10 Easy Summer Hairstyles with Bandana Headband

Published on September 5, 2019

I finally filmed 10 hairstyles with my longer hair. Who missed them? When summer rolls around I find myself always putting my hair up. Bandanas, head scarfs and headbands are perfect for the summer because they make any hairstyle and outfit cute.

hello my lovelies today’s video as you

read the title or saw the thumbnail 10

hairstyles and I will be featuring Bend

Anna’s in this video because I think

it’s perfect for the summertime

sometimes I don’t have time to do my

hair so I want to make my hair look

really cute and extra with a bandana or

a headscarf or a headband whatever you

would like to call these these are

little head scarves that I got from

Amazon how cute

I might feature both of them I just

might feature one of them but I am going

to start off with this beautiful orange

one with these cute flowers on them

let’s begin so for this hairstyle I like

to call it either the two or three messy

buns where the bandana is intertwined in

the hairstyle I don’t know I don’t know

the name of it but we’ll we’ll see how

it goes

so first step create the first ponytail

it’s gonna be kind of like that half bun

half ponytail so you create one ponytail

nice and tight and then the second time

when you tie it you bring it half way

only through so you have a little bun

and then a ponytail underneath you’re

gonna take the bend Anna you’re gonna

keep it nice and slim I don’t know

whatever you want to do just gonna keep

it nice and slim and I’m gonna take the

bandana and tie it around and underneath

the ponytail or half bun half ponytail

whatever you like to call these so we’re

gonna go around and I’m gonna tie it

nice and tight alright next up I’m gonna

do the same thing I’m gonna create half

bun half ponytail making sure the

bandana is not included and then do the

same thing with the bandana I’m gonna

take it and I’m gonna crisscross it and

then tie it underneath the second little

half-up half-down

bun ponytail idea we got one more to go

make sure you’re just gonna take a

little clip just make sure this is

included and take the last bit of hair

and we’re gonna do the same thing create

a ponytail and then 1/2 1/2 ponytail

alright to finish off the look tie the

bandana one more time so it’s nice and

secure at the bottom and then what I

like to do personally I go back in and

just to texturize the entire look at a

little bit more dimension volume

maybe at the top maybe at that side I

did want to keep the sides a little bit

more sleek and a little bit tighter to

my scalp just because I think it’s a

prettier look I want most of the focus

on the back of my head not the side or

the front

I think this hairstyle is so beautiful

you don’t need any bobby pins all you

need is a bandana and a couple of clear

elastics and you’re good to go it’s nice

and secure it’s not too intense it’s not

too modern

it’s just that perfect amount of

playfulness girly romantic fun perfect

for summer for this hairstyle I’m going

to call it the intertwined top knot

first step what I like to do is just

create a ponytail and I’m gonna keep

this pretty messy am I gonna use a

hairbrush or anything to help secure it

take a clear elastic and just secure

your ponytail where you’re gonna want

your top knot to sit then what I’m gonna

do is I’m gonna take the bandana and I’m

gonna tie it tie it underneath I’m gonna

split the ponytail in half with one side

with bandana and the other side with a

bandana and then I’m gonna take each

section I’m gonna split it into three so

we have two sections of hair with one

bandana and I’m gonna create a braid I’m

gonna take some of the hairs out to

clear elastic and tie off the braid and

do the same thing on the other side all

right this is we’re gonna create a

little bun just wrap the hair around

each other then just secure it just tie

it off in the back I took out some of

these front pieces these ones right here

I didn’t do too much of the fringe kind

of want the fringe all up in the hair

and then some of these back pieces just

kind of take them down cuz this is not

polished look by any means you’re done

that’s it I just like that it’s another

take on the top knot for this hairstyle

I like to call it like the turban

hairstyle it’s kind of like that like

vacation holiday type of look where you

want your hair down but you want

headband on your hair and this one is

perfect for if you’re after the pool if

you’re after the beach and your hair is

a little bit still messy and just it

doesn’t look great or it’s oily and this

one is phenomenal for that I’m just

gonna fold it into a triangle and

basically take the straight edge I’m

gonna bring it on my forehead above my

eyebrows just make sure the back is down

kind of going for that like sexy pirate

look and I’m basically going to tuck in

the triangle piece underneath and just

tie it as tight as I can I think this

one is so fun it’s very vintagey type of

hairstyle it’s very edgy and I think

it’s really cute for the summer this

hairstyle is going to be a really simple

ponytail you can either do a really high

ponytail low ponytail or like Midway

somewhere then I’m gonna take some of

these hairs out and then take the scarf

or the bandana and I’m just gonna

basically rolling it up nice and tight

and I’m gonna again bring it underneath

the ponytail tie it at the top and then

bring it underneath again and tie at the

bottom so that the little end pieces

would be hanging down and make sure that

