Published on September 6, 2019

Hey everyone! Today’s video is all about 4 easy beginners-friendly back to school heatless hairstyles! I really hope you like the video! Let me know which hairstyle is your favourite!

hi everyone so today I’m going to show

you four super easy heatless hairstyles

which we perfect for school or a skit in

a rush so really if you enjoy it and

let’s get to it

so for the first test all you want to

start by brushing your hair to make sure

there are no knots or tangles to add

some volume to my hair I’m just grabbing

your section of hair at the crown of my

head and back combing it so you just

want to really gently push the comb down

against the root of the hair as long as

you’re gentle and don’t back comb your

hair too often it shouldn’t damage your

hair at all next I’m gathering all of my

hair back into a pony tail position at

the top of my head

then I’m just pulling my hair through

the band halfway then grabbing the end

of the ponytail and twisting it inside

I’m going to pay the clip a few times so

you can see exactly what I’m doing

because it’s quite hard to explain

Oh slow-mo how edgy I should have put

some intense music with this so once the

hair is in the fun I’m just pulling out

to loosen it and I’m pulling at the

actual berm to make it bigger and then

just taking some hair grips and gripping

the bun into the position I want it to

be in now I’m just pulling out some

strands of hair around the front of my

face as I just prefer it like this as it

gives it a Messier look which I love and

then that’s it

the second hairstyle is super easy but I

really love the result so first I’m

making sure I have a straight neat

middle passing by using my comb and

dragging it up from my nose to find the

center of my face next I’m taking a

large section of hair to front to my

face on one side and I’m just starting

to backcomb it gently against add more

volume to it and then I’m doing the same

thing on the other side now I’m picking

up a section of hair at the side and

creating a little pouf and then gripping

it in place again I’m doing the exact

same thing on the opposite side of my

head I’m also just pulling out some

pieces to frame my face again and make

it look a little bit Messier and then

that’s the second look for this third

hairstyle and taking sections of hair

the crowd of my head again and gently

back combing it by pushing the comb down

against the root as you can tell I like

to add a bit of volume to my hair by

back combing was long ago gentle it

won’t down to hassle

next I’m just coming over the top of

what I’ve just done to make it look a

little bit neater then you just want to

gather the hair back and create a large

poof and then grip it in place I’m just

going in with my camera again to just

flip up the sides and then that’s the

third hairstyle and finally for this

fourth look I’m just brushing through my

hair again to make sure it’s nice and

smooth and taking a large section of

hair at the front of my face I’m combing

it backwards and adding a little volume

again by gently back combing it I must

have said the word gently about 20 times

now so I’m sorry

then I’m gathering the hair together in

a ponytail position at the top of my

head it’s best to use a clear elastic

for this and I’m just pulling the hair

through and to sing the hair inside it

again I’ll play this because a few times

you can see how I do it better

so next you just want to put the hair in

the bun to make it bigger and grip it

into the position you like with some

hair grips I’m pulling a few pieces of

hair around the front to my face again

and making the sides more voluminous and

then that’s it I really hope you enjoyed

this video let me know if you try any of

these hairstyles out and yet have an

amazing day and I’ll speak to you all

again very very soon bye

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