for school this one

here is a really fun one I’m taking too

chunky strands of hair from behind my

ear and I’m tying all the rest of the

hair back and with those two strands I’m

basically just putting them into two

braids I wish I could braid my hair as

quick as this this probably took the

longest this probably took about four

minutes to do in total but I’m just

braiding both of those sections of hairs

and then once they are braided and

secured at the ends I’m pulling at the

braid to make it look a little bit

bigger than what it is and this is just

gonna make it look nice and chunky and

what I’m done with that I’m bringing

down the rest of my hair making sure

it’s nice and backwards and basically

taking those two braids and crossing

them over and tucking this side in like

you can see here and that I am securing

them with two bobby pins making sure the

bobby pins are basically like crossed

over each other and that’s gonna make it

really nice and secure and I’m just

doing the same thing to the other side

and then you can totally skip out this

step but you can pull out some bits of

hair just to make it a little bit more

like messy and not so neat and this is

what you are left with

a kind of DIY braided headband whoo

which is really quite cool this one here

is the probably the quickest hairstyle

that you can do so I’m putting my hair

back half my hat hair back up and

pulling out some strands at the front to

make it look a little bit messy and then

I’m tying the hair back but on the last

tie I’m only putting half of the hair

through and then just giving it a pull

and making the front part of my hair

nice and big and poofy and this you guys

is it this keeps your hair out of your

face but it also keeps it down at the

same time so it’s really nice and it’s

quite like a really cute hairstyle the

next one is more of an edgy look so what

i’m doing here is i’m taking a rectangle

shape of hair from like the front

portion of my head like you can see here

I’m keeping that aside and then I am

tying the rest of my hair back so it’s

out of the way and with that front

portion I am going to Dutch braid that

section so this is gonna make a really

nice bumpy plat in our head kind of like

the crown I don’t really know what area

to call this but you guys get my ear

get my drift but basically when I get to

the end of the hair I’m tying it all

away and then pulling out that braid to

make it really like big and fluffy and

messy and taking the rest of the hair

out and I’m left with this really like

punk rock chick kind of edgy how look I

really really love this the next one is

again another favorite of mine

I love ponytails I’m doing my trick of

putting half of my hair up first

and tying that away pulling some strands

out and then I’m gonna be tying the rest

of my hair up I find that this gives my

hair a lot of volume without having to

do anything so here I’m just tying the

rest of my hair back up into that same

initial ponytail and what I will do next

is I am going to hairspray any of the

flyaways away because I do have lots of

baby hairs so I’m just a hair spraying

those down and then I’m going to be

doing a trick to make my hair even

bigger so I’m just pulling at the top

part of my hair and tightening that up

and it really makes it big and poufy

like this and I love it because it’s so

easy to do and it still looks really

effortless but really chic and then if

you want to hide the band you can take a


of hair from the back of the ponytail

wrap it around the ponytail then just a

bobby pin that place again using two

bobby pins and keeping them in like a

crisscross section on top of each other

because that’s going to make it really

nice and secure and this is what we are

left with this one is a kind of weird

different plat almost so I’m taking all

of my hair to one side and then I’m

taking the back section of my hair and

leaving a big kind of chunky portion of

that aside then I’m taking the remainder

of the hair and splitting that in two

and then taking that little strand of

hair or that chunky strand of hair I’m

going over the back section and then

under the front section and then I’m

gonna put that same strand above the

front section and underneath the back

section and then I’m gonna go above the

back section and basically continuing

that over and over again until I

finished that strand when I know that

strand is coming to an end I will kind

of tuck it into the rest of the hair and

then take another portion of hair out

from the one of the sides so I’m just

gonna continue that all the way down to

the rest of my ponytail until it’s


and tying that all into place pulling

some hair strands out just to make it

nice and messy so it’s not too neat and

not to like prim and proper

we like messy hair head messy hair

always looks so much better and this is

what you are left with a really fun like

geometric weird cool braid this one here

is probably my easiest well I can’t set

this back a lot of these hairstyles but

this one is super super easy this looks

great on straight hair and curly hair or

natural hair as well but I’m just

pulling out strands of my hair and very

massively tying that up it doesn’t

matter if you have lumps and bumps on

the parts of your head because it just

adds to like the look and feel of this

and then I like to twist the hairs that

I’ve kind of left dark so it makes them

more prominent and it just makes it more

like I don’t it makes it look a little

bit neater and less frizzy and this is

what your lefted I love doing this with

my natural hair looks amazing and the

final hairstyle is my stuffed bun so I’m

just taking a few strands out from the

front of my hair to make it look nice

and messy and then I’m taking the rest

of my hair back and tying it into a

ponytail not too low not too high and

what I’m doing now is I’m creating a


the back of my head and stuffing all of

my hair into that hole this definitely

would work better with people who have

slightly shorter have in mind because it

was quite difficult to get it in there

but I’m just Bobby pinning the front top

bits into place and this is what you are

left with and this you guys is the end

of my ten easy quick super super super

super quick back-to-school heatless

hairstyles I really hope you guys

enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up if

you did thank you so much for joining me

on this video and I will see you all in

my next one


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