3-Minute Elegant SIDE BUN Hairstyle | EASY Summer Updo HAIRSTYLES

Published on August 28, 2019

Hair tutorial: how to do quick & easy, side bun hairstyles for everyday, prom & wedding. Two cute updo hairstyles for long or medium hair.

oh yeah we could fly so

to my channel I’m Tina from a guitar

wolf and today we’re going to create

another easy hairstyle to everyone do

the elegant side bun hairstyle the first

thing we’re gonna do is use some hair

wax or hairspray to give the hair some

more texture but if your hair is too

dirty then you should be using a dry

shampoo instead and then if you’re doing

this for a fancy occasion give the back

of your crown some light teething but if

you’re doing this for everyday then just

skip it I would say and now I’m going to

part my hair into four sections so you

guys can see exactly what I’m doing but

don’t bother making these sections at

home yourself to save time because once

you know what goes where you’ll be able

to do this without all the sectioning

what we’re going to do today is make a

loop by before wrapping four sections of

hair around it it’s really simple first

I’m going to section out the sides like

this and back up a crown as well

and we’re ghosts with the three sections

into for later but first we’re gonna

make a low bun

create your fun about here and you can

do any type of bun you like sock bun

donut bun messy bun any kind of bun

so grab somebody dosage if you have

curls you can also do a quick back

combing with your fingers to create a

soft teeth look before twisting your

pony into a low bun

oh yeah we could fast don’t try to

escape on yourself do a middle bun

because the twister turned us into a

side bun naturally

okay next we’re going to take the sides

and twist it lightly towards a bun and

if you like romantic hairstyles then

leave out some hair around your face for

this hairstyle we’re going to lightly

twist all the sections towards the

middle of our heads so just remember all

the sections are going to be twisted

towards the center and right before we

pin them up we’re going to tell them the

edges of the twist and make it more

voluminous okay

oh yeah we could fly so

now undo the top we’re going to put

these in half and also twist them

towards the bun leave out some hair on

your face is often a P up do or you can

put it all up if you want the classic

look and it’s important that you twist

these crown sections with the hair

pulled back already or you’re going to

end up with a weird bump so what I mean

by that is if you start twisting your

hair with your hands in front of your

face what’s going to end up happening is

by the time you pull the hair back

you’re going to end up with this weird

gap so pull the hair back and start

twisting you guys see myself part in the

back that’s okay because once you run

your fingers through it it’ll loosen up

it’ll disappear

oh yeah we could fly so

and as us

now we’re going to repeat on the other

side and again see me twist my hair with

my hair already pulled that don’t start

twisting from the front that’s what I’m

trying to say and in case you guys

didn’t catch this all my sections are

being crisscross so last round section

we’re going to wrap it clockwise and

right crown section you wrap it

counterclockwise oh yeah we could lasso

this Mar I said once your major basic

updo then you can go back and pull out

more pieces to make it even Messier I

personally wear it even messier than

this because I don’t do all the

sectioning I just put it all up I hope

you liked today’s super easy hairstyle

if you try be sure to share with me on


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for more compared to toriel’s and I’ll

see you guys again next week amazing

weekend everyone

I love you guys grab somebody dosage oh

don’t you

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3-Minute Elegant SIDE BUN Hairstyle ★ EASY Summer Updo HAIRSTYLES
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