2-Minute BUBBLE BUN Hairstyle | Easy Hairstyles for Medium Long Hair

Published on August 31, 2019

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hi guys i’m tina from mega wearables and

today i’m going to show you a quick way

to do a perfect band bun for people with

layers which basically means most of us

let’s start with putting our hair into a

high ponytail and then hairspray the top

and the bottom layer just to keep things

extra smooth now grab another elastic

band and make another ponytail few

inches below the main elastic making

sure you don’t go past your layers and

then toggle the sides to make it a

little wider

the purpose of the second ponytail was

to keep our short layers from sticking

out of the bun but even if you don’t

have layers you should do the step as it

will make the next step a little easier

to accomplish okay next step we’re going

to loosen up our elastic pants so we can

form an opening to pull our ponytail

through it make sure though that your

second ponytail does not go through it

as well

and then we tell on the size of a bun to

fan it out to create our bun so make

your bun as big or as small as you want

here one sets and then we’re going to

the ends in half and start wrapping it

around the elastic one by one to hide it

actually you can just take all the ends

and wrap it around the elastic at once

but I like doing it this way because it

just creates this intricate effect as if

you braided it

and that was it if you like this easy

hairstyle be sure to give this a like

subscribe and comment and I’ll see you

guys again very soon I love you guys bye

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2-Minute BUBBLE BUN Hairstyle - Easy Hairstyles for Medium Long Hair
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