4 Easy Prom and Wedding Hairstyles!

Published on September 10, 2019

Here are 4 easy prom and wedding hairstyles! These easy and simple hair styles for prom or wedding are great for girls with both long hair and short hair. Also, if you’re a wedding guest, a bridesmaid, or just have a formal occasion coming up, this prom/ bridal hair tutorial is for you! Let me know in the comments below which hairstyle was your favorite!

  • Hey, everyone.

Kayley, your friendly
neighborhood hair stylist here

and today we’re doing some
prom/wedding hairstyles.

(calm music)

Now, I almost didn’t even film this video

but this was requested so much

I decided to go ahead and do it

and this is meant to be a
whole bunch of very easy

DIYable hairstyles whether
you’re attending a wedding

or you’re a bridesmaid
or you’re going to prom

or any other number of things

that are coming up in the coming months.

Because it can totally be high stakes

to do your own hair for an event,

I wanted to make sure these
are really easy to follow

and will look pretty and
I feel like I nailed it.

I hope you guys agree

and I’m really excited to
show you the hairstyles.

So let’s get into it.

To start this hairstyle,
we’re gonna curl the hair.

I’m gonna prep my hair
with the OUAI Memory Mist.

This is heat protecting

but also helps your hair to
remember the style a lot better

and I do find that my
curls last better with it.

I did a whole review video
if you wanna see that.

Next, we’re going to section the hair

so that we can go pieces of hair at a time

and get every single
piece curled really well.

My gosh, am I ready for prom
in the early 2000s, late 90s?

I think so. To curl the
hair, what I’m going to do

is grab my one inch
Kristin Ess curling iron

and I’m going to start curling
the hair away from my face.

I’m going to clamp it onto the hair

and twist it up right at the root

then slide it out a little bit,

twist it back up till
I get back to the root,

slide it out, twist it back and so forth

until you have just
two inches left of hair

that hasn’t been curled

then you’re going to turn your iron

to completely face your
head and start pulling away

and as you do that,

the hair is going to unravel
from the curling iron

and you’re gonna be left
with just those ends clamped

and to finish them off,

you’re just going to drag
the iron over the end

and from that you get
a nice pretty deep wave

with a little bit more
of a loose modern end

but if you ever find that
it looks too straight,

you can go back in quickly
with your curling iron

and just twist it a little bit

and that will get you a
little bit more of a bend.

Now, if you have a curling wand,

the technique is a little bit different

but it’s still doable.

You’re going to take your hair
and wrap it around the wand

until it’s mostly heated up.

For me, that’s about five seconds.

I’m going to put the ends on the iron

for one to two seconds.

That’s going to kind of
curl them a little bit

but not as much as the rest of the hair

then you let everything off

and you have a very similar effect

to what we have with the clip

and if you ever find
that the curl at the end

is still too tight,

you can run your iron over it very quickly

and that will loosen it up

and make it a little bit more modern

and those are the two sides.

They don’t look exactly the same

but you get a kind of similar effect.

So whichever tool you have,

grab that and use that
to create these curls.

So now I’m gonna drop down the
next section and keep going.

Now, when I say to leave
the ends straighter

because it’s more modern,

I don’t mean leave four inches
of perfectly straight hair

at the end of the curls.

That’s not the look we’re going for.

All I’m really trying to do

is to keep us from going to
full ringlet all the way down.

The ringlet look is not as
modern, it’s not as cute

and so we wanna avoid that.

So the ways that I avoid that

are mostly just to put
less heat on the curls

as I’m going through

and make sure that they’re
not getting the same treatment

as the top of my hair is.

So those are two methods that you can use

to keep from getting the ringlet effect

all the way down your hair.

Also, pro tip, leaving the ends looser

makes your hair look longer.

And next section.

(calm music)

And now you’re gonna let
down the last section,

find your part and curl those pieces.

My advice around your face

is to keep the curls a little looser.

I find that looks a little
cooler and more modern.

Just my personal opinion but
everything else, curl away.

And we’re done.

Now, for most of these curls,

I did not touch them after
they came off the curling iron

so they would have a
chance to cool in place

and therefore set much better.

If you want more information on that,

I will link it in the I cards above

but now I’m gonna take my fingers

and run them through to break up the curls

because we don’t wanna
leave it in a ringlet form

and now these curls are in.

I already feel like they are so beautiful.

You could obviously just rock this.

I’m gonna add in some star accessories

because I’ve been loving them lately.

I’m going to take back
little pieces of hair

and pin them in place
with the star bobby pins

and once I’ve done that,
I’m gonna just add in

some extra ones for decoration
and my tip for making sure

that the bobby pin part
of this doesn’t show

is to put it in sideways

and then turn it upright
right at the last second.

