15 Back To School Heatless Hairstyles

Published on September 8, 2019

Hi love did you like all 15 Back To School Heatless Hairstyles? I had loads of fun making this video however it took me all day to come up with all 15 Heatless Hairstyles. These should be amazing for back to school. Each hairstyle took me about 60 seconds to create. Super fast and easy for those rushy school mornings. which style hair was your favorite? Mine was the last one.. ill just go with a blue wig ha haha. love you guys to pieces. xo – Laura Ps. PLEASE tag me if you recreate any of the back to school hairstyles!

hey guys and welcome to my channel I’m

going to be showing you 15 that’s right

15 different hairstyles for

back-to-school we’re gonna do them

heatless and we’re gonna do a quick and

they’re gonna be super easy and all you

need it’s just like bobby pins and

rubber bands just super simple stuff

like that it cannot wait for you guys to

see this video is gonna be so much fun

and I will be using some new products

from Tara Smith they have all kinds of

products and they have these cute little

birdies on which oh my gosh

I love so much and I just want to let

you guys know before we start the video

I did use the thickening cream in the

hair while it was damp and then I blew

dry my hair and my hair is just

blow-dried it had no prior heat on it so

just know that while doing this

tutorials also I have a discount code is

tarah 10 for $10 off your purchase of 35

or more and free shipping so that’s down

below but I’m telling you a lot of these

hair tutorials will work best if they

have a little bit of texture in your

hair that’s why I use that thickening

cream just to give it some sprucing up

and texture and then you’ll see me using

it a couple other products just to do

serums to smooth it out and things like


they’re all white are spent and all

these products are cruelty free vegan

organic and chemical free so it’ll be

really nice for your hair I’ll have

everything below so cheeky

I’ll please give it a thumbs up if you

did learn some new hairstyles and we’re

just gonna jump right in and we’re gonna

do our hair for our first tutorial I’m

gonna be taking the first half of my

hair right up front and I’m gonna French

braid it to my head which is just simply

writing the hair and then grabbing an

extra piece and then braiding it on

where it’s basically stuck to the top of

your head this one is gonna be easy

peasy lemon squeezy but just to let you

know all these tutorials are gonna be

super simple then I’m going to secure it

to my head with two bobby pins and that

is it for this first tutorial and then

I’ll add just a little bit of the

shining moment Glosser just to give our

hair a little bit of a glowy shine


then I’m going to take that exact same

braid and take the bobby pins out secure

it with a rubber band

that way the braid does not come loose

for this next tutorial I’m gonna add a

little bit extra shine to it because I

like the front of the hair to have this

nice glowy shine and then I’m gonna take

the other pieces of my hair and I’m

going to simply braid it and that way we

have that braid in the top of our hair

braid it down into the bottom and it

creates this super chic braid or

domestic cure it with a little elastic

and then I am going to leave a lot of

excess hair at the end that way we have

room to stretch out the braid it may get

kind of messy and fast and that is it

for our next one this is my favorite I

take a little headband I wrap it around

my head and then I wrap my hair up and I

took it in the headband this one’s

actually gonna be a little bit easier if

you have shorter hair but then I just

focus on making sure all the pieces are

tucked in nicely that is the only thing

I use for this look how easy it

literally took me 30 seconds to do this

hairdo oh my gosh and it is so freaking

cute this is probably my favorite of all

next we are going to take the hair right

from the top of the ears and all the way

up to the top of the head then I’m going

to secure it into a little ponytail on

top of my head

I’m going to tighten that ponytail and

just give it a little bit of extra Sheik


I’m going to take a little piece of hair

wrapped around the Ravana and bobby pin

it in the back and that way that just

cleans up the look a little bit now we

are gonna actually create a look using

that half-up half-down hairdo I then

wrapped my hair up and created this

little bitty ball on top of my head then

I went from the very center and I

started pulling it out which made the

bun tighter at the roots and then I

bobby pin the bun to the head and we

basically had this really cute half-up

half-down updo next I’m going to part

the hair in the middle creating a butt

cut and then I am going to French braid

the pieces down to the sides my head

next I’m going to tuck the pieces behind

the ear and I’m going to secure it with

one bobby pin I’m gonna do the exact

same thing to the other side of my head

French braiding it down the side of my

head tucking it behind the ear and

securing it with one bobby pin use as

many bobby pins a few as you need but

the smaller you make the braids the

easier it’s gonna stay in place and that

is it for this hairstyle and it is so

freakin cute for back-to-school it’s

adorable and it looks like you spent so

