Published on November 3, 2019

hey guys it’s me Matt and today’s video
is going to be some quick and easy
heatless hairstyles I thought this would
be a great video to do because a lot of
you guys have been asking to see my
braids that I do a lot in a video and
just some other things yeah also update
on my scar it’s looking a little better
so good if you’re wondering how I got
this I’m trying to make cauliflower
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a ferret photos he was like so yeah
let’s just get started with the
hairstyles so we’re gonna keep the first
hairstyle super simple this is my messy
bun that I probably do who every day of
my life I literally like I don’t know
how to describe this but I just twisted
it kind of around before like I would
put it in a ponytail you can watch it
get the gist like I do this thing every
day I’m obsessed I love it so then the
next hairstyle is also very basic don’t
worry I’m just doing the easy ones first
it’s literally a high ponytail with my
little flyaway thing straightened by my
ears just to make it a little messy I
like the kind of messy look and then
this is the like half up ariana grande
do you got me feelin me I love this this
is so simple so fun I literally just
took the pieces like by my ears and
pulled it up all the way to the back of
my hair you know and then this hairstyle
is probably my most requested hairstyle
to do a video on it is my French braids
so I pretty much do these I started at
the top of my head and then I work my
way like down the side of my head some
people prefer to do it like to the back
but I like doing it on the
I’d better that’s just my personal
preference if you don’t know how to
French braid you can go back a little
bit where I like slowed it down but you
pretty much just like grab hair like you
add hair in and then put it over it’s so
so simple I promise you um so yeah I
just do that on the other side as I’m
you know jammin out but it also makes
like the most perfect waves once you
take them out so I’m obsessed with this
look also you can see that I took some
pieces out and like loosened up the
braids just for little Messier look you
can also do like a cleaner look if you
don’t want to do that and you don’t want
to mess it up but this is so simple and
I’m obsessed I love it so moving on to
the next hairstyle I’m pretty much just
doing another bun but this is like kind
of more of a ballet bun I’m just
twisting around my hair and then tying
it off it’s so simple but this is more
like for the cleaner bun look and I love
getting those little flyaways right
there um but yeah I love that look and
then this one is another French braid
but I’m just doing like a little a
little one like I’m French braiding it
semi but then I’m cutting it off and
just braiding it normally down the rest
of it yeah and then I’m tying it off and
you can either leave it like this for a
hairstyle which I think looks super cute
I’m obsessed or this is one of my
personal favorites I’m pretty much just
tying it into a ponytail so it’s like a
little French braid into a ponytail it’s
so simple so cute I love it I store this
all the all the time all the time so
yeah then moving on to these I’m gonna
do some space but I wore this in one of
my it was my September favorites or one
of my favorites videos and you guys were
asking to see how I did it so I’m pretty
much doing the same thing that I did
with like the ballerina bun I’m just
twisting my hair around but then it’s a
little too poofy for my liking so I’ll
take a bobby pin and I’ll grab like my
hair in the buns and kind of pull it
closer to my head if I’m making any
sense you can see what I’m doing so I’m
doing that on the other side and I just
think that helps flatten them out a
little bit and then you know I mess it
up pull out some hairs do that stuff and
I love this look I think it’s so cute
and I don’t know like girly but like
rock or whatever I’m done at the same
time but this next hairstyle is pretty
incredibly simple not pretty actually
it’s very simple I’m little
taking like three bobby pins and pulling
literally just some of my hair that’s
like in front of my face to the side and
I think it’s so cute so simple so so
easy so then this hairstyle I am
braiding a little section the front
section of my hair not French braid just
a normal braid and then I’m pinning it
off and this creates a really cute like
princess crown I like to call it I think
it’s so feminine girly cute yeah for
this hairstyle you can either do one or
you can do two which I’m doing here to
complete the crown or whatever and I
forgot to say when I use the bobby pins
I do too but I put it in like an X form
you got me and it’s two different
hairstyles in one but I think this looks
so cute
so yeah I already said that like 20
times let’s move on with this hairstyle
I kind of messed up a little bit but you
get the gist I bet you guys can do it
better than me you pretty much do a low
ponytail and then separate the part of
the ponytail and pull the ponytail
through I know that sounds very
confusing but it’s not I promise
mine was a little messy but it’s okay
and I also pulled out some pieces in the
front to frame my face so then this
hairstyle is first of all just going to
be a high ponytail but this one’s a
little higher than the first one but
don’t worry it’s Segway segwaying into
something yeah so then I’m separating it
into two pieces and twisting the hairs
around each other and then I’m just
twisting it into a bun and I think this
looks really cool kind of like know just
like adds volume to the bun one of the
options for the buns but the next option
I’m obsessed with so here I’m just
braiding the ponytail the high ponytail
like so just a normal braid and then I
am twisting it into a bun like so and I
think this just creates like such a cool
effect to the bun I don’t know it just
like looks like you kind of put more
effort into it it kind of looks like
woven I’m done but I really like it so
then moving on to the next hairstyle I
am going to be taking that little piece
and sectioning it off and then braiding
my hair just into like a side braid and
then once I’ve done with that I’m going
to be braiding the little piece of hair
that I sectioned off just a normal braid
and then I’m going to be Bobby pinning
that to the back of my head
kind of hiding it you know with the
braid and I think this looks so cute
it’s like a small braid into a big braid
and I put some pieces out pulled some
pieces out so yeah I love that and then
another hairstyle you can do with the
little braid I already have bobby pinned
is just a ponytail and I think that also
looks really cute and simple so that’s
another hairstyle and guess what you get
another hairstyle from this if you
literally just put your hair down and
then have the braids bobby pin to the
back your head so you can’t see it I
think this one looks very elegant and
cool and yeah that was a last year stuff
so I hope you guys enjoyed this video
and if you did make sure to give it a
thumbs up and comment down below and
tell me what your favorite hairstyle was
because that would be cool to know if
you want to see more heatless hairstyles
or he did herself or any type of
hairstyles let me know it down below and
i’ll make sure to do those for you guys
so i love you guys to infinity and
beyond I mean it when I say it and I
hope you’re having a marvelous morning
afternoon or night and I’ll see you in
my next video deuces

ah should I cut my hair to a bob
what yeah

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