Published on November 3, 2019

literally guys
I don’t know how to YouTube I think I
just like the whole videos about my hair
it’s it’s um it’s better you could say
long night you know so I’m not lazy at
all and I am very productive let’s just
start out with that yeah so basically
guys I tried to fill me this video about
two hours ago yeah two hours ago and I
was like I need to charge my camera
knowing cuz I remembered when I was in
Thailand my camera was dead and I was
like I don’t have my charger with me so
basically I was like yeah I need my
charger Dodie I could think of is this
nan g7x camera charger that I bought
about me about a year ago because the
guy recommended its me but it’s not
actually Jeep a g7x charger but you said
it would work so I found it and I was
charging my camera for about an hour
maybe over an hour and then I plugged it
in set everything up was like this at
approximately 10:30 tonight about 9:30
tonight and now it’s 1055 and I am now
sitting down just on this video
anyways I plugged it in turned it on and
then was like ready to film like hey
guys what’s up and then it started
flashing that the camera was dead so
then I charged it for another hour and
Here I am
on another note guys my song can’t say
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now into the actual video you guys I’m
so excited from this video it’s actually
been super long awaited I feel like
every youtuber kind of does this video
but I’m actually doing it because a lot
of you guys wanted me to do it and I
have short hair it’s really hard for me
to find hairstyles that I like and that
are super easy for me to do because you
know I like take you two hours to do my
makeup but actually you know as you can
tell I took five minutes to do my makeup
okay five minute makeup routine to
comment down below if you guys want to
see that actually smash the like button
if you guys want to see me do a 5-minute
makeup tutorial like this today and I’m
no way shape or form a professional or
good at hair or anything but I have some
hairstyles that you guys want to see
like my but I always do people really
want to see how I do this bun and it’s
nothing special but here you guys go
here’s ten easy hairstyles for short
hair and you know long hair you guys can
just do it but it’s mainly for sure your
people like me that you know just also
who also can’t french braid because all
these videos i’ve seen on youtube have
all these ten hairstyles that are
heatless that have french braids for the
gods okay and ah I can’t French braid I
know a lot of people out there can’t
either so this video is for you guys use
ten non French braid hair styles okay
let’s get on with it here’s my first
hairstyle I’m gonna be showing you guys
have to do my signature Jordans bun so
all you have to do is you don’t need
actually anything for this except for
hair type all I do is hit my head over
grab my hair I’ll show you I tip it over
grab it all like this so it’s just like
all front and then I literally just like
grab it till I like where it’s at
like this I grab a hair tie
and literally like that’s all sometimes
it works out better than others look
like that’s all I do for this hairstyle
and then for my second hairstyle I’m
gonna do I’m gonna make this way Messier
and throw on a bandana I’m just gonna
redo it so it’s super messy so I just
grab all the hair like I did before like
it’s that and then I’m gonna make a
little pouf right here just bring all
the hair forward in the front like that
then I’m gonna bring some pieces down
make sure my pouf is still happening
using my viewfinder then last but not
least like the opening of this video I’m
just gonna grab it baby I’m gonna tie it
up twice like this and that is a super
messy bun with a bandana I actually used
for this hairstyle a lot I loved
bandanas so I think I’m gonna bring it
back because I think it’s super cute and
super easy and it’s a little bit more
exciting than a messy bun but you still
spend no time on it so check all your
French so for my next one I’m going to
be doing two normal braids going down
for all of you guys that can’t French
braid it like me I’m gonna do a middle
part straight down my two pimples on my
forehead right there and then finish it
in the back grab a hair tie I’m gonna
put this away
because I think this way you’re like
supposed to do I’m just going to braid
all the way down actually the reason I’m
doing this hairstyle is because I was
recently with somebody who didn’t know
how to do this and I feel like
it’s so hard to learn some because I
break my hair in three pieces and then
pull the front one back and then just
keep pulling back yeah you just pull
back like wow every time I start to try
to teach it it just goes bad as I’m not
a hair stylist okay there we go there we
does that look okay yeah okay we’re
killing here don’t worry no like this
I’m gonna pull pieces down it’s gonna be
cuteness now the main thing for people
that have to do this hairstyle is that
you please do not use hair ties please
use a comb and invisible ties clear
clear over man
that’s what more people call them then
I’m just gonna pull a piece forward make
it look super messy and that you just
like I’m gonna do the other ones I’m
gonna speed it up three two one
I was really hard to follow along trying
to learn how to do braids but a lot of
people do know it already but I think
this is super cute and my favorite thing
