4 Easy, Quick, and Pretty Hairstyles for Long Hair

Published on August 23, 2019

Hey guys, today I have a tutorial for you on 4 easy, quick, and pretty hairstyles for long hair! You can accomplish these on short hair, medium hair, or long hair. These hairstyles are very simple and quick. Perfect for some one getting ready for school. What is your favorite back to school hairstyle?

hey guys welcome back to my channel I

hope you’re all having an awesome day so


today’s video is my hairstyles for a

long hair video I’ve been noticing a

couple requests to do one so here it is

I do have a long hair it is thin it goes

how about my ribcage I’ll stand up and

show you guys just so you can see where

we’re about um so these are just the

four of my favorite hairstyles to keep

my long hair out of my face because

sometimes I just want to take a razor to

it and shave it all off because it does

get annoying sometimes but at the end of

the day I do love my long hair if you

want to see how I keep my hair out of my


and keep cute then just keep watching

the first hairstyle I’m doing is a

waterfall braid so I’ve got my hair

parted to one side I’m grabbing a big

chunk and dividing it into three

sections I’m going to start a normal

braid top over the middle and then the

bottom over the middle and now what’s

interesting is you’re going to keep the

bottom part out of the braid so what I’m

going to do next is get a section of

hair from the top and I’m adding that to

the top section that I have right now so

I’m still left with two and now to get

the bottom section of the braid I’m just

picking up a piece of hair right

underneath the one that we dropped and

then the top section goes over the

middle as well as the bottom and now

we’re dropping the new bottom section so

now I’m adding a new piece of hair to

the top half of that braid and then I’m

getting my lower third section of hair

to create the next braid top over middle

and then bottom over middle and we’re

going to drop that piece and keep on

repeating until we run out of room I’m

going to do a couple more of those or I

think just one and then I’m fastening

that braid with a bobby pin you can use

a little small elastic stretchy band if

you would like I just had bobby pins

closer to me and I didn’t want my hair

to get in a little tangling mess

so that does it for the waterfall braid

I hope you guys liked that one now I’m

just brushing out my hair making sure I

have no knots in it this is kind of

going to be a low updo so now I’m

brushing my hair back starting to form

like a low ponytail this is just going

to help make sure that there are no

bumps or anything that’s going to mess

up this look you’re going to make sure

you want to do it to both sides and then

also brush down straight back on the

back of your head and then smooth it

down with your hands make sure there is

no bumps at all and then just put the

ponytail you were going to tie that up

and then I’ll show you a little trick so

right when I get that fastened I’m going

to pull down on my ponytail and loosen

it just a little bit and now I’m going

to kind of section out my hair or at

least divide my ponytail in half and

once I have a little opening or a small

hole that looks like this you don’t

really want to go too much bigger you’re

going to flip your ponytail up and in

through that hole and twist it around

back to its original spot like it is and

then once you’ve got it through you’re

going to tighten just a little bit and

then start to kind of pull apart those

little twists that we have you don’t

want to pull out too much just so it

doesn’t affect the front of your hair or

your part and then you’re going to

smooth out that opening a little bit and

pull it tight can take it one more time

smooth it out and that’s pretty much the

finished look for the back of that one

it’s cute it’s curly it’s got a little

twist and it’s not just a ponytail I did

not tease my hair I just have a big head

just pointing that out so if you want to

tease your hair go ahead and do that

it’s the same thing and now I am moving

on to a low ponytail without a part

which is a request from one of my

subscribers I’m just brushing my hair

back making sure I have no part and I’m

brushing my hair into a ponytail and I’m

just holding that hair with my hand and

the brushing really does help with

getting out knots as well as making

everything super smooth so once I have a

smooth looking ponytail I’m just going


tie it up and then I’m going to turn

around and kind of lay down my little

baby hairs a little bit I’m pretty much

just going to be gelling them back all I

have to use for that is clear mascara

I’m using the one from Maybelline which

is a really good buy if you don’t want

to do hairspray because sometimes

hairspray can affect the look and I

wanted mine to look really natural and

then I took my hair out of the ponytail

holding it in the hand and now I’m kind

of blending those little baby hairs with

my other hair and that is the finished

look for this and now on to the look you

saw in the intro I just parted my hair

down the middle I’m making sure there is

no part I don’t know what that face was

in the back of my head because we want

the back of that really smooth I’m

grabbing two even chunks of hair you can

honestly braid it fishtail it do

whatever you want leave it plain I’m

doing little twisties on mine just like

that and then I’m just fastening them at

the back of my head with two bobby pins

and that’s the finished look for that

and again I did not tease my hair I just

have a big head alright so this is the

end of my four mini hairstyle tutorials

these are just the 4 most easiest

quickest most effective ways that I keep

my hair out of my face without just

throwing it in a big bun because I do

like to wear my hair down I find that it

Slim’s my face so um these are just some

ways to keep yourself from shaving off

all that beautiful long hair I really

hope you guys enjoyed this don’t forget

to subscribe it before you leave and I

will see you guys in my next video bye

guys hey guys welcome back to my channel

today’s video I’m super excited about

this is my reveal and kind of product

review on the two secret products that

I’ve been using recently for the past

month or so

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4 Easy, Quick, and Pretty Hairstyles for Long Hair
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