Published on October 17, 2019

I am so thrilled to share some easy Fall Hairstyles and Fall hair trends with you today. These Fall hair tutorials are not only beautiful but include cute accessories that are great for making these hairstyles stand out and I’m looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful recreations.

Don’t forget to check out the final looks on my instagram and comment below which hairstyle is your favourite.

hello everyone welcome back it is
officially fall I can’t believe how
quickly this year is flying by but if
I’d be a lot of fun to share some easy
and beautiful hairstyles and pair them
with some of my favorite hair
accessories that are right on trend for
fall I had a lot of fun planning this
video I’m so excited to see it all come
together and as always I will post
pictures of the final looks over on my
Instagram so I’ll link that down below
and be sure to check it out alright
let’s get started okay so I’m going to
be adding some hair extensions to these
hairstyles people always ask me do I
always wear hair extensions but no only
when I want to add like volume to the
hairstyles and really make them pop so
what I’m going to do is just clip a four
clip weft to another four clip left and
I’m just going to clip this in just
below my ears so the first hairstyle is
a braided half a pair style and I wanted
to pair it with my favorite accessory
for fall which is this beautiful wool
hat I just thought this would complement
the hairstyle so well with the braids
peaking up okay so first step to create
the first braid is I’m going to gather
all of the hair that’s just above my
temples on this side and then I’m going
to gather the hair that’s just above my
ears leaving down some hair to cover my
ears to give it that boho look and you
only want to gather the top half of your
hair so I’ll turn around and I’ll show
you so you want to section off all of
the hair that’s underneath and only
gather that hair that’s on top so now
that I have my first section I’m just
going to pull out some bang and some
hair just in front of my ears here I
just think that looks really pretty and
then same thing on this side
alright so I’m actually gonna let down a
little bit more hair on the left side so
my braid is a little more kind of
diagonal perfect alright next divide it
into three equal sections and I’m just
going to do a three strand braid so I’m
going to bring this left piece over the
middle and then loosely bring this right
piece over the middle
I’m just going to really loosely
continue this braid almost all the way
down at this section but I find kind of
the less perfect the better so I’m going
to stop about here and then before I
secure it off I’m just going to pinch
and pull on my braids and of course make
yours as big and voluminous as you like
but I’ve always loved braids for fall I
think that they are just so cozy and
cute and I really love the texture that
they add to your hair and I like to grab
like really little pieces and pull those
too just to add even more texture and
more detail alright once you’re happy
with it
just tie it off with a small hair
elastic and then on the last loop of the
hair elastic I’m just going to stop and
I’m going to grab a small piece of hair
and wrap it around the bottom of my
braid and then pull it through the
elastic just to cover it up and there we
have it our first braid alright so I’m
just going to clip this out of the way
and then I’m going to gather all of the
remaining hair on this left side again
leaving some out to cover my ear for
that boho look and again just gathering
the top layer I like to leave a lot of
hair down just to keep some volume I
think it looks really pretty and leave
some hair down to cover my extensions
alright so with this new section feel
free to create whatever type of braid
you like I’m actually going to create a
fishtail braid but you could also just
do a three strand braid or a rope braid
if you like so for a fishtail braid
divide your hair into two equal sections
and just grab a small piece from the
outside of your right section and we’re
just going to cross that over and join
it into the left section and then repeat
on the left side grab a small piece of
hair and bring it over that left section
and join it into your right section
perfect so just repeat that pattern down
the remainder of your section and when
I’m creating braids like this I like to
grab larger pieces smaller pieces just
really alternate this
eyes to give that braid more like a
deconstructed look I think it’s really
plus if you grab larger sections it will
speed up your brave because my arms are
getting tired
and I find pulling it over your shoulder
also helps once you get lower down your
alright Lena stop here I actually really
like the look of the curls just hanging
out at the bottom so once you’re happy
with the length of your braid again go
in this is the best part and pinch and
pull on the outsides of your braid I
like to start at the top work my way
down so just help fan it out help it
stand out I think it looks really pretty
alright once you’re happy with it just
tie the ends off with a little clear
elastic and before you let go of your
last loop of your elastic just hold it
grab a small piece of hair and just wrap
it around your hair elastic once you’re
near the end just pull it through that
loop and let go how cute is that I love
the texture of a fishtail braid so
alright so I’m going to clip this braid
away and I’m just going to add one more
braid with the hair thats hanging down
right here you’ll pick up a little bit
of that extension as well and again you
can create any braid that you like but
I’m going to keep it simple and I’m just
going to do another three strand braid
right here you know what this braid
actually ended up at braiding itself at
the bottom so what I’m going to do is
flip that braid through the hole here
again of course I’m going to pull this
braid apart keeping the bottom tight
just so it holds it in place I’m going
to unclip these braids from earlier play
around with the shape a little bit oh
wow and this looks so pretty alright and
then I’m just going to pop on my fall
hat and how cute is this
I love these textured braids I think
this is the perfect hairstyle for fall
and look so cute with
a turtleneck and your fall jacket
alright so next up is an effortless low
bun you knew I just had to include one
but you can also recreate this on a
sleek bun as well now in this hairstyle
is super simple so the accessory I want
to incorporate is a scarf just to help
dress it up a little bit and I came
across this one on free peoples website
they have the most gorgeous hair
accessories I was so inspired like I
