10 quick & easy HAIRSTYLE IDEAS for long hair – back to school hairstyle tutorials

Published on October 26, 2019

Hello my lovelies! In today’s video I m sharing with you MY TOP 10 favourite hairstyles that I do on a daily basis:-) Hope you ll like it!!

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hello my lovelies and welcome back to PT
guys do you know the situation when you
are in a rush and you literally have no
idea what to do with your hair this is
my life every day however in this video
I’m going to show you ten super quick
and super easy hairstyles that are going
to solve that problem for you and
without further ado I say we get started
right now number one high ponytail
alright guys this is obviously a classic
and really really simple all you need to
do is brush your hair thoroughly make
sure there’s no little strands sticking
out and then style it into a high
ponytail after that you take a small
strand of hair and twist it around in
order to cover the hair band with it the
high ponytail always gives out a quite
youthful vibe I think also because it
lifts the facial skin a little and that
makes it also super useful for people
who want to look younger
number two messy bun rule number one for
a messy bun unless you try the better it
turns out the way I do my messy bun is
literally just by putting all my hair
back and then twisting the hair in a
sort of messy way into a bowl and adjust
it with another hairband
if you got any crazy hair strands
sticking out you can of course fix that
with bobby pins
but otherwise keep it messy keep it’s
you know casual and just don’t worry
about it number three half-up half-down
this hairstyle is also super easy all
you got to do is just brush back your
hair a little separate the top half and
put that top half into a high ponytail
the good thing about this hairstyle is
that you have your hair out of your face
but you can still show off your length
and you have it sort of open
number four cited French braid for this
super romantic hairstyle you want to
move all of your hair to one side and
then start French braiding from the top
until you have only a few centimeters
left then you can put your hair back in
and maybe loosen up the braid a little
by pulling individual strands out of the
braid this is the easy and quick version
but I still think it looks adorable
number five the Brittany hairstyle guys
I called this one the Brittany hairstyle
because that’s what Britney Spears was
wearing in the infamous hit me baby one
more time video for this hairstyle you
basically just need to create a middle
parting and then take a thick strand
from each side and put a hairband in I’m
not gonna lie this won’t make you look
super intellectual but I somehow think
it looks super cute number six
sleek office bun this hairstyle is also
one of my personal favorites all you
need to do is create a side parting
brush out all little tangles to create a
super sleek surface and then form a low
ponytail after that you twist the
ponytail around to create a bun and then
just adjust it with another hairband and
possibly some hair pins this is also a
great evening hairstyle because it just
looks super elegant number seven braided
pigtails I know these days the classic
pigtails aren’t so in anymore but I
personally still wear them because
they’re quick they’re easy and they’re
cute you just need to do a middle
parting and then braid both parts of the
hair and then you look a little more
German which is also nice
number eight twisted halo this hairstyle
is super romantic and super quick as
well you basically just need to separate
a small strand on each side and twist it
towards the back of your head then you
repeat the same process with another
strand that you separated from below the
first strand adjusted on the back of
your head with some bobby pins and guys
I did a really shitty job here but this
was just to show you the principle and
if you do have a pretty hair clip that
would of course facilitate things number
9 pop up space buns with this hairstyle
you just need to take a second and
forget about your actual age unless you
are indeed 12 years old like we did in
the Brittany hairstyle you take a thick
strand from the side next to your
forehead but before you put the hairband
in you twist it into a little fluffy
ball and then add the hairband pretty
much the same principle like with a
messy bun obviously if you do have a job
interview coming up for something
conservative like a law firm then I
would definitely go for this hairstyle
because you want to make an impression
right number 10 braid at a low here the
principle is again super easy you
separate two thin strands on each side
and then start braiding them until they
are long enough to fit around your head
this is already a hairstyle in itself I
mean it’s it’s a bit hippie but why not
for the braid at a low though you then
need to connect the two small braids and
adjust them with a small hairband I
personally wear this hairstyle a lot
when my hair is freshly washed but not
styled alright guys that was it for me
today I really hope you found this video
useful I know some of the hairstyles
were really really basic but you know
sometimes you can’t even come up with
them when you’re in a rush so I really
hope this video
start use some sort of purpose and if it
did that would cause me very happy
brother thumbs up and yeah guys I’m
gonna wish you a wonderful weekend and
I’m going to see you next week Friday
10:00 a.m.
as always and you

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10 quick & easy HAIRSTYLE IDEAS for long hair / back to school hairstyle tutorials
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