4+ Easy Vintage Hairstyles for Long Hair

Published on September 2, 2019

Sharing my easy busy girl, aka lazy gal, vintage hairstyles! They’re very simple to create, and are especially handy when you are in a rush to get out the door!

Charlie you look like a Twinkie over

there I just want to eat him up he looks

like a little edible Twinkie with a dog

head sticking out of him

hi hey hey guys it’s Vicky welcome back

today I’m gonna be showing you guys how

I do my easy easy vintage inspired

hairstyles for a lazy girl like me I as

a working woman dog mom of two and wife

don’t always realistically speaking have

the time so I’m gonna be showing you

guys the vintage hairstyles that I

usually go for when I’m going to work or

I’m in a rush and just simply don’t have

time to get my hair all bootiful and

perfect these hair stars hair stars

these hair stars these hairstyles are

primarily for girls with long hair like

me I’m not ready to cut my hair in a

shorter more traditional forties fifties

hair style I like my long hair long hair

allows me to be versatile oh so yeah if

you have short medium hair some of these

hairstyles might also still be for you

so I encourage you to stay and watch

alone for today’s video I’m gonna curl

my hair a little bit so I use my curling

wand here and I’m just gonna go in

really quick I don’t take a lot of time

either when I do this but I just go in

and I define the curls really quickly

I’ll do that like on a Sunday night and

it helps those curls stay more defined

and nicer looking throughout the week

although I prefer not to always curl it

because that can also be very damaging

alright so now that my hair is a little

bit more curled and more defined now

it’s ready for me to do my hairstyles

for the rest of the week alright so

starting with my first easy go-to

hairstyle the faux bangs which are easy

to do but very versatile to get this

hairstyle I start by parting my hair to

the side

I usually part it by where the arch of

my eyebrow is at and then I take that

strip of hair about two to three inches

wide and comb it through to make sure

there are no tangles in there to make

sure it’s manageable easy to work with

and the hair stays in place I take a

little bit of mousse this is my coconut

curls OGX

hair mousse and I like

because it’s not too harsh I don’t want

my hair to be super stiff with this

hairstyle and I just apply it on and

then I start rolling I start rolling

that strip of hair in pulling out as I

see needed to form those fake bangs I

really like this cuz it almost kind of

looks like sites what bumper bangs and

if you don’t have bangs it’s great

because now you can have them without

any commitments perfect for people with

commitment issues like me at least when

it comes to hair and then as you can see

here I am pinning them to the side with

bobby pins I do my best to hide the

bobby pins but I’m not gonna lie this is

not always perfect hiding bobby pins is

not one of my strengths you can totally

be done and simply wear your hair like

this I think it looks really cute it’s

simple but still adorable but you can

also take a bandana and tie it around

your head that is how I prefer to wear

this hairstyle so I just take my little

bandana roll it up and then tie it

around my head and bonus to the bonus I

also like to pin the sides up to make it

kind of a half-up half-down do so I

twist the sides and pin them in with

bobby pins and that is it very easy but

a very versatile and do a lot of things

with these faux bangs even put them up

in a ponytail up next is my front roly

poly victory Roly

just kidding it’s not called that Binks

I’ll be here all night it’s kind of like

a victory roll but it’s not because it’s

not I guess the proper way to do it it’s

just the easy fast I have to go to work

wait so what I typically do for this is

again part it to the side the same way I

do for the faux bangs apply my bit of

mousse and then start rolling wrapping

it around my fingers rolling in you can

also roll this out words instead of in

but that’s just my preference I like the


what I do is I twist it out the way you

see here to reveal the little cute roll

and then I start pinning it in with

bobby pins doing my very best to hide

them and also get any flyaway hairs that

may not want to be cooperative and you

can end there many

I wear it just like this however I also

love wearing this hairstyle up in a

ponytail and adding a ribbon to the top

I feel like it gives it that extra kind

of school girly vibe the next hairstyle

is so simple I almost don’t want to show

it but it’s the truth it’s one of my

number one go-to hairstyles it’s my oh

my gosh I have a meeting in 15 minutes

and I’m not even ready hair I start off

by parting my hair in the same way I’ve

done previously for the other hairstyles

I really like to part my hair to the

side and then I take the strip of hair

and I start rolling it out instead of in

this time I’m rolling out and then I

just pin it back into the rest of my

hair literally that’s all that I do and

I add a ribbon to add some extra Flair

to make it look like I’m trying a little

bit more I like this look in particular

because I can add different ribbons of

different colors to spice things up when

I don’t have the energy and I’m just

being lazy and really it’s also all

about how you dress these what you wear

is also gonna make a really big

difference and helping these styles pass

off as vintage but here’s another little

bonus for you within this hairstyle

another easy trick to take it to the

next level is pending it up to create a

half-up half-down do but instead of

rolling it to the sides this time I’m

pushing it all back and up to create

almost kind of a 60s hair style and I’m

pinning it all to the back like you can

see here if the bump on your hair is not

cooperating or looking as nice an easy

way to fix it is to just pin hairs into

place hiding the bobby pins into your

hair it’s easier than going back in and

brushing and just spending a lot of time

on this

and for the final hairstyle it’s my

milkmaid braids with a vintage twist for

this one I start by parting my hair down

the middle like from the top of my head

down then I take a small section at the

front of my hair which I’ve parted to

the side and I tie it down and separate

it from the rest of the hair next I

brush through all of my hair to make

sure there are no tangles and of course

you can do all of this before you start

partying your hair I just find it easier

to do it now and after that you start

braiding to beautiful braids one on each

side of your head make sure these are

very tight especially at the base of

your head and while I’m working on one I

like to secure the other with a bobby

pin to make sure it doesn’t get loose

for the next step you are going to take

your braids and twist it at the base

like I just did here and then you are

going to pin the end of your braid into

the other side of your head and add a

bobby pins all over make sure to add a

lot of bobby pins if you have extra long

hair like mine so the braids don’t fall

out of place especially if your hair is

a really thick and heavy now for that

strip of hair hanging at the front of

your face you can pin that back for a

more classic milk braid but I like to

actually roll it in with my famous

roly-poly vintage Rolly that I am

branding as Jake I didn’t invent this so

I’m just gonna take it and roll it in

and then pin it in like I did for the

other hairstyle and then there you go

yet done and that’s it my friends these

are my really really real true vintage

hair styles that I do every day super

easy to make I don’t spend a lot of time

don’t use a lot of products just really

a lot of bobby pins but what’s a vintage

hairstyle without a bobby pin or 100

even though it’s simple and not too much

hopefully you guys learned something and

found it helpful and helps you guys get

super cute vintage looking hairstyles

that take you no more than like a few


if you like this video like this video

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would you guys make this place like

worth making videos setting you guys a

really really big virtual hug wherever

you are in the world and I’ll see you

guys next time bye

the cocaine TMI for YouTube sorry bye

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4+ Easy Vintage Hairstyles for Long Hair
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