15 Back to School Heatless Hairstyles

Published on August 19, 2019

hey guys today’s video is going to be 15

heatless hairstyles I’ve been meaning to

do this for forever if you guys know

anything about me I’m the laziest person

when it comes to putting heat in my hair

so especially in school I’ve always been

about the heatless hairstyles mostly

ballet buns but I branched out since

then so I hope you guys enjoyed this

video and if you are wondering I did cut

my hair recently and I will leave the

information down below of who cut it her

name’s Kelly she’s on Instagram Oh

amazing I love her she’s so good it

she’s like the only person I trust my

hair so let’s go ahead and jump into it

is braids to ponytail now I’m really

into double buns I don’t know why

something about it just screams

back-to-school season right now for me

so I’m going to Dutch braid my hair on

both sides of my head now if you don’t

know how to Dutch braid

do not worry there are so many tutorials

out there but what I do is I stop as

soon as I stop adding hair into it and I

just do a ponytail and let it loose now

I typically like my braid to look a

little bit more like pizzazz

so I stretch it out on both sides just

to kind of add a little bit more texture

make it look nice and just the star of

the show and it’s just a nice take on

typical pigtails hairstyle number two is

loose braids now you typically know how

to do French braid Dutch braid but I

really like to just loosen up those

braids and make them look effortless so

whatever it is that you know how to do

just pull on both sides of the braid and

make it loose that’s the really the key

to making it just look like it was messy

slept in or whatever it just it creates

a lot more volume and make sure your

braids look fancy hairstyle number three

is braids to some buns now again I’m

really into double buttons I don’t know

why but just do a French braid i Dutch

great whatever you’re comfortable with

and just braid the hair all the way down

and then pin it in it’s cute because it

makes the buns look a little bit more

interesting they’re not just normal buns

they’re like nice braids and it’s just

cute it adds a little bit of texture to

your head I like to take a few pieces of

loose hair down and just it looks so

nice hairstyle number four is that

half-up half-down bun situation so what

I do is I part my hair to get a nice

like rectangle area on the top of my

head like anything I really just

want in my face honestly and I part that

and I start kind of braiding it

backwards I’m really into making sure

that my hair is not in my face I’m just

not about that life so I’m going to part

the rest of the hair and like secure it

in the back so it doesn’t get mixed up

and fun fact this part is a lot easier

upside down but I just French braiding

it back to like till I used all of the

hair and then I’m going to just take it

secure it in a pony and then add some

texture by back combing a little bit I’m

just like taking the strand of hair and

like pulling up on it so it just adds a

little bit of texture and I’m going to

twist it around itself and create a bun

I feel like I don’t have enough hair in

that little area to create a big fluffy

bun if you do this great you probably

don’t need to do that but I just wanted

a lot more texture I like effortless

buns that are not heavy and then want it

to like get lopsided throughout the day

so adding texture and fluffing my hair

up on both sides and in the bun just

just adds a little bit of effortless

like just messiness hairstyle number 5

is a big top bun this is my my typical

hair style back in high school I would

take it and I would like stop halfway

through the second time I was trying to

like loop the hair to make a pony and I

would secure the hair on both sides of

the bobby pin and then I would take the

rest of it and either tuck it into the

hair tie or do some sort of like Bobby

pinning to it regardless of what you

choose you’re never gonna get the same

bun twice and sometimes you’re going to

have to like redo it a little bit if you

feel like it’s not going anywhere but I

really just like to tuck things away and

it creates this nice interesting bun

that I mean I don’t know why I like it

so much I just feel like it’s so cool

that it just looks messy but it’s not

now the next hairstyle is a ballet bun

this is really what I would be seen in

all the time in college I would just

twist my hair upon itself and secure it

with a hair tie and then bobby pin it

now sometimes would be lopsided I will

admit that but what you do is you start

kind of seeing the side that is lopsided

and just kind of pulling on it to create

a nice fluffy bun now if you don’t have

a lot of hair you could totally use

a sock bun technique or like those

little Donuts a double Pony is something

that I’ve done a really amazing time for

whenever I cut my hair short and I want

to look long I just take like a half up

half down situation where I make a

ponytail at the top and I start doing a

ponytail on the bottom as well now the

lower you put the bottom one the longer

your hair will look which is be careful

to make sure it doesn’t peak out so what

I do is I just secure that ponytail and

take the top one and I start kind of

pulling it around so it covers

everything and you can’t see the second

one and it starts looking like you have

a really long ponytail hairstyle number

eight is twist your hair into buns now

this is super simple if you are not good

at braiding I want to include this in

case you are not someone who is really

up to par with the braiding you just

twist your hair all the way down to the

very very end and once you’ve like done

it all you do is just let it twist

around itself now I just pin it with

like bobby pins I use about look for

bobby pins to secure it if you feel like

you need more you could definitely use a

hair tie that will help as well but I

don’t know why I just think it’s so cute

to have two buns it’s so like Instagram

body kind of situation you know I’m

saying but I’m really into it so I