would truly love to have my own one day
but I really love this one
because once again you can detach the
scarf from the scrunchie so it’s perfect
alright so the first step is you just
want to gather all of your hair into a
low ponytail and you just want to gather
it nice and loosely so you can create
some volume to give you that effortless
look so I’m just gonna pull out some
hair and then I love to just pull out
little pieces to frame my face yeah I
love that
and then my bangs which are quite long
right now but I’m just going to pull out
a few pieces alright so I’m going to
take the scrunchie but you could also
use a hair elastic and I’m just going to
create a super simple button right so
I’m just going to carefully pull my hair
through just so I don’t disrupt any
volume that I have up here and then I’m
gonna take my scrunchie and I’m going to
cross it at the top of my ponytail and
then I’m just going to pull some of that
hair through like this
and then I’m going to pull on this bind
that we created and of course give it
that lived in texture alright so I’m
going to just look at it from the side
and I really like the way that it’s
laying but I’m just going to kind of
pull some smaller pieces and just add
some texture by rubbing at my fingers
together but you could also add like a
textured spray to it too and then I’m
just going to hold my ponytail and pull
up some small pieces just to add some
more volume out the crown of course and
then since this bun is so simple I’m
going to
would take my scars I’m just going to
lay it on my head I’m going to bring it
around the bottom of my bun and then
bring the ends of my scarf up and just
tie them into one knot and then to help
hold my scarf into place just gonna take
these gold bobby pins and I’m just going
to insert them I’m going to put this one
just above it I think these look really
cute and they’ll hold your scarf in
place so there we have it I told you
this one was so easy I just love how
this scarf just adds a really special
detail to an otherwise super simple
hairstyle I just think the texture and
the look of it is absolutely perfect for
fall so next up is a really beautiful
pull through voluminous ponytail and I
did change my shirt because I want my
pictures to look different and the
accessory that I wanted to include for
this hairstyle is this adorable padded
velvet headband I absolutely love this
and velvet is right on trend for fall
and I find headbands are such an easy
way to dress up a simple hairstyle
alright so first step if you have a
headband is to put it on and when you’re
putting it on you just want to place it
behind your ears and leave out all of
this hair in the front and if you don’t
have a headband you just want to section
off all of the hair in front of your
ears so once you have your side sections
that you’re just going to bring these
together at the back of your head but
before I do that again I’m just gonna
pull out some small pieces from my bangs
just to frame my face like that and then
same thing on at the side so once you’re
ready just join those side sections at
the back alright so for its some extra
detail I’m actually just going to twist
these side sections away from my face a
couple of times and then gently pull on
them to fan them out I think it just
looks really pretty especially with the
headband once you’re happy with your
twists take a hair last
and you just want to secure those two
sections together right at the base of
your head there and when I’m wrapping my
elastic I just like to check and make
sure there’s no little hairs getting
caught in it and then just pull to
tighten it up if you need to all right
so I’m going to repeat this again so I’m
going to grab the side sections of my
head right here leaving down enough hair
at your next step I’m going to repeat on
the right side leaving out hair on my
neck and then just grab those two side
sections and bring them to the back and
same as before I’m just going to twist
these a couple of times and then pull on
them to loosen them up and help them
appear thicker alright so when I’m
securing these two sections together I
want to try to cover up that little
elastic there so I’m going to do these a
little tighter and then pull on the
sides just to slide it up and cover up
that elastic all right so again I’m
going to grab about like a two inch
piece on the left side of my neck still
leaving some hair down in the middle and
then I’m going to repeat on the right
side bring those two sections together
at the back and again I’m going to just
twist mine a couple of times and then
secure your two sections together with
another hair elastic and then pull on
the sides to slide it up to cover your
previous elastic and if your elastics
are peeking through it’s okay it’s just
preference but you can pull up on the
middle just to help cover them up so I
think I’m going to do it one more time
I’m just going to grab another like one
to two inch size section on the left and
another one on the right bring them
together and give them each a little
twist away from my face a little pull
yeah that’s looking really pretty and
then securing them together and then
once all of your hair is secured you can
just go in and play around
the shape of course I’m going to make my
twist bigger and more voluminous looking
I just love textured hairstyles for fall
and at this point you can even pull on
some small pieces at the crown just to
create even more volume and then to
finish off the look I’m just going to
grab a small piece of hair from the
underside and I’m going to wrap it
around the hair elastic like one to two
times and I’m just taking a bobby pin
and I’m going to slide it up through the
center of the hair elastic making sure
to get that piece of hair that we
wrapped on the underside and just slide
it up the middle
making sure it’s under the twists and
not poking through so there we have it I
absolutely love this hairstyle I think
the headband complements it perfectly
and I really love how it’s built right
into the hairstyle and it’s very secure
this will last you all day long but I
really hope that you found today’s the
video helpful I did film it a little bit
differently so I’d love to hear your
thoughts and your feedback in the
comments below I’ll also link my older
fall hairstyle tutorials down below and
don’t forget I’ll share pictures of the
final look over on my Instagram I’m so
excited to see how these pictures turned
out but yeah thank you so much for
watching don’t forget to click the like
button and subscribe if you’re not
subscribed already and I’ll talk to you
in my next video bye

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