15 Heatless Hairstyles for SHORT hair BACK TO SCHOOL

Published on September 19, 2019

Hey Larlee’s here is 15 heatless hairstyles for SHORT hair for back to school! I think these heatless hairstyles are unique and easy. I know sometimes it might feel like you are limited with hair styles if you have short hair, but I found it to be even easier to work with short hair rather than long hair lol. I also incorporated some hairstyles for younger and more mature people hoping everyone gets a little inspiration. This video was so much fun to create a huge thank you to my niece Eryn for joining me 🙂 I love you guys thanks for watching xo

hey guys Nelly baby chick hailey today’s

video is going to be obviously

fifteen-year shelves for short hair I

did back in the past 15 years cells with

the long hair I have a guest star today

this is my 12 year old niece Aaron he’s

warming up to the camera warmer world

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hey finish another Senate seat already

finishing each other students this sis

feed the chicken you got lipstick yeah

you love being Ofuro you like get it

kink in it rub your finger second high


we really hope you do enjoy them I think

it’s awesome because with short hair you

feel like you’re limited but you’re

really not limited on hairstyles because

to me it was even easier than when I did

the 15 hairstyles on my long hair cuz

long hairs just doing my jumping right

in our first tutorial I’m going to put

the hair too low piggy tails just part

the hair down the center and then put it

in two pigtails and I’m going to spray

it with some texturising spray and tease

each fun next I’m going to wrap each

piggy tail around in a circle and take a

small elastic and just tie it around


and you have a low space fun so cute I

do the exact same thing to the other

side obviously and then you can bobby

pin any hairs that shoot out or the

buttons hang low you can pin them up

tight like I’m doing this one and this

really works great for short hair our

next hairstyle is a super elegant one I

love it I part the hair down the middle

and twist it and just pin it like two

bobby pins and then I do the same thing

to the other side from the right side I

twist it and then I bring it over to the

left side and then I just apply two

bobby pins and then you have like two

pieces of hair hanging off each side so

what you’re going to do is start tucking

those hairs in randomly and pinning them

you just twist them and push them in and

bobby pin on and then it turns out to be

really nice elegant look you just kind

of play with it and make it your own but


be great for a wedding or bridesmaid

hair especially for short hair a okay

this next hairstyle is a little less

involved all you take is two pieces of

hair from the sides of the head and you

do them in a regular braid at fish pray

whether type of braid you want to do and

then you bobby pin them back and it

gives you a nice pretty look and it

literally took me two minutes to do this

look and for our fourth hairstyle we’re

going to play off this one so you’ll

braid the two pieces of hair back and

you’ll create a low ponytail and just a

clean it of them and take a piece from

the back of the points out and wrap it

around the rubber band and then pin it

and it looks so elegant and secure and

beautiful in this hairstyle again it’s

just super easy it takes no time it

looks beautiful

our next hairstyle is a creative one I

just take the top of the hair and put it

in a little bun flopping the end pieces

over on top of the forehead and I’m

going to be making faux bangs how could

you and you don’t have to commit to real

bangs so then I pinned the piece of

shooting off to the side and it secures

the bangs I got this little headband at

forever 21 you can add whatever headband

your heart desires and then just pin the

headband to the hair and it’s just like

bangs for the day could you go ahead to

commit isn’t it wonderful

our next hairstyle we’re going to put

the hair on a high point on top of the

head and I’ll show you how we take care

of those hairs they’re going to fall

down in the back if you have short hair

the next time I take my way texturizing


I obviously love those bump and then I

tease the crap out of the hair just go

crazy get wow get stupid okay then I

take the back pieces of hair and pin

them and just twist it around the more

texture and tease that here has the

easier is mega bun so I take the back

hair and I do a twist which secures it

from falling down and looking straggly

and then I pin all the way down the back

twist and it looks like a cute elegant

messy bun for short hair this one’s a

little bit easier to the hair and I put

it halfway up and then I tease the back

of it teasing hair just gives a little

more texture it’s a little bit easier to

work with and I put it in

have fun and I take a little piece of

hair hanging out the bun and wrap it

around the road band just to clean it up

a little bit and literally that is it

just easy – second hairstyle and it’s so

cute for short hair I love it our next

one my sister out of stepping she is the

braid Queen we just put the hair halfway

up and we fish tilt the pony hanging off

the back then we’re going to do

something with a fishtail how she

fishtail she takes a piece all the way

from the far left side and tucks it into

the far right side and then vice versa

and she does that all the way down if

you want to do a regular braid if it’s

easier on this one for you it will still

work this thing by all means I just

wanted to do a fishtail because I

