Published on September 4, 2019

A week without washing my hair hairstyles – 6 quick & easy hairstyles for greasy hair! Hairstyles for dirty hair

hello my beautiful friends and welcome

back to my channel so as you can all

tell by the mop of hair on my head that

has not even yet been brushed today I’m

going to be showing you guys some

hairstyles for greasy-ass hair yep you

heard it here first so currently my hair

has not been washed in a whole week yeah

look at it in all its glory and all its

dirtiness yeah dirty nasty yeah nasty I

normally wash my hair about twice a week

so my hair is looking rather greasy and

gross and dirty today you know them days

where your hair is just gross and it’s

extremely greasy but you just don’t have

time to wash it because you know you’re

in a hurry you’ve got to go somewhere

these hairstyles are perfect for that

kinda days so these are hairstyles that

I always do if my hair is greasy or

dirty or you know I need to get an extra

day out of it these hairstyles are

perfect because you wouldn’t even know

your hair is greasy uh-uh

you wouldn’t even know so guys if you

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every time I upload oh yes we’re just

gonna make sure those absolutely no

knots in our hair so we’ve got a clean

you know slate to work on actually need

to wash my hair tonight it’s actually

gross like a look at that Oh

so the first hairstyle I’m going to show

you guys is my signature messy ponytail

signature Jessica who the hell do you

think you are get out of here I’m only

Messing you know my ponytail that I

always always always wear I’m gonna show

you guys that first this hairstyle is

amazing for when you’ve greasy hair like

I didn’t know how many times I’ve worn

this in videos when I’ve had greasy hair

and you wouldn’t even know you wouldn’t

even know so what I will start by doing

is I will just tilt my head upside down

and grab all my hair so so literally

just grab the hairs grab the hairs I’ll

just brush through my ponytail then just

to make sure everything is together so

the bobbins and bobby pins I use in this

video I got in primaries I always get my

bobbins and clips there so I’m just

gonna start by taking the bobbin and I’m

gonna tie this around as many times as I

possibly can

three times is normally the most amount

of times I can actually tie it around

and this will just ensure that it’s like

not gonna budge and it’s gonna stay put

Oh yesterday so once we have something

like this on the top of our head what I

will then do first of all is I will just

pull ever so gently at the sides of my

head so I’m just gonna create some

volume at the sides of my head and then

I’m just got to take the ponytail and

I’m just gonna go out pieces from like

the sides of the pony and I’m just gonna

start like pulling at them so I’m just

gonna pull them outwards so I’m just

gonna keep on doing this until I’m happy

with how high up my pony is so so once

I’m happy with how it’s looking on top

I’m gonna go back in and ever so gently

like the second time you do this you

need to be even gentler gentler gentler

is that a word and I’m just gonna ever

so gently pull at the sides of my hair

again so this is just gonna give us some

volume if there are any lumps or bumps

that are just crazy in your face I will

clip them back a bit I don’t really

actually have Varney today and maybe

just this little one and I’ll just get a

bobby pin and I’ll just click that back

and then I will just mess around with it

again a pull a few pieces oh I always

got questions on how to do this like

it’s either a love or hate her like some

people hate it and or else they love it

you know what I mean I personally love

it like I adore it so I really don’t

care when people I like oh what is that

on the top of your head I’m like I love


so whatever and so yes that’s the first

hairstyle so for this hairstyle we’ll be

doing the exact same thing so we’re just

gonna grab our hair in a ponytail on the

top of our head and we’re going to

tighten that as tight as we curl so now

we’re gonna do is we’re going to section

our hair into two different pieces and

we’re actually going to fishtail platter

so if you don’t know what a fishtail

plait it’s literally just this so you

grab one little section from the outside

of one of the two sections and you’re

gonna cross that over into the other

section and then you’re just gonna grab

a little section from the other side and

cross that over so that’s literally all

it is so you just crisscross in pieces

back and forth back and forth so you’re

just gonna keep taking them from the

outer section of your hair and going


/ and we’re just gonna continue this

process I never use dry shampoo because

whenever I use dry shampoo it just makes

me look like I have so much dandruff and

I actually do get quite a bit of

dandruff if I don’t wash my hair for a

number of days so when I use dry shampoo

were kind of just like make that

situation even worse so I just don’t

normally use that I remember when I

first started learning how to do these I

was like oh my god this is so hard but

literally after a couple of goals

I was literally doing them in my sleep

this hairstyles perfect when your hair

is greasy because you’re kind of like

distracted by the plots so you don’t

really notice the greasiness this plot

looks so cute it makes you look like a

mermaid I am a mermaid you can either

play it down in the fall way but what I

