Published on September 1, 2019

Today I decided to show you guys how I get these beachy waves on my hair, I love the final results and I hope you find this video helpful!!

hey guys welcome to my channel so today

I’m going to be teaching you how to get

my go-to waves I did a live video on

Instagram I think was last week or two

weeks ago and you guys really really

requested me to do a video on how to get

those waves which is like beachy loose

waves and it’s really easy to do when

every time when I take on curling my

hair or doing some ways I do exactly the

same way so today I’m going to teach you

guys how to do that so first before

everything I have freshly washed hair I

just washed my hair this morning and I’m

going to be doing their waves on top of

it and basically I blow dried and you

can do the same thing I’m doing now on

just like on on your natural hair but I

like to blow dry my hair before doing

this because I like the smooth base and

it makes the waves a lot more perfect

then if I do on top of my wavy hair you

can still look good but if you do a blow

dry before it’ll be perfect

so that’s my number one recommendation

if you have wavy or curly hair you need

to blow-dry it first and then you follow

it away I just grab my hair kind of like

in a ponytail like this and then

obviously the bottom section from the

back I always do the back part than

anything else

so always divide into pieces

I don’t like to do and like little piece

of hair because I think you can look to

curls so I like to pick quite like thick

pieces so it looks more it look nicer on

my opinion but obviously it depends what

you like as well this is what I normally

do so I just take their Colleen one and

I just put behind the hand like this and

I don’t cloud the end I just hold the

ends from I like the beachy way look I

don’t like the end to be super curled

don’t also wrap the hair around the warm

too tight just leave a kind of like

normal and things over ladies nice we’re

going to spit up and until half of my

head because I have a lot of hair and

you’re going to get bored I promise you

you get forward if other students

speed you up so I should add







so I got a little bit crazy here but

when you get to the top of your head you

don’t need to curl too much and you just

lift your rope like this you guys see it

like this and you don’t need to leave it

for too long are going to be like really

fake okay and just leave it a little bit

kind of lifting the roof and yeah that’s

enough c4 here I like to divide my hair

like this like exactly the way I wear

which is in the middle so I just divide

yeah I just wired it here so I just get

the two pieces of hair I don’t have any

bangs my hair please don t ever just go

from the back I do this and then I just

kind of go back and forth back and forth

and then one more wrap

I crave and then that’s it see it just

gives you like a movement but is not

nothing too crazy then I need to fix the

bit here as well

and this one you can widget normally

like you did with the other piece of

your hair


and with inside same thing I never get

it right over this side it is so hard to

get it both looking really really profit

but we’re going to try it so I just like

this thank you for making all goes down

and then just drop again whatever it

helped just leave it it’s fine yeah see

and then I would like to go here at the

end and just curl tiny bit more

you can either curl more or you can just

leave the way it is now like I don’t

like to curl too much actually upfront

because it can look a little bit

childish if it’s too curled


for some reason a little bit here

underneath my hair never cross properly

always goes back to straight so annoying

but it going to recall that you can see

that is raining as well and here is

which is fine so the curls are done so

now I would like to run my fingers on my

hair of course to make all the way to

blend and get them more like messy

looking as well as you try to run my

fingers through it underneath as well

like this to the end is not like to curl

and when you do Edward just this thing I

do here just to kind of moving up the


volume so that is it done

after love the hair I think is so glum

perfect of summer

and yeah I just love you so much

so what I normally do

so what I normally do is I take this or

wee-bey dry texturizing spray here and I

just spray a little bit on to like on

the way of demo

not too much but just a little bit

because it just gives you like an extra

volume so I’ll just open my hair like

this and I’ll just spray a little bit

and you really give you texture shine

volume that consume now yeah then I also

go with this oil also from our eBay is

the gold lost nourishing hair oil I take

a little bit of that on my hands I just

make mix mix mix and I’ll just like to

apply where is like please just

expecting from this involved just make

it more and a little bit at the end of

love for the end feels more like saucy

and hydrated just kind of do like this

we do have don’t be afraid to really

mess mess up your hair you know wants

you to the curls because the more messy

they not beautiful the look

so I think that’s it guys that’s the way

we look and this is the one I go for

every single time on my hair to look

voluminous gone I do this it was amazing

to go to go out it looks amazing for

just everyday and you know it is really

nice for pretty much any season of the

year winter somewhere it doesn’t matter

it was amazing and this guys I hope you

guys enjoyed this video I will see you

on the next one bye

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