That way, the mouth of the bobby pin

doesn’t skip up and over
the top of your hair.

It hides much more easily.

And that’s the finished hairstyle.

So essentially it’s just curling your hair

and adding in some accessories.

I think it’s really beautiful.

It will look good from every single angle

and it really doesn’t matter
if you’re good at hair or not.

You just curl stuff and
put the accessories in.

And now we’re gonna
move on to a half updo.

Now, I’ve been doing a little bit of hair

for weddings of friends and family

and I get this twisted half
updo requested all the time.

So I figured let’s show
you guys how to do it.

First things first, I’m going
to lightly tease sections

of the crown of my head to get
a little bit of extra volume

and then smooth over the top.

Now I’m going to make the twist

by taking a section of hair
from the front of my head,

splitting it into two

and wrapping the sections
away from my face

then every time I wrap the hair,

I’m going to pick up a new piece of hair,

put it into one of the
sections and then twist,

pick up a new piece of hair,

add it into one of the sections and twist

and continue doing that

until you reach the back of your head

then you’re gonna twist
just a couple more times

and hold your place with
a clip or a bobby pin

and now I’m gonna go back through that

and I’m going to bobby pin into the twist

until there’s a line of bobby
pins going through the twist.

This does two things.

First, it makes it stay
really really well.

Secondly, it’s gonna let you
pull the hair apart better

and get a fluffier twist without
a whole lot of extra work.

I’m going in and pulling
very gently on the twist

to open it up and make
it look a little fluffier

and a little more dramatic

then we’re gonna repeat the
same thing on the other side

taking the sections, wrapping them around

and feeding in hair as we go

and of course add in the
bobby pins and pull it apart

then I’m going to take one of the twists

and pin it against my head
with the bobby pin horizontal

so that it can be hidden easily

then I take the other twist
and pin it over top of that one

and that’s the hairstyle.

So this one is really easy to do

and it can be really
pretty at the same time

plus it works for a whole lot
of different hair lengths.

Now I think it’s time to
move on to a very pretty

and easy updo.

So to get started,

you’re going to separate your hair in half

and clip the top half out of the way.

For the bottom half of the hair,

you actually just need
a bend in your hair.

So if you don’t have waves yet,

do a quick lazy curl just enough
to get a bend in your hair

and then put it in a ponytail

and then you can let the top down

and this is where you put your energy

into curling your hair.

You want lots of little pieces

because we’re gonna sweep it
back and when we sweep it back,

they’re gonna loosen up a little bit.

So make it a little bit ringlety.

That’s the only time you’re
ever gonna hear me say that

and then you’re going to sweep it back.

You can have a part
when you do that or not,

totally up to you,

and you’re gonna keep it super duper loose

and then secure it with an elastic

on top of the elastic we already have

and then you can go in with
your thumb and your index finger

and loosen it up even more to
get more texture and volume.

This is actually a really
pretty textured ponytail

if you wanted to go that route

but let’s finish out the updo.

You’re going to braid the remaining hair

and once you get to the end of it,

grab a teeny tiny section at the bottom

and slide the rest of your hair up.

That’s gonna make the braid
super compact and bubbly

and then you’re going
to wrap that into a bun

and pin it in place.

From here, if you want,

you can pull apart and texturize again

but I would say go slowly just in case

and once I did that, I added
in some more star bobby pins

because I love them.

You could add in any kind
of thing that you want,

whatever goes with your
dress or just leave it plain.

Whatever you like.

And that’s the finished hairstyle.

It’s basically a braided bun
with some pro tips thrown in

to make it event appropriate

but it’s still easy and still
completely doable on your own

which is exactly what we’re going for.

Let’s finish off with a
seriously upgraded ponytail.

Anybody can curl their hair
and put it up into a ponytail

and it will look good but if
you wanna go from DIY ponytail

to snatched, here’s what you’re gonna do.

Oh and also, there’s a lot of tips, okay?

Don’t go oh, this is too hard
and click out of the video.

Just go okay, I’m only
gonna do two of them

instead of all of them.

You don’t have to do all a million tricks

that I’m gonna show you, okay?

Okay, let’s go.

First things first, do
your ponytail in two steps.

You all know this is
a favorite tip of mine

but it will change your life.

So I’m going to section my hair diagonally

from my ears up to just
about an inch or two

in front of where I
want the ponytail to sit

and I’m going to clip the
top half out of the way

and now I’m gonna get a little fancy.

I’m gonna add in this
Barefoot Blonde pony up piece.

This is basically a chunk
of hair on a seamless base

so it’s very, very thin,

almost undetectable
underneath your ponytail.

