2 Easy Vintage Hairstyles | Hair Tutorial

Published on October 13, 2019

hello lovelies today I’m going to show
you two very quick and easy vintage
hairstyles and all that you will need is
a brush some hair elastics and lots of
bobby pins

so Harrell styles that I’m going to show
you today are actually two of my
absolute favorite go-to hairstyles and
I’m wearing those hairstyles when I’m
either too lazy to comb my hair or my
hair is already a little bit dirty or I
just don’t have enough time in the
morning they’re both perfect when you
have a little bit longer hair just like
me but I would say like the minimum that
you should have is like shoulder length
the please don’t count me on that I’m
not 100% sure I think you just try it
out and see if it works for you the
first hairstyle is this wonderful
version of a chignon there are many many
different ways to create a chignon but
today I’m going to show you my way that
Frank Sinatra reference basically
xinyong means that your hair is arranged
in a knot or a roll on the back of your
head if you look through photographs
movies or magazines from back then you
can definitely say that this xinyong has
been a very popular hairstyle for a very
long time has been worn in the 30s 40s
and 50s and many different variations
but all in all I think the chignon is a
very classy and timeless hairstyle and
perfect for your vintage inspired look
anyhow long story short I’m now going to
show you how to create a chignon
first of all you obviously need to brush
your hair nice and smooth
then you have to make a middle parting
but you can also make a side parting
whatever you prefer once that is done
you have to twist the front of the hair
and you basically just start at your
parting and then twist until you reach
your ear and then you have to pin it
down with a few bobby pins I’m always
using two or three of them and then you
just have to do the same thing for the
other side

now you have to gather all of your hair
together and make a low ponytail like so

what I’m also always doing is to pull a
little bit on my front twist so it gets
a little bit more volume

when you’re done with your ponytail you
have to divide it into strengths and
twist them around each other

and now we’re coming to the part that
can be very struggling sometimes and
that is to form the Shenyang on the back
of your head it’s very annoying
sometimes because there’s always some
hair sticking out but just try to secure
everything with as many bobby pins as
you need

once everything feels safe you are done
that is actually in so very quick and
easy to do you may have to practice it a
few times but once you got your way
through it it is a very nice everyday
hairstyle I think the second hairstyle
is the milkmaid braids I absolutely love
it they have been very popular back in
the 40s so if you’re going for an
authentic look they are perfect for you
why do I have a pen in my hand I don’t
know there are also a few different
versions but I would say like the
classic milkmaid braids is just with a
middle parting and the two braids on the
top of your head but I personally prefer
them with a slight boarding and that is
what I’m going to show you today first
of all he should do side parting or
middle parting whatever you like again
that is completely your choice
if you’re done with that we again are
going to twist the front sections of our
hair and pin them down with some bobby

after that you just have to divide your
hair into two strands and braid them

also braiding can be so exhausting
sometimes because it really takes a
while for me

once this is done you now have to put
both of the phrase at the top of your
head and I’m always swatting with one of
them pin them down with a bobby pin and
I take the other braid and just put it
in front of my first one and to hide it
at the end of my braid I just tuck it
under the other one
all you have to do is to just put as
many many many bobby pins in as you can
I always have like around 15 bobby pins
in there so that’s a lot because my hair
is very heavy and I just wanted to be
safe and then the milkmaid braids are
is all I wanted to show you guys for
today I really hope it was helpful if
you still have any questions for me just
let me know in the comments I’m always
happy if I can help you guys in general
if you have any recommendations please
comment down below I’m always reading
through all of your comments it really
helps me to know what you guys would
like to see because we are a community
and I’m not always doing the videos for
myself but also for you guys now I hope
you enjoyed this video if so give it a
thumbs up and subscribe I’m now a real
youtuber I wish you a nice rest of the
day and I will hopefully see you soon

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