2019 Spring and Summer DIY Hairstyles

Published on September 7, 2019

Chic and trendy hairstyle ideas you can do right at home! 2019 Spring and Summer DIY Hairstyles.

hey guys so welcome back to my channel

today’s video is all about 2019 spring

and summer DIY hairstyles looks and

styles that you can create at home


the first DIY hairstyle features a

simple classic ponytail ideal for the

warmer month she adds two twists in the

front so make the look more modern and

finishes things off with a sophisticated

black ribbon

the next DIY featured is a simple updo

hairstyle to create this look she

creates a flat twist from the front of

her strands until she reaches the back

she then pins the ends to make a small

bun she repeats on the other side of her

head and there you have it a simple yet

chic style for summer

di1 number three features a

sophisticated high bun to create this

style she starts with a back of her head

brining upwards in the form of Dutch

style braids she then loops all of her

hair into a semi loose high bun

dly number four features a fun half up

half down hairstyle this one is perfect

for prom or for any formal Vince that

you may have coming up to create the

style she separates her hair from the

top and the bottom and adds twist to the

top portion of her strands she then

wraps each twist within each other to

create a stylish uniform bun like

texture she finishes the look up by

curling the bottom portion of her

strands into playful soft curls

di while number 5 features a braided

crown hairstyle with a little something

extra she first separates her hair and

then stars braiding on the side once she

has two braids she then pins each braid

over to create a crown make sure to

fluff the braid out for fullness she

then adds in gold accessories for a

little something extra

dr.wily hairstyle 6 is similar to the

first style we’ve seen but features a

high ponytail instead of a low one to

create this look she uses eco styler gel

and a brush to slip down her hair while

adding two twists in the front

she then brushes all of her strands into

a high ponytail she finishes the look by

sleeping down her edges for a modern

everyday simple style

DIYs 7 & 8 are both by kyk hair the

first one features a style that’s very

trendy to french braids are added to the

hair with one going down each side curls

are then added at the bottom for a

spunky modern take

the second one by kyk features a

fishtail braid she sprays the hair with

holding spray and then brushes the hair

into a high ponytail

she then styles a fishtail braid all the

way to the ends a style ideal for hot

days on the beach

our last DIY hair side of the day

features an amazing updo this creative

hairstyle requires multiple mini rubber

bands the bands are placed throughout

the hair to create many ponytails each

ponytail is then carefully wrapped into

the next creating a gorgeous of do style

perfect for any event

all right guys thank you so much for

checking out this video I hope that you

enjoyed it be sure to subscribe for more

DIY hairstyles fashion hacks and more

and I’ll see you in the next one ciao


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2019 Spring and Summer DIY Hairstyles
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