first tie is nice and tight at the very

top basically I tied it to one side that

way you have most of the scarf coming

off either to your left or to your right

you can do right in the center of your

ponytail but I kind of tied it to a

little bit to my left and that completes

your ponytail with the Flair I think

it’s super cute very romantic and you

definitely can wear this on a daily

basis or even wear it to a really nice

dinner alright so for this hairstyle

this is going to be a Topsy tail with a

bandana I kind of pulled through and

making it really fun so the first step

you’re gonna create the first ponytail

which is gonna be the first Topsy tail

you can start with all of your friends

you can start with all of your hair

pulled back you can leave a little bit

of your fringe in the front that’s what

I’m going to do and then just take most

of your hair around your crown take a

clear elastic and tie that off

so you’re gonna take your ponytail and

instead of doing the tops to tailor

right away this is where we’re gonna

incorporate the bandana so you’re gonna

take the pointed tail and split it

horizontally kind of like section one

section two underneath and you’re gonna

have that little split in the middle

horizontally you’re gonna take your

bandana and just kind of bring it

through so now this is where you going

to create the tops of tail and you’re

gonna bring the top of tail through with

that little bandana in the center but

leaving these these side pieces out out

of the ponytail so I’m gonna take that

you can take a top to tail tool or you

can just take your finger now once you

have the top still created I’m going to

bring the two sections of the bandana

we’re gonna bring it in the center and

you’re going to create the next ponytail

on top of the bend Danna making sure you

don’t incorporate the bandana in to the

ponytail make sense and then with a

ponytail crate on the top to tail with

the bandana underneath it

all right so you do that one more time

take the hair make sure you take all of

the hair you split it in half and then

make sure the bandana is underneath not

on top it’s underneath you bring the

hair over on top of the bandana and

create another ponytail and another

Topsy tail to finish it off I took the

leftover bandana pieces and tied it

around the clear elastic at the very

bottom to finish it off I’m gonna go

back in with the hairstyle kind of pull

apart the hair a little bit texturized

it put a little bit more dimension all

that good stuff into the hairstyle I

think this is a really fun really pretty

look it’s kind of like an updo and I

think to really making it up to you can

either leave it down like I said like I

tied at the very bottom the clear

elastic or you can create a little bun

at the very end depending what you want

I think either one is a great option

this hairstyle your hair is all down

you’re feeling your hair it’s either

curly it’s wavy it’s straight or

whatever it is you’re feeling it and you

don’t want to up but you do want to

focus on your bandana or your little

head scarf and that’s what I’m gonna do

with this hairstyle to make it nice and

thin and I’m gonna bring it from

underneath make sure it’s somewhat even

on each side I’m gonna bring it around

the ears gonna make sure I have a little

bit more there we go it’s my tie to the

side make sure you tie it really tight

I’m gonna go a second time and that

completes the look I know a lot of you

guys have issues when you’re tying your

bandana just tie it really nice and

tight it will loosen up a little bit but

it should stay in your hair pretty much

all day long but I like this look I’m

gonna keep it as a little bow just

because I think it’s cute adds a little

bit of something special to the hair

nice and simple and it really

complements the outfit for this one is

going to be half up half down type of

look with a bandana tied around the

little half up something that I’ll do in

the back clear elastic again I will have

everything link to down below for you

guys and I’m using these are the 30

millimeter ones it’s like that perfect

size I’m gonna stretch it out a little

bit before I go in I’m gonna leave a

little bit of this fringe out not too


you know a little somethin’-somethin and

I’m doing like a little half ponytail

half little bun I’m gonna take the scarf

and I’m basically just going to scrunch

it as small and it’s actually no I’m not

gonna scrunch it

that’s not scrunch it little edges a

little triangle pieces and just

basically fold it down how thin I want

it something like this and then go

underneath tie it at the top and I’m

gonna bring it back down and tie it once

again underneath then just go back in to

see for you to fix anything

but that completes the look it’s very

cute it’s very simple but it’s not just

where you hit just had that half bun

half ponytail but you had the little

scarf to add something special to your

hairstyle and your full outfit actually

got one in the mail just now as we were

filming and this one is super cute it’s

also kind of like that white off-white

with a yellow and has black stripes and

it’s crinkled instead of just nice and

flat it’s actually a crinkled material

which is really fun but it does have

that polyester feel think it is 100%

polyester let me just check quickly yep

100% polyester all right this hairstyle

is going to be really different it’s not

different this hairstyle is really fun

I’m just gonna basically just very

blindly section my hair in the middle