This is about as thick
as my ponytail is anyway

so it basically doubles
the size of my ponytail

and it’s 20 something inches long

so if your hair is shorter
than that, it adds length

and I’m just gonna clip that in

right on the part that I made
when I sectioned the hair

and now we continue on with the tutorial.

You’re going to brush up the hair

that is left down into your high ponytail

getting it as smooth as you can.

I recommend first going
in with a normal brush

to get all the pieces that you can.

Next, go in with a comb
or a boar bristle brush

to finesse everything and make
sure that every piece of hair

is going up and where it’s supposed to be

and you have no weird bumps.

I like doing the ponytail
in two steps like this

because it helps to
disperse the weight better,

it helps make sure it’s
not sagging in the back

and it’s a lot more manageable
so you have a better chance

of getting all the hair
really sleeked into place.

For my next trick, you’ve
heard of baking your makeup.

Have you heard of baking your hairspray?

That sounds really scary.

I promise it’s not.

Okay, what we’re gonna do, get
the ponytail out of the way.

You’re gonna take some firm hold hairspray

and you’re gonna spray all over the back

using your hand to sweep up baby hairs

to make sure they are where
they’re supposed to be

and then you grab your hair dryer

and you heat up the hairspray.

Essentially, this just
activates it a little bit more,

softens it and then when
you take the heat away,

it cools into place and
it’s going to stay there.

Do you think pop stars
just don’t have baby hairs?

Girl, they do but they’ve
been baked into place.

Do as they do.

And now we’re gonna let down the top

and brush it back, comb it back

and secure it in place
around the first ponytail.

For the baby hairs on top,
guess what we’re gonna do?

Yes, girl, we’re gonna
hit it with hairspray

and then hit that hairspray
with the hair dryer.

From here, you can touch up
your curls if you need to.

For me, I’m liking the way they look

so I’m just gonna go ahead

and wrap some hair around
the base of my ponytail.

I’m gonna take a section of hair

and then I’m gonna use
my hairspray trick again

to set it in place.

I’m sure you wanna know
if baking your hairspray

is bad for your hair.

It’s not like putting a flat iron

or a curling iron on top
of hairspray by any means.

It’s just a little warmer
than your body temperature.

It’s just warming it up
slightly and letting it cool

which activates the hairspray
more than it can on its own.

So really the bigger concern
isn’t so much using heat

as it is getting that activated hairspray

back out of your hair successfully.

So to do that, I recommend
using a detangling brush

and a gentle touch.

You don’t wanna rip through your hair

’cause that could cause extra breakage

and I recommend shampooing
very thoroughly,

maybe shampooing twice to
get the extra hairspray out

and as long as you do that,
I think it’s totally fine.

I don’t think it’s an
extra strain on your hair

more than using hairspray is on its own.

Another celebrity secret
that I utilize all the time

is shadowing your root

which basically means
using either a brow powder

or an actually designated hair powder

to fill in any sparse
areas in your hairline.

I actually already have some of that in.

I’m gonna add just a little bit more

so you guys can see
what I’m talking about.

I feel like it frames my face really well

so it’s something I
particularly like doing

but obviously it’s not something
you actually have to do

for your hair.

So from here, you can actually be done

but I kinda wanna see

if I can get my ponytail more voluminous.

Let’s try it.

If you want some more volume and lift

which might look extreme in this ponytail

but if you’re dealing with less hair

than I have in right
now, could be helpful.

You can hold your ponytail fully up

and then backcomb all
the way from tip to root

with the brush in kind of
this big paddling motion.

I’ve seen Justine Marjan do that

and she is the queen of
giving Khloe Kardashian

the biggest ponytails ever

so I’m like if it’s good enough for her,

it is good enough for me.

Oh yes.

It comes together finally
once you smooth over the top

and you can see that you have
all the volume in the world.

If you do have finer hair,
this can be a lifesaver

in creating a bigger, fluffier ponytail

and there is your
snatched ponytail option.

Now, you could follow these
steps with straight hair

for a sleek look.

You could do classic waves
for a more classic look

but I personally am loving
the volume and texture.

So I hope that you guys enjoyed it.

If you did, don’t forget to hit
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I hope that you guys enjoyed it

and I’ll see you in my next one.



Thank you, next.

Thank you, next.

Thank you, next.

I don’t wanna take it out.

I just wanna live like this
forever ’cause I’d miss you babe

and I don’t wanna miss a thing.


Are you kidding me?

I’m not holding it up,
it’s doing that on its own.

What the actual?

Well, I and my hair have
recovered, praise be.

Peace out, cub scouts.

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