3 Hairstyles for School

Published on September 8, 2019

Hi loves!! Hope you liked these 3 hair looks!! I am so happy I got to share this amazing news with you all because it means so much to me. As always please let me know what other videos you guys want to see on my channel in the comments below! Love you !

hi guys so I’m going to go ahead and do

a hairstyle video for you guys and three

different looks pretty easy somewhat at

least and a time finally but because I

am in the morning I just don’t wanna do

too much with my hair so I like to do

look are very easy to do and practical

that’s what we’re practical I also have

a super duper duper exciting

announcement to make

drumroll for you I am the newest YouTube

ambassador for Pantene that’s right

that’s pretty crazy to say like Pantene

that’s insane

like it’s honestly such an honor to be

even considered for something like this

and to say that actually is happening is

pretty crazy and of course it’s all

thanks to you guys so I am so just like

in disbelief once I heard the news that

this is even a thing so I really want to

thank you guys though for all your

support obviously like I said not

possible without you guys so thank you

think using you so much and with that

being said I’m going to have a ton of

new hairstyles and hair tutorials on

their channel so be sure to check out

the Pantene Channel and subscribe I’ll

have all the info in the description so

be sure to check it out for more

hairstyle in the next year so yeah go

ahead and keep watching for these hair

looks alright so this first look is

actually a hair look I had featured

recently in an Instagram picture and

some of you asked how I do it so I’m

going to go ahead and include it in this

video for you guys

so first I’m applying be seriously sleek

serum by

canteen and this is just going to keep

my ends really just polished and smooth

and then I’m going ahead and just

putting up my hair in a ponytail and

this is really all you have to do all

you have to do is curl about

one-and-a-half inch sections of your


so I just repeated the process on the

rest of my hair and this is kind of the

last strand I’m curling and once I’ve

done all of that I’m just going to go

ahead and kind of separate this is all

it is is separating the ponytail in half

and putting half on each side like so

and all of you guys were saying like oh

my gosh you cut your hair

no I did it I just put up in a ponytail

and it just looks really sleek and it’s

kind of like your hair is down but also

up so I really like the way this looked

so for this next hair look I’m bringing

back my favorite braid of all time the

twist braid if you guys have watched my

heat lift wave hair tutorial this is the

twist braid that I use for my everyday

hair to get like really the really nice

beach waves so I am actually going to do

the twist braid author out my hair for

this really cute look so what I’m doing

here is I’m taking two sections of my

hair and I’m twisting it over and I’m

grabbing a section twisting it over so I

always have two sections of hair in my

hand so if you just watch closely you

can see that I’m grabbing a section

twisting it over grabbing another

section you want to kind of reach behind

to get all of your hair on that half of

your head and make sure that you keep it

really tight because if it’s too loose

it won’t stay put as well so I just

continue this until I reach the base of

my neck

once I’ve reached the base of my neck

the two sections of my hair are going to

be twisted towards my face so this one

happened twisting towards my face other

half pushing towards my face and then

I’m going to overlap them in the

opposite direction so it’ll naturally

just kind of intertwine if you let it be

so twist towards yourself twist towards

yourself and then overlap in the

opposite direction so I continue this

until I have kind of a long section of

my hair left I don’t much with it to the

end just because it gets really really

small and I also want to have enough

hair to twist around my hairband because

I like kind of covering the hairband

with my hair so you don’t see it and

then I continue the same exact process

on the other half of my hair all right

so this is the last look all it really

is is kind of a half updo with some

simple braiding so I’m starting off a

second day hair and just to make sure my

roots are volumize and clean her I’m

using the Pantene root reboot dry

shampoo and I’m just working this into

my roots and yeah so I’m going to go

ahead and just take a section on top of

my head and tightly braid it you want to

make sure that it’s really really tight

so that way it stays really taut against

your head I don’t know I use that word

but it works

once you’ve rated about 3/4 of this

section you’re going to want to just

pull apart the braid just to lighten a

little bit more so the detail of the

braid shows up more when you put it over

your head like so so this is kind of

what I’m doing with the other half of my

hair as well so I’m just going to ahead

and repeat the same process so I’m just

putting those braids on top of my head

and just grabbing some hair around it

just to tie up like so and that’s

basically it you want to pull it up a

little high and tight and then you can

curl your hair if you want to or just

leave it like I did but this is the

final look so thank you so much for

watching don’t forget to comment like

and subscribe for more videos also be

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how to get eight extra braided ponytail

and if you want to see more hairstyles

be sure to subscribe to the panting

channel because I’ll be doing a ton of

hairstyles like this one hope you’re

having a wonderful day bye

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3 Hairstyles for School
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