Cute Lazy Day Hairstyles (NO HEAT!)

Published on September 11, 2019

Hi babes! Today I’m showing you four easy cute lazy day hairstyles. Best of all, NO HEAT required. All of these looks will take you 5 minutes MAX to perfect. I figured all of these would be great for those summer lazy days ahead! One of these will literally take you 2 seconds MAX! 😉

hey guys welcome back to my channel

today I am actually filming in the new

house that we recently moved into this

isn’t going to be my permanent filming

space but I knew that it was time for me

to film a video for you guys so I just

literally went into a room and decided

to report today I’m going to show you

guys for lazy hairstyles that are great

for any length of hair that you have any

texture so let’s get started this is

actually second day hair it was a lot

more curled yesterday but the curls have

totally fallen I like to not try to wash

and style my hair everyday because that

can cause so much damage I’m just going

to start out by applying the serum into

my hair to give it some life again you

know and obviously treat some of the dry

and using carest acid or el botón iike

the first look is really really easy

like super easy all you need is a hat

but this is seriously going to be the

easiest one that I do I promise all you

got to do is just throw on a hat and go

Phoebe loves it when I wear hats this

way but I just feel like not myself when

I wear it this way okay so for the

second look I am going to create a

braided look so I’m just going to grab a

pretty big chunk of hair and just start

braiding if you can braid over head I

think that’s a lot better for this look

you can braid over head that’s great if

not no worries and once you kind of

leave the room you can go back to like

how you would normally I’m just going to

separate the braid apart to just make it

look a little bigger little chunkier

braid so it really stands out and then

I’m just going to fit it like so and

when you’re Bobby pinning it you just

want to make sure you’re pinning it not

like to an entire place you don’t want

to pin it to recive straight to the head

I mean you obviously don’t want it to

fall but you don’t want it to be too

tight like you kind

want to keep it loose and then I always

crisscross my bobby pins to really lock

it in and then you can bring out some of

this hair in the back over it hide it

like that I’m going to braid the other

side can just bring out some of the hair

to frame the face there you go

so this isn’t one of the hairstyle but

what you can do if you’re feeling really

lazy and you don’t want your hair in

your face you can just put your hair in

a low bun like this and just kind of

mess it up a little bit I always like to

have some hair like just sticking out

okay what number are we on now 3 I am

going to do my go-to half-up half-down

top knot you’re just going to want to

grab a chunk of hair I’m just going to

grab an elastic and just put it into a

high bun you just want to secure it in


and it’s going to look crazy like this

but what I do is I like to wrap this

thing around here bring the bun a little

lower and just shape it how I choose

with bobby pins so you can grab favorite

small bobby pins and just secure it how

you like and then you can just kind of

shape it how you want it you can bring

the button down personally I don’t like

my top not looking too perfect so if you

notice it’s not completely the perfect

shape but it definitely just gives you

an instant little hairstyle that you can

take from day to night

for my last hairstyle I’m just going to

bring everything back and I’m going to

cut my hair in a low bun my hair can

finally go into a ponytail you guys are

following me on instagram I hope that

you are there’s my handle I’m pretty

active on there and I’m always sharing

like my latest hairstyles and every time

I cut my hair that’s kind of the first

place I reveal it I recently chopped it

all off and it was short like I couldn’t

fit in the ponytail so I’m really

excited I can do that now I’m just going

to pin my little bun I like that some of

the hair is sticking out I’m going to

then kind of jig it up mess up the hair

a little bit bring out some of the bangs

tuck in a few pull out some hair to give

it a root move bun effect and I love the

messy look the little flyaways and

things aren’t bothering me for this and

check it out alright guys well those are

my lazy girl hairstyles for summer let

me know what you guys think below and

which one was your personal favorite

don’t forget to subscribe like this

video comment you know all that good

stuff and until my next video No

bye guys

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Cute Lazy Day Hairstyles (NO HEAT!)
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