15 heatless hairstyles

Published on September 14, 2019

hello everybody it is Lily today I am

doing different kind of hairstyles that

you can do whether you’re just like

going to school having the latest day to

go out or anything like that just

basically numerous kind of p+ hairstyles

I hope you all enjoy it and hope this

helps and yes also if I look down here

that is because that is ignorant and I

need to see what are you doing cos the

same thing we say the same thing so for

this look I’m basically just trying to

get half up into a ponytail while

leaving the other half down I’m just

putting two strands out and I’m just

tying that ponytail tightening it and it

looks very long wise and nice and it’s

so so simple



boost second a lot basically I’m just

putting my hair and Tien middle parting

and doing two french braids down the

side and I’ll be tying them to the back

of my head while behind and tying that

with an elastic band and just putting

the bone just to complete the look and

make it look more prettier




for this hat I’m simply just sectioning

my hair and putting more onto my left

side and then doing a French braid once

again and I’ll be tucking it behind my

ear this is what I do wear whenever I

usually have my hair down because it

kind of keeps my French out the way

considering is basically burnt off it

doesn’t stay straight so this kind of

saves it from adding any heat to it and

it looks really nice




Phyllis look I’m just tying my hair into

a ponytail while leaving he’s so afraid

that I just did but I loosened it a

little bit and just tying that into the

ponytail and this is what I learned by

staying to school as it’s so simple and

doesn’t involve much heat on your hair

so this is basically the exact same as

my other one but instead of doing a plan

I just grabbed my hair and I put the

hairband half round it not fully pulling

my hair throat it’s like into a kind of

bun is kind of looped on my thumb and I

just twist a hair tie and tie it around

the other way and I pull that hair out

once I’ve done that I just wrap it

around with another hair band just to

secure it while grabbing all my hair and

just loosening it up this hairstyle is

super basic but also super easy all

doing is putting your hair into your own

middle ponytail then put two strands of

hair out and just literally tie it up

and that is the look




to also make it look a bit more prettier

and a bit more exciting you can tie a

ribbon or purse crunchy or some sort of

accessory in it just to kind of make it

a little bit better instead look it’s a

blend of basic is unknown for this look

it kind of stuffed up here but please

splitting my hair into half and once

again and tying it into a little fire

I’m using the excess hair just to split

that file into two and wrap it round and

it creates a cute little dial my kind of

messed up where it was a good attempt

and then I’m pulling my two strands of

hair at the front as usual and that is

the look for this hairstyle I’m

splitting my hair into two once again

I’m teasing the top it and pry it out

and then taking that pretty tail out and

just wrapping it around constantly toes

all wrapped up into a small bun on the

top of my head and just kind of pulling

that out and sticking hair grips into

loose parts and hold it up


for this head start I’m putting my hair

all on to the other side and I’m just

grabbing three sections and doing a

French braid this is really thick but my

hair is thick then I’m tying it around

with a hair tie and just loosen it out

and basically it looks really chunky but

it’s really nice and super simple here

and grabbing the front section of my

hair and I’m teasing it I’m throwing

that fat onto the top of my head and

securing it with two hair grips and then

literally grabbing the rest of my hair

and putting it into a ponytail the

kindest makes it look more volumized

it’s kind of poufy on the top so instead

of completely flat




yeah I’m just teasing my hair on both

sides I’m throwing it forward then

wrapping it around as if there’s going

into a ponytail for once again doing the

half thing where I learned to put half

of it in not bullying and just twisting

my hairband and wrapping it wild and

that is basically the bond then if you

want to carry on from that hairstyle you

just wrap it around and grab all the

hair as tight and secure it with the

second hair tie and pull out all the

hair there it will be kind of flat if

you have thin hair but if it is just

backcomb it and everything will be okay

if you secure it with hair grips it does

look better and like a good messy so bad

messy if that makes sense and just keep

pulling it out I kind of made that bit

flat so I just backhand it again you

would need hairspray but I don’t have

any so I had to make the most of why

Archie had for this hairstyle is

probably the easiest one ever you put

all your hair to one side section into

two and start twisting them and it

should create a rope kind of effect with

your hair then tying it around with a

hair type you want to tie it as tight as

possible so it doesn’t just like flowing

back into place if it does like it did

delay it will still have kind of an

effect but you just loosen it out and

just let some hair and actually looks

really decent lie down


but this look I’m just doing a really

really simple side pony and that

basically it you can let some hair out

and just grip back any loose bits


with this look is basically just a high

ponytail we’re slipping it back and

letting two strands of hair out once you

tie it up as tight as possible using a

strand of hair from the ponytail just to

wrap around the hair time and securing

it with a hair grip up back that is the

look and I hope you all enjoyed this


Kissin in the blue type playing full of

video games he loves me and is big on

Duncan I am sayin stars why

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