12 Easy Gym/Workout Hairstyles/Everyday

Published on August 25, 2019

hey guys I’m gonna be showing you 12

different hairstyles for gym / workout

hairstyles / these all the time to the

gym and I thought you would like some

different ideas for workout hairstyles

or just easier styles in general so the

first one I’m going to split my hair in

half and back tie off one side and I’m

going to do a Dutch braid all the way

down keeping the braid tight to my scalp

as I go when I get to the bottom of my

head I’ll tie it off with an elastic and

then pull apart the braid and do the

exact same thing on the other side here

a style number 1 this is my favorite

tool for getting elastics out I never

try to save elastics I always cut them

out to avoid damaging my hair so I’ll

leave the link for them below I wear

this next style so much probably more

than any of the others because it’s just

so fast and it turns out good every time

I’m twisting all of the hair away from

my face along my hairline and then when

I get to the bottom I continue twisting

it the way that the twist is going and

just wrap it around itself

I usually just need one or two roller

pins to pin it in place roller pins hold

tons of hair and if you just stick a

little bit of hair into the roller pin

and then kind of zigzag it through like

this it holds it and it’s really secure

I like using scrunchies for this one you

can use any type of hair tie that you

like though I tease the hair slightly

and just wrap it around the scrunchie so

that you can’t see it and just use two

roller pins on either side and do the

same on the other side I’m using clear

eyebrow gel to smooth up the bottom

since I have so many baby hairs

underneath this one is basically the

same as before but with a hat so instead

of twisting the top I’m just twisting

the bottom and using two roller pins and

you could also wear it like this without

a hat too this is what it looks like

without one this is with my actual gym

hat I wear these styles throughout the

entire day too though so I’m wearing to

the gym and then just the whole rest of

the day as well the next one is to

fishtail braids I really love the style

it can be worn with or without a hat



style number six is Topsy tails you can

also wear this one with or without a hat

create a ponytail flip it through kind

of pull it apart to get a little more

volume and then I’m just going to be

doing three for my length of hair style

number seven I wear this one all the

time just as much as the other one I

said before so first I do a scrunchie

this really helps hold it in place then

I wrap the hair around this ideally

works best when your hair is dirty or

you have some texture like you curled

your hair at the day before I just used

to roller pins on each side I’m telling

you this holds my hair amazingly even

though it doesn’t look like it but I’m

showing you here for me this works like

a dream I love wearing my hair like this

for high intensity workouts because it

really does not go anywhere

this next one is bubble hairstyles I do

have separate tutorials for some of

these styles so I’ll be sure to link

them below on which ones I have that go

more into depth but for this you’re

gonna create a ponytail on top create a

second and then a third and now you will

have two bubbles that you can just kind

of puff out to be a little bit bigger

and then on the bottom I do a messy bun

however you like to do your messy buns

and that is it for this one my husband

told me I had to incorporate this style

because he really likes it when I wear

my hair like this and this one’s so easy

section your hair into and just braid

the bottom of the hair all the way down

and you can also wear this with a hat I


do this style on my daughters a lot

because it’s so quick so I thought I

would incorporate it here and it gets

all of your hair out of your face too I

just do a couple small French braids at

my part line you could also do Dutch

braids too I take all of the hair to the

side and do one big braid

I always like pulling apart my hair to

give it a little more volume I’m taking

those same braids I’m leaving them in

but I’m gonna put all of my hair in a

high messy bun I like to pull apart the

messy bun so it kind of starts falling

out I really like it big and you can

just leave it like this but I always

prefer to bobby pin my messy buns to my

head especially if I’m gonna be running

so it’s not flopping around this last

style is meant to preserve the curls

that you already have if you’re just

trying to preserve your curls I like

doing it like this this is obviously not

meant for a high intense workouts where

you’re like jumping because it will fall

out but it only takes a couple seconds

to do I like to wrap the hair loosely

and a low bun or you can do it in a high

bun with the scrunchie because it

doesn’t squeeze too tight and leave a

crease and the third option is you can

wrap it around and just do roller pins

on both sides so I hope this was helpful

and thank you so much for watching I

hope you enjoyed it and I will see you

on the next one

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12 Easy Gym - Workout Hairstyles - Everyday
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