Easier Than It Looks Updo

Published on November 9, 2019

hi I’m Kate from the small things vlog
today I’m going to show you how to do a
simple two-step updo that looks like you
paid a couple hundred dollars for it
this is going to be more on the formal
end of things so save this for any
wedding or any fancy event that you need
to go to we’re going to start by
sectioning our hair off into two
sections and I would say the ideal
length for this style would be about
collarbone or lower so you need a little
bit of length you can start with
straight hair and recommend a little bit
of curl just for the right texture so
let’s get started I’m going to divide
our hair off as if you were going to put
it half up so grab most of that hair and
then we’re just going to pin it up on
top so it stays out of our way and we’re
going to begin with the bottom I’m using
duckbill clips just to hold it in place
okay so wrap the bottom if you need to
add a little bit of texture use a little
dry shampoo I like KMS hair play
makeover spray it helps bobby pins hold
and just kind of bulks up your hair with
a little bit of texture okay so once
you’ve applied a decent amount of that
do a rough T when I rough tease I
usually used a larger end of the comb
where if I teased any other time I’m
typically using the fine toothed side so
the rough cheese is just mainly to give
a little bit of volume but you don’t
want it to be quite as tight as if you
were teasing with a fine toothed end you
want to create a good foundation close
to your scalp okay so once you’ve got a
nice mess going on
grab a clear elastic and pull it into a
ponytail right behind your ears
stretch it out make sure that placement
is good okay then you’ll grab another
elastic and put it around the hair and
then we’re going to create a bun so you
don’t have to grab any particular way
you just want to grab and put the clear
elastic around twice so you kind of
create a bun and then just stretch it
out as much as you can if any of the
hairs come through and you have any long
pieces like that that’s totally fine
okay so once you’ve got your bun in
place we’re going to fine-tune a little
bit so the goal here is to pin the outer
parts of the bun to our head so if you
have any hairs like I do that are
falling out you just want to kind of
fold those under and then wherever your
finger is holding that’s where you want
to put the bobby pin
so while we’re doing is kind of the
bottom part of the role just stick a pin
in to attach it to your head further
so the goal is to kind of make it look
like a donut
so once you have your doughnut all
shaped out here’s a look at mine I love
my bobby pins are on the outside just
holding it kind of wider and tighter
into my head you can let down the top
section and we’re going to put this in a
clear elastic as well just like you were
going to wear your hair half up
if you want to pull a little bit of hair
up so you’ve got a nice bump on top do
that now okay so once you have your half
up make a little parting above the
elastic and flip that hair through just
like the piggy flip or some people call
it the Topsy tail so then all we’re
going to do with this top section that’s
left is roll that into a bun and then
pin it right above the donut
I know it sounds super professional and
I’m calling it a donut but is there
anything else to call it
so we’re just going to pin this section
that we just flipped just like we did
down here alright so once you have
everything pinned you can fine tune
around the front however you like it but
you’re left with this nice volumize updo
that you saw was pretty basic when
broken down foot looks a lot more
involved in just a couple flips and
turns and then some bobby pins I hope
you enjoyed this hair tutorial if you
want to see any others be sure to check
my blog the small links below calm

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Easier Than It Looks Updo
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