like that and create little ponytails

from each section alright so then what

I’m gonna do I’m gonna take this bandana

make sure it’s gonna be nice and thin

and I’m basically going to do the same

thing how I did with the Toxie tail I’m

gonna split the ponytail kind of in half

top section in the bottom section and

pull it through the center or

horizontally through each ponytail so

it’s kind of going horizontally okay

just making sure it’s even alright so

this is where I go in and I’m going to

braid the same way that I did with the

intertwined messy bun

I’m gonna keep the bandana as one

section and then splitting the ponytail

so two hair sections and one bandana

section so three math is making sense in

my head that’s as far as my hair goes

and where that hair ends I’m going to

tie it off with a clear elastic and I’m

gonna do the same thing on the other

side all right so the next step is

instead of just taking this and bringing

it on the top I’m gonna crisscross it in

the back I just think it’s gonna look

prettier and more cohesive with my

shorter hair crisscross it in the back

and then bring the little ends together

and then tie it up into a bow or

whatever you want to do you can do it

into a bow a double knot whatever you

feel like to make sure it’s all nice and

cohesive I’m gonna hide the little

pieces underneath I’m gonna have Andre

cut this off here can you cut this off

the little tag I think this is the only

time I’m actually now going to pull

apart the braid just because I want the

most of the texture in the back of my

head and then the rest of it is just

kind of going into a really cute bow at

the very top and you guys can see I

brought the bow really close to the

front of my head just because I think it

looks better and it keeps the hairstyle

nice and tight and intact coming from

the back to the front all right so I

want to show you guys what it looks like

if you don’t crisscross the braids and

just bring it up towards the front cuz

my hair is shorter the hair is going to

stick out but you just hide it

underneath the bandana honestly it’s no

big deal if your hair is longer you

should have no issue with that I’m gonna

take this bandana and we’re gonna shove

it on her knees also because it’s all

too much for my liking right now yeah I

think it looks better a crisscross

because a little more tight and more

polished but I think this is also really

pretty very romantic I think this would

be really pretty for like photoshoots

that would look really pretty

so this hairstyle this is kind of a

different take on your bandana or a

headscarf a different way of how to wear

it so this one kind of

be the judge and see what you’re feeling

that day I am gonna keep some of these

hairs out no I think I’m gonna do a nice

high ponytail actually I meant to

accessorize your ponytail I’m gonna use

this yellow scarf just I think it’s

super cute

where’s which side do I want to do let’s

just do it like this do it a nice

triangle just roll it up nice and tight

how long how tight you want it and I’m

gonna create a knot you can create

either one now or two knots the Keen one

not the one that’s good all right I’m

gonna take that one knot I’m gonna place

it like right in the middle and then

literally just tie it nice and tight but

I’m gonna bring it a little bit further

up and go back in and kind of make the

knot a little bit bigger if you want to

and just like that a very simple high

ponytail you can also create a little

messy bun at the top if you don’t like

ponytails but I like creating a little

knot with the bend down on just to give

a little something extra different to

your look for this hairstyle I like to

call it the retro French twist and

instead of using bobby pins I’m gonna

use these little clips I talked about

them before I bought them off of Etsy

still use them pretty much on a weekly

basis I took them with me to Italy they

are phenomenal they’re super easy to

wear and they last all day long they’re

nice and secure they’re phenomenal

vete a very great I love them alright so

for this one I’m gonna create a nice

deeper part how deep do I want to go I

don’t think I want to go too deep

alright the hair is going back all right

you guys see how I did that

you just take the little metal clip and

you kind of go underneath inside I just

took a smaller one and then I think I’m

gonna go with the yellow one actually

I’m gonna bring it underneath think I’m

actually gonna go around my ears yeah

I’m gonna go around my ears and then

just tie the bandana and I’m thinking

I’m just

tie like a couple of times for a knot

I’m gonna do me about two or three knots

we’ll see we’ll see how I get so one two

three and then tuck it underneath the

bandanna extra check some of this hair

back and I just tucked two underneath

the bandana just because it was little

too much hair on the left side so it’s

not as intense I hope you guys like this

look very simple and it requires minimal

amount of effort and that completes the

ten hairstyles featuring bandanas or a

head scarf I really hope you guys

enjoyed these I hope you found them very

simple enough that you can recreate them

yourself the point of these is just to

have fun with it I mean there’s so many

different variations that you can do

yourself depending what kind of hair

texture you have the length of your hair

all of that thank you so much for

watching this video and I’ll see you in

another one very soon I love you all

very much bye


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