5 EASY DIY Back-to-School Hairstyles!

Published on September 6, 2019

Today I’m going to be showing y’all 5 of my favorite EASY hairstyles that are perfect for school! I wear these hairstyles all the time, and I always get asked at school about how I do them! Which hairstyle is your favorite??

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Recently, I’ve heard a
lot of y’all like, ask me

how I do my hair, which is funny

because I’m like the person in my family

who knows how to do the least hair,

but as I was growing up,

obviously my mom was doing my
hair a lot when I was little,

so I picked up on how to do a few things.

Today I’m going to teach
you how do I do like

my classic hair styles,

and some of these, as I’m looking at like

the ones that I picked out,

I still have long hair,

so that could change it a little bit,

but not really sure.

And also, all the ones I’m
going to be doing today,

I’m going to be showing
you on straight hair

just because I don’t want to straighten it

and then curl it.

And that’d just be a mess.

This isn’t my natural hair.

I did straighten it a little bit.

Okay, so I’m just going to
start with like a middle part.

Pretty basic, I guess.

I use the same technique
like over and over again.

I call it like a French twist.

I’m not really sure if
that’s the name for it.

I don’t have a name for
any of these hairstyles,

by the way, so this is just hairstyle #1.

We’re just going to start
on one side of the head.

You’re just going to start with
like a small piece in front,

like this, and pretty much,
you’re just going to need

to take another piece and just twist them.

So it’s pretty basic, and
then you have one piece

on bottom, and that’s the one

that you’re going to add more hair into.

So you can see.

You always have one piece on bottom,

and you just add hair to that one.

And then you just keep going
for however long you want.

Now, I know my mom has
like a trick for like

how to get your twist to stay twisted.

I’m not really sure what that trick is.

It’s got like some twisting
like within twisting,

like this or something.

See, I just twist it
and hope for the best.

I twist it like a lot more

cause I know it’s going to loosen up,

but I almost like it looser.

Okay, so I’m going to
leave it about like there,

and then I’m just going to rubber band it.

All right, so obviously when I let go,

it’s going to come undone a little bit,

but you see how it just
made it like looser.

That’s kind of what I wanted.

And then I’m just pretty
much going to like pancake it

here and there.

If you don’t know what
pancaking is, you’re pretty much

just like pulling pieces of it.

And it’s especially important
to do that like up here,

because we want it looking really loose.

And then we’re going to do the
same thing on the other side.

And that is pretty much the
extent of that hairstyle.

So this actually, this kind
of like technique is the base

for most of these hairstyles.

So you’re going to start

the same way that we did the other one,

except for you’re just
going to keep twisting

and picking up hair until you’re like

further back on the head.

And it actually works a little bit better

if you try to bring it back up higher.

I try to bring it back
towards the middle of my head.

That works a little bit better.

So pretty much all I did
is the same technique,

and then I just brought it
back a little bit further,

and then I just kind of like twisted it,

just kind of like whatever.

This is how I do my messy buns.

I literally just kind of like
throw it together, like that.

And then I just rubber band it and pin it.

That’s my technique,
if you were wondering.

There is no technique.

So that’s like my base bun.

(gasps) Cause it’s like a space bun.


That was a pun, and I didn’t
even mean to make that.

And then I pretty much just
take pins and just make sure

that it’s like secure,

and anything that’s like
popping out weird I fix.

If I can get a pretty solid
bun out of just a rubber band,

I’ll try to do that.

Honestly, it doesn’t have to
be perfect for this hairstyle,

which is good, cause a lot of times

I can’t make really good buns, so.

And then you do the same
exact thing on the other side.

Also, the good thing
about these hairstyles

is that they take, like, zero time.

Like as you can see,

I’m literally just turning
the other one into this

in like less than three minutes.

So that’s pretty nice,
because they’re great for like

before school, or even at school.

I’ve done most of these
hairstyles like in class.

In first period class.

Like, I’m like, oh shoot, I
forgot to do my hair again.

Do that right now.

Once you get this twisting technique down,

you only have to look
in the mirror to get it,

to like do it again.

So this is pretty much the
end for this hairstyle.

See, for this one I didn’t even really,

I might pin like that,

cause it’s a little weird,

but you really don’t have to use pins.

That’s how you do this hairstyle.

Pretty basic.

Pretty simple.

So, the other one that I have on this list

is the same exact thing again,
but instead of two buns,

I pulled it into one.

See, I’m telling you, like,

you really think my hair looks good,

I don’t know why, because
I just throw it together

in like five minutes.

Okay, so literally for this next one,

I’m just going to take the two
twists that we already had.

I mean, they’re not even
twisted all the way.

But you’re just taking the ends of ’em,

and I just group them together
again, and rubber band it.

So this hairstyle I
believe looks like Belle’s

from Beauty and the Beast.

