Double Dutch Braid Upstyle in Minutes

Published on November 10, 2019

hey everyone this is Jenny’s Suri booth
confessions of a hair stylist and I
couldn’t be more thrilled because I have
my model Kendra here just this gorgeous
mid length hair and what I’m gonna show
you ladies how to do today is a Dutch
braid updo I keep on coming across this
look on Instagram on Pinterest and it is
so easy to achieve and I’m going to show
you ladies how and make sure you stay
tuned to the very very end because I’m
gonna show you guys how to get a
completely different look with the style
that I create today so let’s go and get

alright for this style all we’re gonna
do is section the hair out on three so
basically we’re gonna do a severe side
parting and then down to the back about
to her crown and then to the nape of her
neck and we’re just going to section off
the back section here so I’m gonna go
from her opposite little bone to the
bottom of her ear and then I’m gonna
clip this left section away
for just a little bit later and then I’m
gonna clip the right side section away
for just a little bit later
okay I’ve created a low pony so now all
I’m gonna do is create a simple three
stranded braid and then I’m just going
to secure the ends with an elastic and
obviously if your hair is longer than
this it’s gonna create a bigger bun but
I wanted to do someone with mid length
hair to show you guys the different
options that you have for all you ladies
out there with mid length hair so now
that we’ve done our braid I’m just gonna
tug on it a little bit pancake it out
and it’s okay if some of her layers come
out that’s completely fine
okay so basically I’m just gonna create
a low bun now and I’m just gonna go
ahead and secure that with bobby pins
all right so now I’m gonna go ahead and
drop our section in the front off and
work that section first so all we’re
simply going to do is I’m going to be
creating a Dutch braid so basically
that’s just an inside-out braid so I’m
going to take my pinky finger and create
a triangle section here so now we have
our triangle section so I’m going to
split the hair in three working
underhanded I’m going to take our
section to our from our right under our
section into the middle and now our
section to the left under the section
into the middle so now we’re going to
work that same technique all the way
down but our sections that are to the
right and left we’re going to
incorporate hair into them so now our
section to our right we’re simply just
going to incorporate a little bit of
hair into it and then go under into the
middle now our section to our left we’re
just going to incorporate that into our
section and then go under into the
now that I’m getting to the ends I’m
going to leave a couple inches out
because we’re gonna pancake this out so
I want the I don’t want the elastic to
travel too far up so I’m going to end
this simply just secure it with an
elastic and now I’m going to repeat the
same technique on the opposite side
so now I’m just gonna secure the ends
with an elastic and now the fun begins
I love this part I’m simply just going
to pancake the braids out just to add a
lot of fullness and plumpness to the
hair so basically when I say pancake all
we’re gonna do is take the braid and
just pull it out
okay so now that I’ve pancaked both of
our braids all I’m gonna simply do is
take our right braids drape it over to
the left secure it with a few bobby pins
and then I’m gonna do the same thing to
our left section drape it over and you
can see since her hair with mid length
she has a little bit of in sticking out
so I’m just gonna simply tuck that up
into our updo and I think that looks
really really nice it’s very very modern
and trendy okay so now I’m going to
finish this look off with a little bit
of hairspray and you can see that it
gave it a really beautiful nice Dutch
braid effect it looks gorgeous and just
for fun I want to show you ladies how to
get it a little bit more editorial so
I’m gonna really have some fun and
really pull on it so basically all I’m
gonna do now is really pull the braid
out and can see how it really plumps up
our braid I’m gonna use a little bit of
VIP volume and powder spray by cure
sauce this is new stuff it adds a lot of
texture to the hair and then just
continue to pull on it and you can see
that it created a completely different
look a little bit bigger a little bit
more editorial and definitely a lot of
fun alright so you can see that gave it
a really nice fun at a Toria fill I just
love the in parts when I pull up the
hair and mess it up a little bit it just
is so fun and it looks so awesome so for
more hair tutorials every single week
please subscribe to my channel and feel
free to check me on Facebook Instagram
Twitter I got it all and I’ll see you
girls soon

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Double Dutch Braid Upstyle in Minutes
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