actually normally like to do is I will

leave quite a good bit of hair and I

just think this is a lot cuter I don’t

know sometimes I will play at the 4way

but I think if you leave like a go bit

of hair like this it kind of just looks

cute it makes you look even more mermaid

II so then what I’m gonna do is I’m

going to just pull at the sides of my

hair again just to give some volume and

I’m also going to pull at the top of the

braid and then I’m also gonna pull at

the braid as well I’m a messy hair kind

of gal I’m sure you know that if you’ve

got a sticking out like me I normally

just clip them like underneath the plat

so you can’t like see them you know they

just disappear and there we go we’ve got

a cute little fish tail blade so we’re

just gonna create a middle split for our

next hairstyle

okay so what we’re gonna do for this is

we’re gonna talk our hair oh my god I

look like an animal I look like a

creature what the hell okay so we’re

just gonna grab all of our hair to the

back and we’re just gonna go in and

brush that down just to make sure

everything is all fluff and not messy

for once let’s see this is why I always

do messy hairstyles because on messy

hair stars just really don’t suit me

like so once we have a ponytail in the

back we’re just going to twist our hair

and then we’re just going to twist it

around itself on the back of our heads


it’s all twisted we’re just going to

secure that way a bobbin and then you

can take some pieces out if you just

want to like you know shape your face a

little bit which I desperately need this

hairstyle is amazing for when your hair

is greasy because it’s so Czech a Kim K

s look you know what I mean like the

Kardashians are always wearing their

hair pure select back but really you

know a greece has got her back he’s got

our back you know given us that cute

slicked hair look oh yes baby okay so

for our next hair so we’re going to keep

our middle parting so you know is anyone

else really bad a part in their hair the

whole way back because I’m awful at it

like I always have to get someone to

help me and I don’t have any help so

it’s probably all of today so what we’re

gonna do for this one is we’re just

going to grab all our hair and we’re

just gonna put it in a pigtail

I feel like this hairstyle is also

adorable for when your hair is greasy

because it gives you that volume in your

pigtails and makes them look way cuter

than they would be if your hair had just

been a freshly washed you know them oils

helping a girl out so what we’re gonna

do is we are literally just going to

take one of our pigtails and we are just

going to twist the pigtails and then

we’re just gonna wrap the pigtail around

itself and we’re gonna get a bobbin and

we’re just gonna secure that so we’re

gonna do the same whenever I do these

one of them always looks way bigger than

the other one and it’s very frustrating

I don’t know why so we’re just gonna get

some bobby pins if we’ve got any hairs

stick it up and you know just secure

them and there we go this is literally

my all-time favorite hairstyle for

greasy hair because it just looks

amazing like your hair doesn’t even look

greasy when you put this hair styling it

is insane and how cute like this is the

cutest little thing ever they’re just

gonna gather all our hair on the top of

our head again so we’re just gonna twist

our hair again and we’re just gonna wrap

it around itself on the top of her head

and then we’re

to secure that as many times as we can

again it’s normally like three times

from me but just be struggling the third

one I was forced it get in

I find the tire you do you’re messy buns

and stuff they’re better they tend to

look because whenever I do them loose

they kind of just fall all over the

place and so then I do when I kind of

have like a poo a poo on the top of my

head I will literally just start pulling

at it until I’m happy with the shape of

it I find when you do it really tight

and it’s easier to get like a nicer

voluminous bun if that makes sense

so we’ve got something looking like this

and then I will just pull at the sides

on my hair again pull some pieces out

and we got a cute little messy bun on

the top of our head this is like my

favorite I used to wear this one to

school like every single day what I fail

even if my hair wasn’t greasy just

because it’s cute you can never achieve

the same look with a messy born unless

you’ve got the greasy hair am I right

girls or am i right we’re just gonna

grab a portion of our hair at the top

and then just gonna brush through that

and we’re basically gonna do the exact

same thing we done the last time but

we’re just gonna pop that on the top of

our little head and secure the little

poo and there we go we got a cute little

born on the top of her head and it

completely takes away from my greasy

nerves oh yes so guys that was my

hairstyles for greasy hair I hope you

guys enjoyed this I maybe took a

hairstyle or two away with you let me

know if you would like me to do more of

these kinds of videos in the future

because I love doing these kinds of

videos but I don’t know if it’s

something you guys are interested in

because I know I do such like a

different variety of things on my

channel so definitely let me know in the

comments down below I love you guys so

extremely much and I cannot wait to see

you all my next video bye bye

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