Okay, so that’s pretty much
the extent of that hairstyle,

except for it doesn’t really
look like I pancaked it

in this picture, but you can

pull these out a little bit more,

depending on how fancy
you want it to look.

Now, I’m going to move
on to, what is that?

What am I even doing then?

That’s probably one that
I just like threw it

into a ponytail, and I called it a day.

Okay, it looks like on that one,

I did something a little bit
fancier than a normal ponytail.

If you know a video that it’s
from, comment down below,

because I don’t even know.

I think I started doing the bump first,

which is a little bit different,

because normally you just
kind of like pull it forward

once you’re done with the ponytail.

Mine does not stay like that ever.

So fun fact, I actually have

the like thinnest hair in my family.

And since it is naturally straight,

like this is pretty much my natural hair,

it never really stays in
braids or anything like that,

and it’s literally been
like that my entire life.

So, I have to like, literally hairspray it

to stay in anything all day long.

Or I have to do hacks like this,

where I start with a little section first,

just going to comb it back,

and then use a rubber band,
a little one this time.

Cause I want to hide this.

And then, we’re going to puff that first.

By puff I just mean pull it out.

So if you see like in the front
already from the beginning,

it was pretty flat on my
face, and now it’s pretty,

there’s more


I always hate like having to go to like

high ponytails from here.

I actually, it’s like,
tip my head upside down.

This is how I do my buns also,

which is how I’m pretty sure
everyone does their buns,

but just in case you were wondering.

Just so it’s already in the
natural spot of falling forward,

and then I’m going to just comb it.

Okay, so now that that is pretty
much all combed back and up

you pretty much want it to collect

where this other hair band
is from our last bump thing.

All right, and then as you can see,

we kind of lost some of the bump,

so I’m just going to go ahead

and pull it back out a little bit.

Pull some hair down by the ears.

And that is the extent of that hairstyle.

It’s so different with
my short hair. (laughs)

See, I move my head, then
my ponytail gets everywhere.

And you can, if you want to
like make it a little extra,

you can take a little piece

and wrap it around your
ponytail like this.

And then pin it.

And then you have a little
hidden ponytail in there.

Because your hair, look at this. (laughs)

There’s just a little
short piece right there.

That’s the end of this hairstyle.

Now, I’m going to move on
to more of the braids, so.

For this Dutch braid, I don’t
know, some people find it

like harder to do Dutch
braids on themselves.

I like to do Dutch braids on myself

and French braids on other people.

Everyone does it differently.

So you can take these
instructions and then figure out

how it’s more comfortable
for you to do it,

cause I don’t braid the
same as my mom does,

and nobody really braids the same, so.

We’re just going to start
with a little section

up at the top.

Doesn’t really matter how small you start.

And then you’re just going to separate

that piece into three.

If you don’t know how to braid,

pretty much you’re just
crossing these three pieces

over each other.

And the difference between
a French and a Dutch

is like the order that you cross them in.

For this braid, we are going
to be crossing the middle piece

over the side pieces every single time.

So I’m just going to start with that.

I’m just going to do like two
stitches where I just cross

middle piece over the side pieces.

All right, and then
this piece is the piece

that we need to add some hair into.

So I’m just going to add
that little bit right there

just because it’s already,

it was poking out, so.

I like to do mine pretty tight
and then pancake at the end.

So if you can’t see, I’m pretty much,

it’s pretty hard with dark hair,

like you can’t like really see it.

But I’m pretty much just
adding little sections

to the outside pieces.

And I like want it to
be pretty combed back,

so I’m going to try to
smooth out these pieces

that I’m adding in.

♪ Like young ones with no remorse ♪

♪ Stuck in the past no more ♪

♪ Among losers without shame ♪

All right, and that is
pretty much how you do that.

I used to be able to finish it a lot more

when my hair was longer.

I’m going to braid it
down as far as I can.

To about there.

Which is not very long.

And now, I’m just going
to go back and pancake.

Pretty much, you just go and
you just pull out these pieces.

And how much you want to
do it is really up to you.

In this video, or at least this picture,

it looks like I have a piece

that I pulled down from my ears.

I always pull down a little piece.

So like that, that’s like
pretty long, actually,

but it just kind of fell out anyway.

But in this video a piece did fall out,

and that’s what that is.

You can pull however much you want.

This is probably too
much, at least for me.

I don’t like having a bunch.

And that’s how you do the Dutch braid.

Yeah, that’s pretty much my easy go-to,

Easy go, yeah, you know what I mean.

Go-to easy school hairstyles,

because literally you can do them

in such a short amount of time

or without even looking in a mirror.

Done that plenty of times, trust me.

But, comment down below which
hairstyle was your favorite,

and if you have any other hairstyles

that you want me to show you

that I do in my videos.

And make sure you guys subscribe,

and I’ll see you guys next week.


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