thought it’d be really cute and we just

secure it with a robe and

all I do then is just tie it around and

make like a little knot out of it Duke

and then we pin it with a bobby pin and

literally this is like the cutest little

hairstyle but as you can see a regular

braid would work like the exact same

with it if you’re not into the fishtail

I love it alright I think this one might

have been my niece Erin’s favorite so I

put the hair high up into tall pigtails

and secure it with a tight rubber band

and then I tease the crap out of the

hair you guys know I’m all about teasing

just like SM exists a better and I twist

the hair around honestly how to play

with the bun to get it to a cry I twist

around two or three times just to see

how I liked it and then I would pin it

next I braided the pieces falling down

in the back and secure them throughout

the braid with a bobby pin and there you

have space buns for short hair and it’s

so freakin cute for our next one I had

to bring the system back in because she

is like the Queen a beret it’s ok let me

stop singing so what she’s doing is

Dutch braiding the hair to the top of

the head you can French braid it to the

top of the head Dutch braid to the top

of the head regular braided whatever

your heart’s desire as you can see my

niece is so not enthused oh but before

she got to the end she just braided the

hair all the way down and then we

secured it with her advance it was like

a little till and then I gathered a

little bit of her other hair with it and

created a bun and then I just secured it

with a tiny goodies elastic and pulled

it through

kind of like a topknot how beautiful is

this hairstyle and it really didn’t take

too long

so our next one’s going to play off our

last one so we French braid the hair to

the top of the head and what she’s going

to do is French braid the hair all the

way down to the back leaving the sides

of the hair out so it’s going to look a

little funny at first but it turns way

more elegant this is a really original

hairstyle just so you know I’ve never

seen this before I was literally like

inventing hairstyles as I go so I think

of my hairstyle in winter now I was

trying to angle the camera so you guys

could actually see what she’s doing but

her hair is kind of dark so it’s hard to

see the dimension but she just ties it

off and it takes a teasing comb and

slicks the sides down and it puts it

into a tight ponytail she slicks both

sides down and then you can’t see the

other side and how cute and like

original is this hairstyle it turned out

really beautiful I know I say that about

every singer style but I was really

pleased with these yes Erin slow lay the

camera again for our next one it plays

off the last one as well her hair still

French braid in the middle and we just

put it in a half a pack down do and then

I put a rubber band around the piece

hanging off and then I gathered the rest

of the hair and tie it all together this

is going to give kind of like a kind of

sort like a Princess Jasmine vibe and

then to clean it up I just take a piece

of hair and wrap it around the rubber

band you don’t have to have the top

French braid it just gives a little more

detail if you want to for our next one

we’re going to give like the illusion

that half of our head is shaved I mean I

don’t know that’s kind of why I think it

looks like my sister’s just French

braiding the hair to the side of the

head as tightly as she can you can part

your hair on whatever side that you’re

most comfortable parting your hair and

you’ll just go straight back with your

braid I’m not honestly that great at

braiding hair I just wasn’t gifted that

way that’s why I’m bringing in the whole

sister she’s so good and I used to hide

off the rubber band and hairspray it a

little and voila this is like a two

second hairstyle for our next hairstyle

first you want to pet your nieces head

and I’m just kidding so what I’m going

to do is I’m going to part out the

Brown of the hair and of course you know

what I’m going to do in a backcomb it

tease it spray it with some texturizing

spray to give it a little bit of a lift

and then I’m going to secure the hair

and a low bun well first I do a low

ponytail and that’s another herb and in

this the part where I just slide it into

a low bun then I pin the sides of the

bun as well as any hairs that decide to

shoot out I’m not going to lie this one

was a little more challenging but in the

end was really cute so for our last

hairstyle I take the hair on top of the

head and I secure it with a rubber band

by the way sort of last year so um hello

fifteen hairstyles my poor Denise’s head

she was so over it comment boogie woogie

if you’re a hero to the end of the video

so what I’m going to do is flip the hair

through the ponytail creating a Topsy

tail what we call them in the 90s and

then I pull it through like that it

creates like a not like illusion it’s

really cute so then my cat is playing in

the background skill Jia Liu so then I

take this second section of hair and

include that ponytail it was hanging

down and I do the exact same thing I

just flip it through and it creates a

not like illusion and it is so cute you

can also finish it and secure it off but

I left it like this I thought it was

just adorable thank you guys so much for

being here and watching I love you guys

to death and be sure to subscribe to my

channel before you leave

go and I see hating a heart again

becoming something you never know

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