40s Brush Out On Long Hair | Tutorial

Published on September 10, 2019

I’m going to show you how to do an authentic-looking 40s brush out. The iconic hairstyle you see in all the photos from back in the day! My hair is a bit longer than the typical 40s cut though, so I’ll have to work around that. I’m also going to cheat a bit and use a curling iron to speed up the pin curling process. Enjoy!

hey guys today I am going to show you

how to do a typical 40s brush out

hairstyle the typical iconic forties

waves and I’m going to show you how to

do it on longer hair and I’m going to

use a little bit of a cheat method and

use a curling iron instead of your

traditional set of pincurls assess your

rest overnight so you can see the

finished result on my hair right now and

to learn this I watched a YouTube video

by a lovely lady here on YouTube I will

put the links to her videos in the

description kind of how I taught myself

how to do for you brush out but I am

going to use a little bit of a different

method today but it’s just a little bit

quicker a little bit less authentic to

be honest but still gives a really nice

result and I have a little bit longer

hair than your typical for these

haircuts who we have been so if you want

to know how to do this then definitely

keep on watching I am going to begin by

sectioning my hair properly so I want to

make a quite deep side parting like this

comb liner to the side and then I am

going to make another parting from here

going all the way down to my ear same

thing on this side

and now all the hands I have in the back

I’m just going to clip away for now

we’re going to start working on sauce

just this side of the way and now I’m

going to continue sectioning I’m going

to make sections around this white all

the way down to my fear and then I’m

going to just in the back for now and

then come back to work on those later


and now since my hair is pretty thin

this one I’m just going to leave as one

so that I get at least somewhat

substantial curl so moving on I am going

to use this heat activated setting spray

and this is going to make sure my hair

sets into a good curl that will hold so

I am going to spray my hair with this

spritz it and now is the part where I

start to cheat because I’m going to use

a curling iron this is just a lot

quicker than setting your hair and pin

curls overnight or under one of those

kind of hairdryer things which I don’t

need to have by the way so this is just

a lot easier for me so I’m going to take

a 19 millimeter curling iron here and

you post quite a small one for pin curls

so what I’m going to do with this is

curl my hair towards my face like that

and now I’m curling my hair and

activating the setting lotion so then

I’m going to slide the iron out of my

hair and I’m going to pinch the curl

like that and I am going to bend into my

head like a pink girl like that for it

so it’s time to take the next section of

hair and this section I’m going to

divide into few and make two pink girl

benefits starting with the back wall


all right so now the front one now of

course I do have fangs so I’m going to

have to make a little bit more of an

effort to incorporate those into my curl

but I’m pretty sure it’s doable all

right so this is why I’m going to

continue doing with these two seconds as

well and then I’ll be back oh this

section is done now so I’m going to move

on to the other side and I’m going to do

the exact same thing so start by

sectioning everything off again clean

wide sections of courses on the side

yeah I think I’m just going to do two so

everything else is exactly the same I’m

even going to curl my hair in the same

direction so this time I’m going to curl

away from my face Roberts to Ward 6 in

fact I’m going to curl all of my hair in

the same direction so all the back of my

hair things you curl in this direction

as well and that’s just really going to

help later when we do the brochure fros

is done so now I’m going to move on to

the back of my hair I’m going to let

that all this hair and I’m going to do

the exact same thing I’m going to work

in rows on the back of my head so I’m

going to start here and just work my way

down and I’m going to curl my hair pinch

the girls spin it to my head and leave

it to set like stuff oh and this time

I’m going to work from the top down just

a little bit easier and with the first

few curls if you make you’ll want to

make sure that you don’t go all the way

to your roots you want to leave a couple

of centimetres where you start your crew

all right people thank you spin it right


right on to the next one


all of my hair is now pink curled it

took a while I’ll be honest this is

about something if you quickly but still

the curling iron should save you some

time so I’m having to wait for as long

as I can to allow this to cool down and

completely set into these curls I think

I’m going to take an hour too many if

you don’t have that much time then at

least wait until everything is

completely cooled down you give it at

least 15 or 30 minutes again the longer

the better so I’m going to allow this to

set for a little bit and then I will be

back sure the rest of the hairstyle it

has been a while since I last checked in

so it is last time to move on to the

actual brush out so I’m going to start

by removing my pin curls and learning

everything down and hoping it has that

now that what sorry

I just going to start on the bottom and

work my way up that’s just the easiest

way to do this


all right so it’s looking good so far

this is how we wanted to look and I am

very happy to see my hair is gone quite

a lot shorter through the cooling

process so now I am going to take a very

dense brush I’m using my boards over

here and I am going to start brushing my

hair out and the first step is to just

make everything combined together so I’m

going to brush the back part so

everything is behind my poor thing just

keep back like that smooth it out


and here we’re recording it I’m going to

brush sideways

let me just brush everything together

maybe this is a little bit easier if you

run your fingers through your hair first

you separate the comb little bit for you

start brushing them okay so my ultimate

goal now is to make all of my hair

combine together into one big curl and

this is just going to take a lot of

brushing a lot of manipulating the curls

and trying to get them to stick together

so let me just take my front section


I’m very glad my bangs have incorporated

into this my three


so my hair is a little bit longer than

your typical forties haircut would have

been so I think you take a little bit

more work for you to make all of my hair

turn under really likes me but I’m going

to try and make this work anyway I won’t

a Felicia all right so as you can see we

are definitely getting somewhere I’m

thinking now I should have girls this

bit towards the outside rather than

towards the inside I think that was a

mistake but other than that the brushing

is working so what really helps is to

kind of gradually move your hands down

and you keep brushing this and that way

you kind of get those ways with that

lower bit turn a work the back of my

hair has combined nicely and screeching

screech it a little bit more



okay I am quite happy with the way it is

looking now like I mentioned it’s a

little bit longer than the typical

forties hairstyle and I am definitely

sure should curl face outward but other

than that I am happy so I’m going to

take a comb not calling comb wealthy and

I am just going to use that to clip back

this side of my hair so I am just going

to push it in and right here behind my


and this is something that will have

done a lot back then and then I’m just

going to take some hairspray bring

everything down make sure it doesn’t go


make sure to spray underneath the Hara

smells really important for that herbal

that was just spend so much time and

effort brushing under and there it is I

am very happy to say we have

successfully recreated a 45 file on

longer hair using a curling iron no

overnight waiting for hours and hours

hours so yes I am very happy let’s take

a look at the finished results a little

more time


so do let me know what you think I know

some of you guys are which my videos are

complete expert on StoryCorps exiling so

if you have any tips for me other than

the crowing thing to let me know in the

comments so I will be able to improve

and maybe get back to you later with

more 40 brush out hair tutorials I will

thank you so much for watching if you

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next video bye

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