Cute easy hairstyles for school, medium long hair

Published on September 16, 2019


hello and welcome to another tutorial

one quick and easy everyday hairstyles

the first three are going to be suitable

for most hair lengths well the last two

require long hair so to get the right

length and volume for this hairstyles

I’m going to start traumatizing my glam

time clip in hair extensions this is

their made a few one hair I can treat

them like my own hair and not only style

but also curl waist are without heat and

in this video have already curled them

to create those soft bohemian waves

textured hair is always the easiest to

work with and it creates the most

beautiful results but the best thing

about the hairstyles that I’m going to

show you today is that they can be done

on any hair texture so no matter if your

hair is straight curly or perhaps very

curly you can still recreate this looks

so let’s begin if you missed my recent

videos on quick and easy everyday

hairstyles feel free to check them out

as well you can find the links on the

screen and in the description box for

the first hairstyle I’m going to pick

two thin strands of hair right next to

my middle part and start tying them into

knots I’ll be basically wrapping the

bottom strand around the top strand just

like this then I’m going to merge those

two strands together into a single

strand we can use strands of hair from

the right and wrap it around the top

strand and then again I’m going to merge

those strands every time I pick a new

strand of hair I want to bring it over

under and through the hole here you can

also notice that the top strand always

stays straight

I simply keep on looping the bottom one

around it

there are multiple ways to secure this

kind of a knotted braid and today I’m

going to hide its end under the top

layers of my hair just like this

and that’s what it looks like once I do

the same thing on the other side of my

head and of course if you’re not a huge

fan of a middle part you can start with

a side part and perhaps create a single

knotted braid only on one side of your

head the side where you have more hair

the following hairstyles are going to be

based on a rope braid so for all of them

you need to pick two tiny strands of

hair and start wrapping them away from

your face and every time you twist them

you want to add some extra hair to the

bottom strand so you twist and you had

some hair to the bottom strand you twist

then you add some hair to the bottom

strand I’m going to incorporate the hair

above my ears into this twisted braid

and twist the two strands without adding

any extra hair for the time being I’m

going to secure this twist with a bobby

pin and the symmetric procedure on the

other side of my head


next I’m going to tie the ends of the

two twists using a small clear elastic


now this hairstyle is complete and here

too if you don’t like the middle part

you could go with the side part somehow

this hairstyle makes me think of all

sorts of fairytale creatures like Alps

from the Lord of the Rings and even

thine ears from the game of Thrones and

personally I just love it

you may have already noticed that side

braids are totally back in style and row

braids are the quickest and easiest to

create so you want to start just like in

case of the previous hairstyle you pick

two strands of hair you start twisting

them away from your face and you add

some extra hair from the sides and then

when you incorporate all the loose hair

into your braids you want to create a

classic rope braid and as you twist the

strands away from your face you want to

start twisting the hair in each

individual strand toward your face so

you wrap the strands around each other

away from your face and you twist the

hair in each strand toward your face

that’s pretty much the only trick to

prevent your rope braids from on

twisting and if you wish you can

additionally secure your braids behind

your ear

using a bobby pin if you follow me on

youtube you know that my braids would be

incomplete if I wouldn’t tag on them so

as always I’m going to loosen them up

delegate the stretch in each segment of

the braid

I create an identical braid on the other

side and this is what it gives and in

case you have a special event to attend

you can easily transform this daytime

look into an elegant and classy

hairstyle you want to start from

arranging the right braids into a

twisted bun and secure it in place with

hairpins or bobby pins

next you simply wrap the left spread

around this bun hide the ends and secure

it in place if you wish you could also

use your braids to create two identical

buns side by side as a result they would

look like a single continuous band

so which hair cell did you like most

knotted braid a down two with a twisted

crown to row braids or the last twisted

bun if you enjoyed this video don’t

forget to give it a thumbs up and of

course subscribe to my channel thanks

for watching and I see you in my next

video bye

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