Published on August 19, 2019

hi everybody and welcome back to my

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today’s video I’m going to be showing

you a bunch of back-to-school hairstyles

that are very easy and very cute this

year I’m going to be a sophomore at high

school and I cannot believe that

back-to-school season is already here a

bunch of you guys have been telling me

that you’ve already started or you’re

gonna start next week which is

absolutely crazy because I feel like

summer just started but anyways

back-to-school season is upon us and we

need to have clean healthy and cute hair

so without further ado let’s get into

the video part of the interruption

before we begin the hair cells we need

to prep our hair as you guys know the

Sun can do a lot of damage to your hair

as well as chlorine we need to fix that

so right now I’m going to show you guys

my Sunday routine of what I do when I

shower once a week typically when I

shower every day I use these two

products in my hair the Sun Beauvoir

shampoo and conditioner however today we

are going to be using two new ones also

known as my once a week shampoo and

conditioner routine someone just came

out with the detox shampoo as well as

the revitalizing in your mask I’ve put

on this one because this is a PG Channel

well basically I’m gonna do like a

voiceover and show you guys how I use

these two products alright fam so the

first product I’m going to share with

you guys is the Sun bum detox shampoo so

like I mentioned earlier because this is

my once a week shampoo I don’t use it

every day like I do with my blonde

shampoo and conditioner some things I

wanted to share with you guys about this

unique shampoo is that it’s sulfate free

and Sun bum uses apple cider vinegar to

clean your hair so what I like to do is

put a fair amount went in my hands rub

it together and then just massage it

into my hair

all right this next product definitely

has to be my favorite out of the three

of them I’m gonna be showing you guys

the revitalizing hair mask this hair

mask is perfect to use right after the

detox shampoo it basically acts as a

conditioner that should be used once a

week what I’ve noticed after using this

hair mask is that my hair feels so

hydrated super bouncy and super clean so

what I’d like to do is use half of the

packet because Sun bum is very generous

and then give you a big amount once I

get out of the shower I comb my hair out

with my son bun comb and then next I

will be using the three-in-one repair

spray which I will talk about later in

the video but I spray about 5 to 6

squirts in my hand and then rub it

together and just massage it throughout

my scalp see you in two days all right

guys so my hair is literally so soft

from last night before I show you guys

been here stylist I’m gonna go in with

the Sun balm three-in-one repair spray I

already put this in my hair earlier but

I’m just gonna put it in again because

you can never get too much of sunba what

I’ve noticed after using this is my hair

does not feel as damaged one because

it’s been colored before but also my

split ends have not been as noticeable

so using this I’m gonna spray like six

phrase around my hair and then I’m gonna

grab my ends and spray then I’m gonna go

in with a comb and I usually use a comb

for this instead of a brush just because

it’s softer on my hair if you guys are

looking for a great comb I’ll link

sunbong’s come down below this is my

favorite one it’s also really cute so it

kind of makes you feel even more put

together for the school day alright so

now that my hair is brushed out let’s

start off with the hairstyles I’m not

sure how many hair cells I’m gonna end

up doing but there’s gonna be three

different types if that makes sense so

the first time is gonna be for people

who have middle parts because finding

middle part hair cells can be kind of

hard sometimes I’m also gonna show you

guys some side part hairstyles because

typically I do part my hair on the side

but lately I’ve been partying in the

middle and then I’m gonna show you guys

some hairstyles with curled hair okay

wait just kidding I lied I realize that

you can do this with any hair

no matter if it’s straight or curly all

right let’s get into it

alright guys that is it for today’s


if you liked it make sure to give a

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anything thank you so much Sun bum for

sponsoring today’s video

seriously guys they’re my favorite brand

ever and they’re three new products

which you can find out Ulta are perfect

for back-to-school fixing all the sun

damage that the Sun is done so I will

link them all down below and my hair is

so soft I can’t even explain to you guys

it smells like bananas and just heaven

also my new song seaside is out and

Spotify iTunes Amazon music and a bunch

more so make sure to go download it and

buy it I love y’all so much have a great

rest of the day and I will see you in my

next video

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