3 Easy Boho PROM Hairstyles | Half Up Hairstyles Compilation 2019

Published on September 7, 2019
  • Hi everyone, I’m Mindy
    from Cute Girls Hairstyles

and today, I have saved you guys some work

because I have pulled my
three favorite down hairstyles

for prom or homecoming.

And I know if you guys are like our house,

you’re in the midst of crazy prom mania.

So let’s get to the tutorials.

The first one I pulled

is called the braided half up, you guys,

and this one’s simple.

It’s just taking two braids
and crossing them over,

laying them nice and flat and
pancaking them a little bit.

So this one’s very simple.

You could do it on a friend,
you can do it on yourself.

Now you guys can see that
I’ve started with some curls

in her hair.

Now I’m going to tease the top of her hair

’cause I want a lot of fullness in here.

And I have added a little bit
of volumizing dry shampoo,

just to give me a little more grit.

So I’m gonna take my teasing comb,

just go to the front of her hair,

and we’re gonna backcomb

in little sections.

Now when you’re backcombing,

just make sure you’re only going down,

don’t go up and down and up and down.

This will help the hair
from getting too knotted

and make it easier to undo later.

(gentle music)

Okay, when you’ve got the
tease where you want it,

I’m gonna flip her hair back,

right side over.

Figure out and put a little part line

right where I really want

that fishtail to go.

And I’m gonna try to make
sure that this is hidden

so it doesn’t matter to me
if it’s exactly straight.

Okay, and once you get
your section squared away,

this is what you want
really puffed and pouffed.

So we’re gonna just really softly

set it where we want it like this,

and then instead of going like this

and digging with your comb,

use the flat side of your comb

to just barely comb the
top layer of those hairs.

You just don’t wanna see
the teasing underneath,

but you don’t wanna pull
any of the teasing out

in the process.

(gentle music)

And you can decide whether
you want a braid right here

or a fishtail.

I’m going to do a braid.

And I’m gonna do a Dutch braid.

(gentle music)

And I just wanna braid it far enough

that it crosses over the bobby pins.

And then I’m gonna stop

and I’m gonna go back and pancake.

So I’m just gonna pull those outside edges

and just really stretch the braid.

Now when I can see that
I’ve got enough hair

to just barely cross
over those bobby pins,

then I wanna use an elastic and secure it.

I’ve already done this on the other side.

You can see the braid right here.

So then you just need to
tweak ’em a little bit

and see which one looks
better laying underneath,

and which looks better
laying over the top.

Now this is why I don’t like it too long

’cause I don’t like this end hanging clear

over here by her ear.

I like to just blend into the middle.

(marching dance music)

The second one you may
remember from last year

when Kamri wore it to prom,

and it’s called the boho bubble braids.

Now this one’s really easy.

All it requires is a few elastics

and then you just bubbling
the ponytails in between.

So definitely one you can
accomplish on your own.

So what I’ve done to start
is I curled her hair.

I just used a curling wand.

Now at the top,

I’m just gonna take my fingers
and grab two little sections.

And we’re gonna just make
a little bubble right here

using an elastic.

Now I’m gonna tighten the elastic down,

then I’m gonna pull the front of her hair

forward again like this.

So I’m adding fullness
and texture to the front.

Now I’m just gonna mimic
that on the opposite side.

Now is the easy part.

So you’re gonna take the ponytail

and you’re gonna backcomb through it.

And this is really rough.

You can see,

I’m just literally making
what looks like a mess

but it’s gonna be fine.

And then you take this

and just finger comb,

we don’t want any little sharks.

Just finger comb those pieces down.

But what that did was create a
bunch of texture in her hair.

Go down a couple of inches
from the first elastic

and secure it with the second elastic.

(upbeat music)

And then what you do is just pull.

Now we’re creating just a bubble,

your fluffy bubble shape in that elastic.

Do the same thing all the way down.

(upbeat music)

When you get to this point in the hair,

I wanted the ponytails to sit back,

just against her head.

I didn’t want ’em flopping forward.

So I just took a bobby pin
and secured them into place.

And then I took these
cute, little silver rings.

You can buy ’em at any hair supply store.

Typically, you see ’em
in like natural hair,

like Paisley’s type
hair, that’s really cute,

and they’re on their cornrows
or that type of stuff.

But since I had from around the house

and we thought her hairstyle
was so boho looking,

popping these little
things in just turned out.

I think it just gave it a
little voomph to her hairstyle.

Added a little accessory
to her prom dress.

The last one you guys,

in case you wanna feel like a
Disney princess on prom day,

I pulled the Disney
Princess Aurora hairstyle.

So this one’s like twisted

and we even put a little
baby’s-breath in her hair

when we did it,

so that it looked very
natural and very, very Aurora.

Now I’m gonna take this section of hair,

and this is what we’re gonna
use to make our twists.

So I’m going to separate
it into two pieces.

And I really want it
going in a diagonal look

down her head.

And I want it to be pretty soft.

So I’m not gonna twist it too tight,

especially right here at the front.

Secure ’em with an elastic.

And you can see,

Bailey’s got some layers
poppin’ out, that’s okay.

We’re gonna go back and
we’re gonna just take pieces,

like loops of our twist,
and go ahead and pull.

Now I’m gonna wrap it up and through.

And then I’m gonna do it
again, up and through.

And then what you can do is loosen that up

so that it covers that
hair tie altogether.

If you’re worried about
that coming undone,

you can always take a little bobby pin

and just go ahead and
stick it on the backside

of where you crossed that hair,

to just help hold things in place.

You can choose whether or
not to do this if you want

but we are gonna do it,

just to show you what it would look like.

So I’m gonna take some
little baby’s-breath.

I’ll start this side actually.

Just go ahead and randomly
place little sprigs.

Hope you guys love these as much I do.

Will you guys please do me a huge favor

and if you use any of
these styles for prom,

tag me with the hashtag

or @ me so that I can
find them on Pinterest

and reshare ’em with my audience,

’cause I love seeing

when you guys use our hairstyles for prom.

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Bye you guys.

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