much time on your hair then I’m going to

of course miss the hair with the Glosser

I love the way this stuff makes my hair

shine for the next one we’re gonna need

a bandana and I’m gonna part my hair on

the side pulling down any straggly

pieces just to make this one a little

bit more messy then I’m going to take my

hair put it in a half ponytail and then

one more time put it another hot

ponytail I’m gonna start pulling it’s a

big bun forward and then we have this

weird ball on our head and you see all

that messiness hanging out we’re just

going to secure it down and kind of tuck

it in and clean up the look just a

little bit then I’m gonna pop the

bandana on top of my head I’m gonna add

a banana clip in the back to keep my bun

sticking up and I’m gonna pull down any

excess pieces but that long weird string

of hair okay actually pin that in the

back and I’m gonna gloss my hair for the

finish this Gloucester’s my favorite

product it’s my favorite hair product at

all times I’m obsessed with it anyways

so it I mean look how shiny my hair is

okay let me stop next hairstyle I’m

going to apply my hair in a big ponytail

I’m going to take it split it in two

pieces and twist those two pieces around

then I’m gonna take those two pieces and

I’m gonna twirl them around and that is

gonna give us this really cool it’s not

a braid it’s just like a rope in our

hair and I am gonna secure it with a

rubber band kind of important for this

one is to add a serum because the Rope

can gillis a little dryer hair skin

shoot out but I added this base coat

serum by Torrance myth to smooth out all

the pieces shooting out of the rope

braid thing shim dig here and then I

just move the hair down

next I’m going to tie my hair up half

way and then I’m gonna stop with a

little bun in the back knot pull it all

the way through I’m gonna split the bun

in half and take half the hair hanging

down and wrap it through tucking it

under I hope you understood that and we

had the cutest boat in the world in the

back of her head oh my god how cute is

that and it literally took me less than

one minute to create this hairstyle

perfect we’re back to school and it’s

adorable for this next one I’m going to

take the first half of my hair I’m gonna

backcomb it a little bit or tease it and

then I’m gonna secure it down with a

bobby pin

creating what I like to call a poof then

I’m gonna lift the rest of my hair up

into a high ponytail being sure not to

pull the poop out and I’m gonna do that

have fun all right half ponytail and

then do it again just like I did for the

bandana sticks out and pull the hair

tight then I’m just secure it to the

head tying down all the loose pieces

that way it’s not too crazy and we have

this volumous messy bun next I am

simulating plant spraying the Glosser

and the hair because you need to put

some type of gloss shine down to slit

down the first half of your hair and

make sure you have enough butt cut then

I’m going to take those two pieces tie

it around the back of my head secure it

to this weird little ponytail like that

I’m gonna let down the crown of my hair

keep in mind I do have the thickening

cream in and it’s gonna help this part

so much I tease the back of my hair but

I’m telling you guys the thickening

cream like look at the volume at the top

of my hair

it’s the thickening cream Betar smith

you’re gonna need some kind of texture

in your hair for that one this one I’m

gonna flip my hair over to the opposite

side of my head secure it baking Tapani

tail then I’m gonna turn it into a Topsy

tail by flipping the hair through I’m

gonna do the exact same thing all the

way through the ponytail this creates a

fake fishtail braid and it is the cutest

braid ever because I flipped my hair on

the opposite side of my head my hair has

more volume on top for this next

hairstyle again I’m going to tease the

crown of my head I’m going to apply a

little bit of Glosser slicked down the

front of my hair and then I’m gonna

create this ponytail with a lot of

volume in the back this is a very chic

nice ponytail and just make it a little

bit shaker of course I’m gonna cover the

rubberband with that piece of hair

wrapping it around and securing it with

a bobby pin look at cute this ponytail

is alright for our next hairstyle I’m

gonna flip my hair over I’m gonna play

it up on top of my head and I’m gonna

pull just the front half of my hair see

that just the front pieces to pull the

hair up and then I’m gonna pull out the

top half of my hair just to give it some

volume and some lift and there we have

this adorable high ponytail or an eye

cover the river band just to clean it up

a little bit secure it with a bobby pin

I love this high pot ponytail it’s kind

of a go-to for me lately actually next

I’m gonna take a little bit of serum

because you don’t want your ends to be

frayed and I’m gonna shine up those ends

and make it way more sleep yeah see how

scary you know these hairstyles work for

you you can simply put a blue wig on and

go to school I hope you enjoyed this

video thanks for watching be sure to

subscribe before you leave and I’ll see

you in my next video bye guys

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15 Back To School Heatless Hairstyles
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