3 Five Minute Back to School Hairstyles

Published on October 14, 2019

hese are three of our go to styles when we are in a hurry. I love rope braids because they are quick but so cute! Each of these styles took us about 5 minutes each. The second one is even faster. Of course the styles get quicker with practice! Perfect styles for school when we don’t have a lot of time to get ready! Let us know below if you want to see more styles that are quick like these!

welcome back to a chance to see Lindsay
from cheese graters we also have Lucy
you today we’re going to be doing three
quick styles that will be perfect for
we’re starting to get back-to-school
hairstyles ready as I know lots of kids
are going back soon and we are going to
be having a baby so we want to get lots
of easy styles in the back of our minds
that we can do quick and get out the
door right yeah Quincy is excited what
grade are you going to be going into all
right so before we get started with our
three styles don’t forget to give this
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over there shorter styles on Lucy as
well as longer styles on Quincy and I so
let’s get started

and they’ll start in the crown section
way adding a bit of water and spray gel
and brushing through the hair I will
link all the products that I use below

now we will take a diagonal one-inch
section and split this into two
cross the front piece over top of the
back piece and add a one-inch section of
hair to the new front piece cross over
top of the back piece and add hair to
the new flat piece smoothing each
section as you go
continue adding hair and crossing over
top of the back

this is also a brush that I like to use
to smooth out the hair if you’re having
hard to name getting it I will link that
brush below

be sure to hold your hands close to the
head and angle your hands where you want
the hair to go


when you reach an inch or two behind the
opposite ear take the remaining hair and
secure it with an elastic

thank you for style number two we will
start parallel to the part line in the
crown section take a one inch section of
hair across the entire crown and split
the hair into two with a smaller section
in the front and a bigger section in the
back cross over top of the back section
and then add a one-inch section of hair
to the new front piece smooth it out and
cross over top of the back

again add a one-inch section all the way
to the back of the crown and cross over
top of the back section add hair again
continuing to smooth as you go and we’ll
repeat those steps continuing to add
hair until you have graded the desire
amount amount section
now I like to take both strands and
twist each towards the front and cross
to the back and sometimes just before
you secure the hair with an elastic
secure with the elastic right next to
the last hair that you added in to keep
it nice and tight

first Aisle number three we will start
with style number two and then we’ll be
brushing your remaining hair up to this
side next to the end of the rope braid
add water and spray gel to team highways
first I spent this up for the secret
now we’ll be adding our signature messy
wrap the elastic around a few times
until it will be the last time that you
wrap it then split the ponytail into
curl the top half up and hold with your
fingers curl the bottom half down and
hold with your thumb now take the
remaining elastic and pull it over top
of those buns adjust the buns by pulling
on the ends of the hair now we will take
those ends and curl them around tucking
them back into the elastic and if the
hair is long like Quincy’s do they will
need to be pulled all the way through
and tucked in again
repeat with all of the ends
and if you need more help with our
signature messy bun we have another
tutorial but I will blow that slower and
idabelle and you’re done


throughout India next time bye bye

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