10 MESSY BUN hairstyles for back to school, party, everyday -Quick and easy hair tutorial

Published on September 20, 2019

Welcome to another cute, quick and easy hair tutorial for back to school/college/work/university 2017! In this video I’ll show you step by step how to create “lazy” last minute hairstyles: stylish and trendy messy buns! These heatless hairdos are perfect for those moments when you are running late but still want to look pretty. These super quick and simple looks can be done in 2 to 5 minutes (and without heat!). You can wear these hairstyles everyday to complete your casual glam look or even for special events (when you go out clubbing, for meeting friends, for a party, as a wedding guest, bride, bridesmaid, for prom, homecoming or graduation).

hello and welcome to another hair

tutorial there are many different

techniques to create a messy bun and

today I’m going to show you some of my

favorite ones I’ve chosen the techniques

that produce the most beautiful stylish

and flattering buns and I hope that this

video is going to help you stay

beautiful every day even if you’re

running out of time don’t forget to add

this video to favorites so that you can

easily find it later on in this tutorial

I won’t be using my hair extensions so

let me know in the comments if you’d

like to see another tutorial for longer

and thicker hair and if you missed my

previous tutorials on one week of

hairstyles and ten easy hairstyles for

everyday feel free to check them out

I’ve put the links on the screen and in

the description box that’s my natural

hair without extensions just to give you

an idea about its length and volume I’m

going to start from attaching it into a

regular high ponytail I’m going to use

one hair tie to attach my hair and

another one to create each messy bun

from this video but to tell you the

truth quite often I’m using a single

hair tie I wrap it just once around my

ponytail and then immediately proceed to

the techniques that I’ll be showing you

today I pull out some strands around my

face and loosen the hair around the

elastic band so that my ponytail looks

soft and effortless for the first

hairstyle I’m going to grab my ponytail

pull it through the second elastic band

to create a loop and secure it

I’m going to talk on this loop to make

it slightly bigger next I’m going to rub

the ends around the elastic band and

secure them at the back with a bobby pin

finally I’m going to pin each side of

the loop near the base of the ponytail

using a big bobby pin

and once it’s done I get this beautiful

fanned out BAM

for the second one I’m going to reuse

the loop from the first run I only

remove the bobby pins from the sides I

pick a strand from the middle of this

loop and bring it forward I’m going to

secure it in this position with a bobby

pin I can repeat this procedure with run

two or three strands for me one or two

strands are usually sufficient I gather

the hair at the back of the bun and also

secure it in place after that this

hairstyle is complete the following

messy bun is definitely one of my

favorites right now you want to start

from spreading your hair evenly around

the elastic band

then you grab your second hair tie and

place it over the hair you want to

create a small bond so don’t hesitate to

pull out some hair to make a slightly

bigger and then secure it in place

finally it’s time to take care of the

hair this remains loose you want to grab

it strand by strand and then tuck

directly into your hair tie the thing I

like most about this technique is that I

can let my ends stick out directly from

the bun given it a trendy playful touch

but if you want you could of course hide

the ends behind the elastic band and

that’s the finished look

for the following hairstyle I’m going to

create a loop pull in my ponytails

through a hair tie I twist the hair tie

and I bring the ends forward to create

the second loop

but then I secure it in place next I’m

going to tag on the two loops to make

them slightly bigger and softer after

that I bring the left loop to the front

and secure it on the right side of my

band next I grab a strand of hair from

the left side of the remaining loop and

bring it to the right side

I also secure it in place with a bobby


and normally that’s all I have to do to

give my messy bun and interesting shape

I can only secure it at the back for a

better hold you can tell that here Elsa

left the ends out but if you want you

could also hide them under the bun

above my neck I have quite a lot of baby


sometimes I leave it out but sometimes

actually choose to attach it and then I

try to pin it with bobby pins right

under the bun the following messy bun is

going to be based on three loops so we

start as before we will loop our

ponytail through a hair tie we’ll bring

the ends forward to create the second

loop and we attach them with a hair tie

but now we’re going to use the remaining

hair to form the third loop all we have

to do is tuck the ends behind the

elastic but of course we’re not done yet

who actually need to stretch each loop

so it looks bigger and softer after that

if we can secure the band with bobby

pins this kind of a bond can be worn and

styled in multiple different ways quick

use minimalistic look we could leave it

just like that

but we could also tag on this loop even

more to make it significantly bigger

in that case it’s always good to add

some bobby pins in France

when I make my messy bandit voluminous I

quite like to loosen my hair in France

even more so that the finished look is

effortless and well balanced

I have to admit that this one has a huge

stretching potential you could actually

keep on stretch in it till you get a

retro look of beautiful Brigitte Bardot

and now is crunch span you want to

scrunch the hair around the base of the

ponytail and simply secure it in place

with a hair tie you have to know that

this technique produces quite random and

unpredictable results but quite often

they’re gorgeous it’s just that

sometimes you need to try several times

before you get the results that you like

you need to spread the scrunch hair

evenly around the base of the bun hide

the elastic and secure it with bobby


this kind of a ban can be also

efficiently stretched you want to toggle

until you get the shape and size that

you want and then secure in place with

bobby pins and now a classic twisted bun

with a modern touch to it as the name

suggests you want to start from twisting

your ponytail and then wrap it around

its base next secure it in place with a

hair tie and don’t freak out at first is

going to look nothing trendy but that’s

because within transform at yet so spend

a moment stretching each twist up and

down your bond has to start looking soft

and messy

once it’s done secure it in place with

the bobby pins

once you’re done your hair should look

something like that

and these kind of bands are really

trending on Instagram for the last bun

you want to tease your ponytail and if

necessary even on the surface then grab

lastest ponytail wrap it around its

place hide the ends under this

voluminous bun and secure it in place

and as perhaps this is technique to

create a voluminous bun without having

to use Donuts socks or any sorts of

bands shapers and this is the finished

look so what do you think which messy

bun from this tutorial did you like most

let me know in the comments and if you

enjoyed this tutorial don’t forget to

give it a thumbs up follow me on my

social networks and very active on

Facebook and Instagram and of course

subscribe to my channel thanks for

watching and they see in my next video


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