to do is throw a hat on listen
braids so this is like kind of my go-to
for the winter I always do braids with
BAE with baseball cap it’s kind of my
favourite thing and it literally took me
about 40 seconds to do these braids so
always a plus so for my next hairstyle
I’m going to be doing a messy top 9 it’s
kind of a hard thing to do during events
and things where I like to look
presentable but still super easy so I’m
just going to tease the very back of the
hair and just so I have more volume than
I do because I’ve extremely extremely
thin hair so whenever I do something
like this I have to have volume then I’m
going to take a little bit of hairspray
spray it a little bit in the back and
then I’m actually don’t know how I’m
gonna do this right now it always just
just happens so kind of like that and
then I just pull it apart once I’m done
okay can use a hair tie
wrap it around and then that’s kind of
like it usually I’ll have curly hair so
if you guys want to do that and that’s
how easy it is all you gotta do is kind
of kind of the same thing I did with my
hi messy bun but just with a little less
hair and it obviously looks better if
you have thicker hair but when my hair
makeup people do this it looks really
good so I just want to show you guys
this obviously it doesn’t look amazing
but I like it for my next hairstyle it’s
actually something I think I’ve only
ever done I’ve never really seen other
people do this hair look so I’m excited
to show you guys all you got to do is
part your hair really far over wait
farther than you would ever usually do
it so you’re gonna start with just the
front piece all you gonna do is twist it
like back so used to like one twist and
then you grab the hair behind it pull it
in and then twist that and you grab it
in twist grab back twist twist twist and
you just keep on going like I just got
to do this wrap twist grab twist we’re
gonna the big hair tie so that I tie
this together so it stays so then that
is what this first part looks so again
this is a close-up of the braid oh I got
to do is pull all this around and then I
rat it a little bit
and then I just like twist it into a
little one and then there we go I have a
little twisty bun
action bang and now you’re spray with a
little bit of hairspray and this stays
all day long so the next hairstyle I’m
going to do for you guys is a high
ponytail with a twist
so what we do for the high ponytail is
flip all my hair over and gather it all
like you would for a normal point tail
so I gathered all my hair I’m gonna do a
super high ponytail so this is my high
ponytail as you can see it’s super
normal but then I’m just going to grab a
little piece of hair in the back and
then circle it around that and then tuck
it in two and then that is my little
snatched pony with a twist
next I’m going to do some space funds
I’ve actually done these a couple times
but it’s just super easy heatless and I
love the look of them I just think that
I can’t really pull it off but you guys
can comment down below on how I do all
I’m gonna do is part my hair down the
middle into two okay now I’m going to
wrap my hair underneath give it a little
research because again I do not have a
lot of hair so for this hairstyle I’m
ready to fake it okay so that gives it
some volume as you can tell now I’m just
going to pull it up super high grab my
brush brush it out okay then I’m just
gonna twist it around the same as every
other bun that I’ve done tie it up
and then all I’m gonna do is pull some
pieces down and there you go that is
Jordan’s mediocre space-time so here is
my space funds they’re actually kind of
cute and I kind of love them so this was
pretty easy took me a couple seconds and
a lot of you guys can pull these off
just saw me so so the next thing I’m
going to be doing is a kind of back bow
thing okay so I’m gonna put my hair in
the back grab all my hair half up half
down and I’m going to tie that back I’m
gonna stop this once I get it into a
half bun like that then the next thing
I’m going to do is pull the hair to the
sides like that
grab the hair from down here pull it
and I’m gonna pull it down like that so
I have a little bow thing going on oh
yeah yeah
all these are separate Clips because my
frickin footage okay hi yes okay so then
this is my little bow slash this messy
bun and then last but not least is my
favorite recently I’m going to part my
hair down the middle to make a bun in
the back you gotta make sure it’s today
I’m going to brush my hair all the way
back like so on both sides so your goal
is to make it super tight and just like
snatched I do this a lot when I draw but
take a shower and then I have my hair
wet and I just put this then I just roll
my hair like this into a twirl I make it
into a bun put a ponytail around it then
what I usually do is I take a toothbrush
just smooth it down all my edges but
today I’m just gonna spray it and then
smooth it down so then this is my like
snatched little low bun in the back kind
of like a ballet bun I actually use this
one a lot when I have like full glam
makeup on it looks really good obviously
I’m wearing barely to make up right now
but this is a super cute style and that
wraps up today’s video if you guys liked
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videos in the future and I’ll see you
guys Wednesday with a new video peace

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