EASY HAIRSTYLES FOR SPRING! Perfect for Medium Hair and Long Hair

Published on September 30, 2019

THUMBS UP For More EASY hair tutorials! (time stamps below) I asked, and you voted for… Easy Hairstyles for Spring! I tried to share a mix of pony-tails, buns, braids, and half-up hairstyles. I’m definitely over winter, and so excited for the warm weather, and thought these hairstyles would be perfect! I’d love if you commented and let me know which one was your favourite. 🙂

hey guys happy spring does it feel like

winter where you live because it sure

does here but I asked under YouTube’s

poll what kind of video you guys wanted

to see and you guys voted for easy

spring hairstyles I’m feeling you guys

would so I put together some unique and

different hairstyles I think you guys

are going to love so let’s go ahead and

get started quickly I want to show you

guys how I prepped and curled my hair

but if you’re not interested I will put

a timestamp down below so you can just

skip ahead to the tutorial it’s totally

okay so just got this in the mail and I

was dying to use it and it’s t3s new a

single pass curl and this is a thirty

two millimeter barrel so obviously this

is my first time using it but I did see

the tutorial for it online and they use

this like really simple technique that

I’ve never tried so I thought that we

would try it here together okay guys I

know it’s just a hot tool but would you

look at this this is absolutely


I think t3 has the best branding in the

game and right off the bat I noticed

it’s a super light weight which is a big

bonus that your arms don’t get tired so

this has five heat settings and you just

twist this oh wow you guys I love this

you have no idea how many times when I’m

using a curling iron or curling wand I

always end up pushing the buttons up

here and like changing the temperature

or turning it off so this is super

innovative I like this so I’m going to

do it exactly how they did it on the

website I’m just going to grab like a

one-inch section of hair to start I’m

going to open the clamp I’m going to

slide it down the section I’m almost at

the ends and then I’m just going to curl

it in right

the hair it’s feeling pretty warms like

for five seconds I’m just going to open

the clamp a little bit and pull this

down oh that works so well and on the

website they said it just leave your

curls to cool stuff so this little piece

fell out so if you have layers take that

into consideration with this technique

but it’s really easy to just go back in

and curl them so I’m just going to again

open up my clamp slide it on to my

section slowly slide it down to heat it

up and then start rolling inwards away

from my face I count down from five and

then just open it a little bit and let

out the curl all right let’s try again

you guys this technique is way too

simple I think this is going to be my

new go-to curling technique for my hair

I don’t know how I never tried this

before so I get to almost my ends wrap

it up you guys I’m convinced I’ve been

curling my hair wrong all of these years

this is way too simple and it’s actually

making the whole curling process much

quicker you guys this only took me a

couple of minutes to do look how like

nice and natural these curls are I love

them this is my new technique so I’m

just going to quickly go ahead and

repeat the same thing on the other side

so on this side if you want your curls

to go away from your face you just want

your clamp to be on the underside of

your section

so this is the final result you guys

this only took me about 10 minutes to do

I’m super happy with the way the curls

came out they’re just really soft and

natural and that’s the look that I

usually go for it every day yeah now

that my hair is correct let’s go ahead

and get started on the hair tutorial

first up is a simple half of hair style

so first section off your hair at your

temples and then just separate it from

the rest now we want to tie the section

into a knot so just hold it in your left

hand and then with your right hand wrap

your hair up and around your fingers

holding it in place now put your index

finger and thumb through the center of

that loop and pull your ends through the

hole nice and tight this may sound

confusing but all I did was tie the

section around itself into a knot next

secure your knot by tying a thin hair

elastic around the bottom of it now feel

free to tug on the sides of your knot

just to help it stand out and that’s it

an easy knotted hairstyle that’s perfect

for spring you guys are going to love

this one so gather all the hair that’s

at the crown of your head and then

divide this section into three equal

pieces now cross that right section

under the middle section and then cross

your left section under your middle

section and this is the start of our

Dutch braid next together about a

one-inch section of hair from the top of

your head and join it into the right

section once joined in cross it

underneath the middle and then you just

want to repeat the same step on the left

side next to gather all the hair that’s

above your temple on the right side and

then join it into that right section

once it’s joined in cross it underneath

the middle and then repeat Dutch

braiding until you reach about your ears

once you’ve reached your ears gather all

of your hair including the hair at the

nape of your neck and secure it into a

ponytail next to transform this

hairstyle just pull on the sides of your

braid this is going to help it appear

larger and more voluminous and feel free

to pull on your side sections as well

just to help loosen them and help them

stand out now to finish off the

hairstyle grab a small piece of hair

from the

underside of your ponytail and you could

break this piece also and just begin

wrapping it around your hair elastic to

conceal it once you’ve reached your ends

just take a bobby pin slide it over your

ends and then up and through the

underside of your ponytail and there you

have it a unique way to pull the hair up

out of your face for the spring okay

this is such a quick way to create a fun

that looks like you spent forever on it

gather all of your hair into a ponytail

right where you want your bun to sit

next simply three strand braid your hair

by dividing your hair into three equal

pieces and then crossing that right

section over the middle and then the

left section over the middle and then

just repeat until you reach the very

ends of your ponytail now the cool part

grab a small piece of hair from the end

of your braid it can be any piece you

just want to make sure that it’s nice

and small now hold onto that piece with

one hand and with your other hand just

slide and push your braid upwards making

sure that you’re holding that small

section the entire time once your braid

is nice and squished like this just

begin wrapping it clockwise around your

ponytail until you’ve reached your ends

once your braid is wrapped make sure

your ends are bobby pinned first and

then start pulling on different sections

of the braid and bobby pin it into place

and there you have it I love this bun it

looks so intricate but now you know the

secret I love this hairstyle it just

reminds me of sundresses and warmer

weather first step gather a section of

hair on the left side of your head and

now divide the section into two equal

pieces and put one in each hand now

cross that bottom section up in front of

the top section and then bring that top

section down then repeat bringing that

bottom section up in front of your top

section and then bringing that top

section down and then keep repeating

these steps until you’ve reached the end

of your section once you’ve reached the

end just bring it across the back of

your head and then begin pulling on the

top sections of your twists to help them

appear more detailed and larger

once you’re happy with your twists just

bobby pin it into place just to the

right of the center of your head now

repeat the same steps on your right side

twisting your two sections around one

another and then bringing it across the

back of your head and pulling on the

tops to help it stand out now before we

pin this into place

pull your ends behind that first twist

that we created

once you’re enter through just bobby pin

them into place and this small step just

helps to hide your bobby pin and then

you’re left with a really pretty and

easy half of hairstyle that’s perfect

for any spring occasion definitely hard

to pick a favorite but I think this half

a path down twisted hairstyle is it it’s

just so quick and easy it can gets

really feminine and pretty and perfect

for spring I’d love if you comment it

down below and let me know which look

was your favorite do you like half up

half down hairstyles are you digging

ponytails for spring I’ve loved in them

but I really hope you found today’s

video helpful if you did please give it

a thumbs up and I will link down below

some more easy hair tutorials if you

want to check those up but thank you

guys so much for watching and I’ll talk

to you in my next video bye

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EASY HAIRSTYLES FOR SPRING! Perfect for Medium Hair and Long Hair
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