Published on August 20, 2019

8 HEATLESS 5 MINUTES HAIRSTYLES?! Can you believe it?! lol Thought these heatless hairstyles would be perfect for Back To School and fall time! 🙂 I had SO much fun filming these hairstyles for you! Which one was your favorite?! Let me know! Love you! xo

you guys I know I like to sit in this

corner when I held my end rose but my

baby’s fully asleep so I couldn’t move

her so we’re a little over to the sides

hello and welcome back to my channel

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here and I know everyone else would love

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she sleeps through my loud-ass voice

huzzah so you guys for today’s video I’m

bringing to you some quick and easy

hairstyles it’s like less than 5 minutes

probably less than 3 minutes they’re so

simple they’re so easy but I thought

it’d be fun to bring you some more of

these looks so I hope you enjoy and

let’s get into the video can you see the

back of my head okay guys back your head

we’re gonna split it and I’m gonna tie

this side off so it doesn’t get over

here while I do this side now I want to

do is I want to create actually you know

how I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do this

from the front I change my mind I am

going to start doing a French braid back

so I always have to focus so hard when I

do this so this is called a French braid

right you just do it like directly

against your head

and you just pull backwards this would I

feel like this would like a better if I

could have someone do it and do like a

straight braid back but I don’t know how

to do that on my own I’m going down

against this scalp

now you just grab all of that we’re

going to tie this off for now okay this

isn’t the finished look to this side but

we’re just going to tie it off for now

leave it so you just have this braid

into this ponytail alright we’re going

to do the same thing to the other side

over here the hard part is like getting

this even this takes a little bit don’t


oh my god it took me so long to figure

out how to do this and sometime

stealing ah am I doing this right it’s

literally just like a regular

three-strand braid but against your

scalp and then as you go down you just

add hair to it okay we’re going to tie

this off as well there can you see all

righty now we have to normally for this

I really need to find some like white or

like blonde or silver I guess silvery

gray toned ties for these right I just

have black ones for now I would just

find like a band that matches your hair

color and what we’re gonna do is you’re

going to grab this hair and we’re going

to create little fun buns BAM little

buttons braids into buns

now this next one I want to do is I want

to pull this together and now we’re

going to create a big messy bunch they

feel like coming into one bun look so

cute do you like it so you do the braids

into your one bun for this next one is

one that I just think is so cute we’re

gonna pull out some pieces in the front

and we’re just going to gently we’re

gonna take a hair tie and you’re just

going to ever so gently however you want

to do it just the messy ass bun I never

care what this looks like I will look at

this stupid piece I don’t even care I

will walk out of my place at this end

but if that part one through Z you take

a bobby pin take this back pin it in the

back whoop there you go

then it looks cuter the Messier it is

you just pull some pieces out around the

face here you go pull some extra pieces

get those baby hairs out pull out in the

back in the bottom I love this I love a

messy bun this is like what I would wear

to school and draw on a sweater and be

like I’ll give oh Sh

yeah you walk in late to school with a

coffee like what I love it

all righty guys okay now what we’re

going to do is again we’ll take out

pieces in the front we’re going to grab

backwards we’re going to do a light just

do a little twist around for this mess

of it do what you want take any sort a

scarf hair tie whatever I just have a

piece of an old shirt here take it

underneath the bun wrap it around the

bun and just tie it I feel like those

really pretty silk scarves to look best

who’s gonna pull out any pieces around

here I look like freakin Matilda I feel

like this is cute four little girls in

school you know now I’m gonna brush this

out because I saw this on Pinterest and

it was just I think she was a model I

think she was just like modeling but she

did the most simple low pony but it was

so different this is what it looks like

and you’re gonna be like what the hell

she took out two pieces right here and

she just had this ponytail it was like

dumb like this and she literally

probably have five Chin’s right now just

tiny with the scarf right here BAM

this was it but it was so stunning on

her messy hair oh my gosh and she’s just

like what I love it I think it’s so

stunning I feel like it looks like a

saggy ponytail but that was like a giant

sweatshirt and like a cup of tea to me

just sounds like so hot I don’t know I I

don’t know I don’t know why now I knew

it I knew I know I do a lot of hi ponies

and lo ponies but I think a mini pony

from the side truly looks the best to me

so we’re gonna take out a few pieces in

the front okay this is gonna be our

messy part it’s a few pieces now I’m

gonna take my brush and I’m gonna brush

the back hurts as if it’s gonna be a low

pony but we’re gonna pull it up a little

bit so you have a hard part right here

middle part piece up the side

we’re gonna tie this off okay and ooh I

love this freakin ponytail look at it

just looks so good like you see me in

the front and I’m just like yeah I look

like I’m in business like this is what I

need from you

turn to the side I like sporty as hell

oh I love this party bitch you know

that’s me

this is such a good one you’re gonna

kind of let your hair fall pull it back

I’m actually going to kind of loosely go

like this from the front just gently I’m

still hold in the back

just loosen things up okay I’m gonna

pull it back now what we’re going to do

is you’re going to take your hair gently

loosely just wrap it around itself take

your hair tie wrap it around so it’s in

place okay then you just gently pull on

the hair so gets looser and must hear

and you pull on the bun let it get loose

and messy you just have this easy fun

I’m gonna get so you this is like so

full-time to me like you’re gonna go to

the pumpkin patch hold on let me put up

my loose button you know did you like

these looks I hope you did let me know

in the comments below what other looks

you would like to see from me and

definitely let me know what is your

go-to quick and easy style

is it a bun a ponytail or do you just

not care you go out of the house with

however your hair’s looking that day I

also would like to know what other hair

videos you would like to see from me as

always but yeah until then I love you

guys so much and I’ll see the next video

bye guys


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