wanted to show you some really cute

double bun looks now the next hairstyle

is a fishtail twist this one was

actually a little bit rough to do

because I have my skills of fishtail

braiding are a little rough so I twist

on both sides of my head just like I did

before and I secure it with a ponytail

now you can stop there but I decided to

go the extra mile you know what I’m

saying what you do is you kind of pull

your pony apart and you tuck the end of

your pony after the hair tie into that

little hole between the hair that you

secured and it kind of creates this nice

little loop so like it’s like a twist on

itself once I did this I decide to

fishtail braid now again if you don’t

know how to fish to every there are so

many videos out there you could totally

find one I promise you there’s so many

talented people out there to teach you

how to braid and what you do is just

continue fishtail braiding all the way

down until you feel like you’ve run out

of hair and you secure it with another

hair tie fun fact I use two different

color and hair ties do not recommend

that use two of the same color that

probably make it look a lot more

cohesive than what I did I don’t know

what I was thinking when I was doing

this look but it’s suddenly a cute look

I feel like it just it looks really

intricate it was like all the details

and the key is always in the details the

more details you put into it the more

people think it’s such a complicated

hairstyle hairstyle number 10 is one my

favorites is a nice like low ponytail

kind of situation I like to leave a

couple of strands of hair in the front

down and then I secure my hair in a low

ponytail but before I kind of just let

it go I take it and I start pulling it

by two strands on the right and left on

both sides just create some more volume


look but we’re going to do that twist

that I showed you before and we’re going

to take that ponytail and we’re going to

tuck it in now this is going to create a

nice twist as we showed you know before

now have you tried doing that three

times that’s a fun look now what I do

again is just separate the hair in half

wherever it is above the hair tie I take

the hair tie and I lead the rest of the

hair into that hole and again it creates

this nice little twist and I don’t know

about you guys that looks so intricate

so complicated but it really was so

simple I like to do that three times or

at least until like my hair is done

though you know what I mean like it

depends on how long your hair is to be

able to do that but I think it’s so cute

and it just looks so effortless and it’s

like again if you want to do a braid but

you’re too lazy this is such a simple

nice look to do hairstyle number twelve

is a crown twist this is for people

again who are not big fans of braids or

don’t know how to braid just take care

of your ear and you’re going to twist it

towards your head and you’re going to a

stump both sides it’s going to add a

little bit of volume to the front and

make it look just a lot more cohesive

but I like to claw clip this in the back

of my head if you’re someone who’s more

into bobby penning totally do that but

I’m just going to secure that in the

back once and done and if you wanted to

you could also braid these two strands

it’s up to you and how much effort you

want to put in the morning at 7 a.m.

when you’re trying to run to school but

it’s a really nice way to just get your

bangs and the front hairs as your face

secure them in the back and like move on

with your day

now hairstyle number 13 is the not so

effortless messy bun the way that I do

this is I start looking like I’m about

to do a ponytail but halfway through I

kind of just pick

some of the hair that I have loosely

hidden over there and I secure it over

with a hair tie hopefully that makes

sense just follow what I did in the

video and then I just take the strands

and I tuck them into the ponytail holder

just the entire time that’s all I’m

doing I’m just tucking it in and this

will create this effortless bun it’s so

cute especially with a baseball hat like

wow I am so impressed in myself that

this bun turned out so cute but they

never turn out the same just fun fact

okay so you’re never gonna get the same

bun twice but just do your best girl

okay hairstyle number 14 is the ariana

share this is just kind of what I think

of when I think of Ariana’s hair it’s

just taking kind of a half up half down

kind of mentality but I used a lot less

hair on the top and I secured it

directly on top of my head and I took

that hair and I would probably add some

texture to it by back combing a little

bit but at this point I just didn’t

really care so I kind of let it loose

and it like just by pulling out both

sides it gives a lot of volume and it

just creates a lot more of a lift in

your hair I don’t know I just felt like

it was really ariana ish just makes your

hair look really long now hairstyle

number 15 is probably one of those bun

braid things I just I don’t know I’m

really into buns and braids so I’m going

to just French braid my hair on both

sides and I’m going to secure it in the

back with a pony and just kind of make a

bun so it’s you can also just make one

ponytail in the back but I decided to do

a bun because again I’m like the bun

Queen I love wearing buns all the time

and you just kind of secure it bobby pin

it make it last and it’s just a really

cute look again something like learning

how to make a bun and braids is key for

cute hairstyles thank you so much for

watching I hope you guys enjoyed this

video don’t forget to give this video a

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think we should have a vote which one of

these hairstyles is like the perfect

hairstyle for back-to-school I hope you

guys enjoy these bloopers I am crazy and

a little bit wild when you let me play

some throwback 2000 songs

let’s have some fun okay Oh

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15 Back to School Heatless Hairstyles
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