10 Heatless Hairstyles For Thick Hair!

Published on October 26, 2019

hi guys welcome back to my channel so
today I’m doing a hair video literally
saw me use that hairdo hatchet or else I
thought you know I might just do a 10
heatless hairstyles for people with
thick hair so it right now may has
actually straightened but it is very
thick and a lot of my friends have in
hand they can really do like cool
hairstyles and like you can’t because my
hair is thick and it’s like hard to tie
off and stuff so I thought I’d share
some of my hairstyles I do no good for
school and really any occasion and
honestly the best part is that they
literally only take like five minutes
each hairstyle so big bonus there so my
hair is quite long the first hairstyle I
am going to be pushing my shirt back by
the way the brush meeting is this book
isn’t what is this one from do good to
go like I know I got online it’s just
like a detangling brush it’s really good
basically for all these hairstyles you
need one lucky it’s that simple so
basically one really good hairstyle that
I always do is a half up half down
because then your hair isn’t so sick so
it basically just grabbing the top half
and then brushing it back and I like to
go from my ears up words so then I’m
just going to be tying this up quite
high and I have like OCD problems with
my hair like everything just has to be
perfect and that’s hard because if
nothing’s ever perfect and then I just
like to pull it tight
I like to mess it up at the top because
my head’s really circular so Alexa
definition and my face and stuff look
like you don’t have to do with this now
like you just do spirit that is like
soon and you’re like oops enhance you
can style this like anyway you can bring
to the side squeezing through it all to
the side that’s the way I like it
the next hairstyle to do is be messy bun
cutomize I like to do my bond and I’ll
show you both so now I’ve got all my
hair off my wrist is horrible so this is
my favorite way I just doing a bun
basically just back then you can it
scruff it you can mess it and then I
also like to do this and just like get
some definition and mess as well there
we have a messy bun so queer artist we
put it like this because so comfortable
and that’s happening with messy buns
that you can’t go wrong because it’s
messy so light and now I’m just going to
show you the other way of doing a bun I
do about two rounds and then I bring it
to here we’ve got this big look poof
I’ve show the other life is my hair is
so long it just looks like yeah so
moving on I’m now bringing all my hair
over to one side and this is just going
to be a side plat so you’re just gonna
get three strands keep laying it all the
way down

and then tying it with lucky already for
that black band and then I like to pull
the plaque so it’s quite loose and there
we have it very very simple so probably
my favorite hairstyle they do to school
and stuff like that I’m basically just
getting up my lucky I am you’re doing a
little pony we’re signing her just like
that and then we like to do once again
scruff it bring out some pieces so it
kind of shapes my safe and bring it to
the side and what you can do from here
another hairstyle you can loosen the
lacking a bit make a hole
flip your hair into it and pull the
lucky out and just tighten it a bit and
it creates this really really cool
pattern and it’s gorgeous
hold on this for a while and I really
love it it just looks like nice meme
sophisticated I think and it’s really
easy to take out just flip it around
again next hairstyle I’m showing you
guys I’m basically just getting a
section of hair not this to speak I’m
gonna start planning out and for the
platter all the way
and then you cannot pull it back use a
bobby pin to clip it in another
hairstyle happy you guys is just a low
bar once again tree doesn’t like to do
the bombs the first way just grab your
hair and pull it like this and then wrap
naughty around again so you’re not
actually going all the way and obviously
this really messing a lot and another
way of doing a bunch and grabbing your
hair wrapping your lucky around twice
and stopping halfway tightening it and
doing a little definition just looks
like that one main hairstyle and that I
do honestly you don’t even need a lucky
because it’s literally just grabbing the
brush and brushing your hair to the side
everyone does and then I just like to
give it a bit of volume and mess it up a
bit and then throughout the day you can
just do this and it’s a set for the day
so the next hairstyle I’m bringing my
hair all the way to the top and it’s
Russian net so bring your help alert to
the top and then tying it this is just a
high pruney and then you sort of tighten
that so now that could push this up so
it gives it definition it and also mess
this up anyone can rock this as well
only on another hairstyle that I hope to
show you guys is larger hand through
section and you just want to start
twisting your hair and now you want to
secure your lucky really high so make
sure your lucky is tight of what these
curl things we’ll just undo this is
quite a messy look and it’s real
nice and very simple thank you guys so
much for watching
I love you all and I’ll see you my next
game and don’t forget to subscribe I

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10 Heatless Hairstyles For Thick Hair!
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