10 MESSY HALF BUNS for back to school, everyday, party |Quick and easy hair tutorial

Published on September 11, 2019

hi guys if you’re into fashion you

already know that half bands are some of

the most trendy hairstyles these days

you can see them on celebrities in

magazines in Instagram literally

everywhere today I’m going to suggest

you ten techniques to decorate your hair

with messy hot buns and I hope you’re

going to like them cute quick and easy

they should take you just a couple of

minutes you can wear them for every day

and even for special events feel free to

add this video to your favorites to be

able to easily find that later on and by

the way if you missed my video on 10

messy buns I invite you to check it out

simply follow the link in the

description box the techniques that I’ve

shown there are quite different from

today’s video so I think you’re going to

like them there’s not much I can do with

my own hair luckily I’ve got my clamps

and clip in hair extensions they

instantly give me all the length and

volume that I need and since they’re

made of human hair they can be found

like your own hair you can curl them

with an iron with a straightener in

braids or even using hair rollers

overnight and importantly they don’t

damage your own hair so why don’t we

start from the easiest hairstyle ever

which is nevertheless super trendy on

Instagram all we need to do is gather

the top layers of our hair and secure

them with a small elastic band but

attention here you want to pull the hair

so this elastic just a little bit in

order to form a tiny elope we secure it

in place live in the end slows Brahmas

done you only have to tug on this loop

to make it appear slightly bigger it’s

as easy as that

dear trendy hair style of Instagram

celebrities is now complete and now that

we’re perfectly warmed up we can do

something more complex

why don’t we decorate our return they

have done with a cute Dutch braid you

want to pick three strands of hair right

above your forehead and start bringing

the outer strands under the middle one

after two braiding steps you want to

start adding some extra

from the sides so you bring the right

strands in the middle and add some extra

hair to the middle strand you bring the

left strands in the middle and you add

some extra hair to the middle strands

you cross the strands and you add some

extra hair you cross the strands and you

add some extra hair you want to

incorporate all the hair from the top of

your head into this braid but then you

simply secure its end with a tiny

elastic band in case you want to make

your braids appear wider and bigger you

simply need to tug on its edges just

like that at this point you could

actually consider your hairstyle done or

you could integrate it into more complex

hairstyles and since today I’m talking

about messy hot buns I’m going to use

the ends of this tiny braids to create

another type of a bun this is before I

bring the ends half way through the

elastic band to create a tiny loop then

I twist my elastic and use the remaining

ends to create the second loop after

that I tag on each of the slopes to make

them appear bigger and just as before

thence are going to remain loose and

voila your Dutch braided hot pan is now

complete but of course nothing stops us

from replacing our Dutch braids with any

other braid of our choice it could be

fishtail braids reverse fishtail braids

or a regular French braid that’s what

I’m going to create right now to show

you the effect but the only difference

between French braid and Dutch braids is

that here we want to bring the outer

strands over the middle one well in the

previous case who are bringing them

under it

and once all the hair is incorporated

into this French braid I’m going to tie

this ends with a small elastic band and

just like before create my maxi hot bun

once again I’m going to form two tiny

loops and toggle them to make my run

appear slightly more voluminous

so that’s the result in case you’re not

a huge fan of Braden I have a great

alternative for you we can always

replace a braid with a twist I’m going

to start with a middle part and create a

twist on either side of this part

they’re excellent in word I first let’s

whisk my hair tightly pinching it as I


and once I reach the back of my head I

simply push my hair forward this way I

add some volume to my twist and this

step is not really necessary but I

really like the effect after that I

simply secure this twist in place using

a small bobby pin and insert it directly

into the twist so that it stays

invisible and then I create another

twist on the other side of my head and

finally collect the ends of my twists

together and use them to create another

half one at this time I’d like to show

you a band which is made out of three

loops the technique is always the same

we form a loop which with the elastic

band form another loop twist the elastic

bands once again and create the last

third loop and after we tag on each of

those loops our little bond gets a nice

round shape

I noticed that while bands made of two

loops still look like loops once made of

three loops have a really nice round and

flashy shape which one to choose

well it’s totally a matter of taste and

now it’s time for a cute half ponytail

that comes to us right from the 90s one

of the favorite hairstyles of the sinner

ariana grande I find it super flattering

and even if you don’t like to keep your

hair away from your face

you can always leave a couple of strands

in front of your face to frame it

however you want it will look simply

awesome with any sort of a fringe

and now I’m going to use the ends of

this half ponytail to show you another

efficient technique to create a messy

hot bath you want to split the ends in

two and create a loose twist then you

select a tiny strands of hair from the

ends and push the surrounds in hair over

the elastic band at this point it should

compress and become more fluffy but

that’s when you want to wrap it around

the base of the half bar and secure with

bobby pins this hairstyle is also very

popular in Instagram and loved by Ariana

the following hairstyle is going to be

super cute and playful you want to

section the hair that lies above your

ears and along the middle part and

secure it into half ponytails here I

suggest you to use as little hair as

possible first of all if you use the

extensions like myself but this is a

must since you want to leave as much

hair as possible to cover the extensions

but even if your hair is naturally sick

and lon

you still want to stay away from stick

half ponytails because if they’re going

to be big and voluminous this hairstyle

actually risks to appear childish while

our main objective is to simply keep the

hair away from the face if you follow me

on instagram you know that this is one

of my favorite hairstyles i quite like

to decorate my half ponytails with tiny

Dutch braids in the front but today I

actually forgot to film you this version

luckily I didn’t forget to show you the

version with space buns

I simply twist this ponytail around

itself and then wrap it around the base

once it’s done I secure it in place with

an elastic band and tag on it to give it

the desired shape I create my second

band in the same manner and then this

hair cell is complete I have to add me

to this hairstyle really makes me feel

like a Japanese manga character I just

need some crazy makeup and contact

lenses for the following hairstyles I’m

going to attach a tool clip left of my

glands and hair extensions right on top

in the middle of my head I’m going to

use its own in the following step but

for now I’m going to collect all the

hair that surrounds it and detach it

into a half ponytail I’m actually going

to show you yet another way to create a

messy hair bun will form the first slope

just as before and then we collect the

ends and wrap them around the slope once

it’s done we secure the hair with the


and there’s always stretch this loop to

make it appear more massive

now let’s give this hairstyle at that

fresh bohemian feel grab a strand of

hair from the side of your head me I’m

going to use the strands of extensions

then create a regular three strand braid

of course you could create another braid

such as a fishtail braid a row braid but

the limit is your imagination you could

have this braid on one side or on both

sides of your head and now a slightly

more advanced version of the previous

bond here we’re going to wrap the ends

around the bun twice so we start from

our basic loop wrap the ends around it

and secure them with an elastic band and

then wrap the remaining ends around the

back and also secure them in place this

pan is going to look even more fluffy

than the previous one just don’t forget

to slightly stretch it with your fingers

a great way to decorate this bond is by

adding a braids right in the center

I think a fishtail braid would perhaps

look the best since it has those

beautiful bohemian vibe to it but of

course if you’re running out of time a

three strand braid will also do the job

I hope to see your results on Instagram

don’t forget to add a hashtag Lilly’s

moon hair if you don’t follow me yet of

course subscribe to me on my social

networks I’m very active on Facebook and

Instagram let me know in the comments

which hairstyle from this tutorial you

liked most and if you missed my previous

tutorials on 10 messy buns one week of

hairstyles and easy hairstyles feel free

to check them out you can find all the

links in the description box I thank you

very much for watching and I see in my

next video bye


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