Published on October 28, 2019

HEY! hope you enjoyed these stupidly simple hairstyles, i also show you guys how i curl my hair since yall have been BEGGING (not really) i had someone help me film this video and he did it more his style so that’s why it’s a little different!

What’s up you guys it’s Avrey so for todays video I’m going to show you guys
how i do some cute hairstyles with my bangs I recently just got them. A lot of you guys have been asking
Me to do this so I figured it was about time that I finally showed you guys not only how I style my bangs, but
then, also how I do like cute hairstyles with it, so let’s get started.
So, the very first hairstyle i’m going to do keep in mind all of these are very easy
Like i hate watching like a hair tutorial on youtube and like they’re just really hard, and then it’s like
Okay, what was the point of even watching this
So i’m keeping these very simple so first hairstyle i’m going to do is a half up half down
So basically how i do these I have a mirror over here, so if I’m looking over here thats why.
I like to start at my ears and then just kind of go
not that much. Just like
You hear that
That was my shoulder your shoulder yeah it’s like, i have like the worst like joints, ever it’s like i literally breathe, and like 40 things like
Cracking, so i’d like to grab about this much hair, um so to make sure that this doesn’t look too
Like clean i like to use my fingers instead of like a brush, and like brush all back so it doesn’t part
Weird in the middle and then i’m just going to use a regular
Elastic i could use a scrunchie should i use a scrunchie? i don’t know. I have one. It might look, like too bulky though
No, i’m gonna use a regular elastic. So now i’m just using a regular elastic to tie this off
Okay, so now let’s head, off i’m not done quite yet
i’m going to take a wide
Pic wide wide tooth comb whatever it’s called, and kind of like tease
My, hair just a little bit i really hate doing hair styles and then, my, hair just looks like really flat
And like it has no texture, so along with this like teasing i’m, also going to use just like texture spray i don’t even know
Like, what this is? it’s literally
Just called texture spray um i feel like dry. Shampoo anything like, that will work just to give your hair
A little bit more texture and make it look, not so clean so
Now i’m just making sure that all of my
bangs are down and i didn’t accidentally get any in the ponytail and then you can
Spray if you want with hairspray just use whatever products you need to
And that is the first one so for the second one i’m going to show
You guys how I do my buns. I feel like a lot of youtubers are people that do hairstyles like
Tutorials have like, some, weird technique I don’t really have one
um but i’m gonna flip my head over I just kind of like messily, grab all my hair, and try not to like
Make it look too smooth cuz. I like
Um i like the look of like a messier bun, aka a messy bun, so i’m just using a regular elastic
So i start by folding it over like i’m going to a pony tail and then stop halfway then i always twist, my wrist
And gather the rest of my hair
and then
Just go over again, because, my last piece is too big so from here how
Looks, weird this is where you’re just like, mess with it um so i like to like
Make it looser at the top and then
Also just like if there’s weird ends just like tuck them in wherever they can, go I literally did
like the most perfect bun earlier when i was practicing for this and now it doesn’t look the same
So i did it a second time because it always literally takes
Me two times so and this is what i got i think it’s pretty cute i literally don’t use any like
Bobby pins or anything
so um
Also just to like, make sure it keeps this perfect. Messy, form i’m just gonna spray it with hairspray, oh?
That is like?
So then, also make sure that i pull out, my bangs, my front pieces, oh?
Tuck that in oh
That, was like literally just like a stream of hairspray and it got all over my hand hairspray just like reminds me
of cheer. Is cheer like a Utah thing? Really? Like every girl I know does cheer.
I have to do it again
Really, okay i’m gonna get it this time
So once i finally get it how, i wanted it tuck some end pieces in and just make it
Try, and be as perfect as it can
So once I actually have the bun the way I want it. You can use hairspray. texture spray. You can do whatever you want.
So now i’m just making sure that like, my bangs are like actually
Fine and then pull out, some little side pieces and that is how
I do my buns it’s very simple and very easy I don’t
use bobby pins or anything like, that and looks pretty cute. So for my last hairstyle, this is for straight hair i’m
Also, going to show
You, guys how i curl my hair
Don’t think i mentioned that um this is like definitely the easiest one but i always see these
Cute friggin pictures on pinterest of girls with, like, these like
Scrunchie buns like i never could figure out
How to make it look, like really messy and loose like they, did but i finally figured it out so
i’m gonna, flip, my head over and
Gather all my, hair just messily so now i’m gonna start twisting my hair
And literally just twist it like a normal bun and normally this is something that i would
Do if i’m just like at home or something but the key to making this actually look
Cute is only putting your scrunchie around it once and that’s it and then you can
Mess it up a little bit
Tuck a few pieces in if you need to but then it has like that messy look instead of just like so
Clean and perfect. I think that’s really it and if i took like a
Cute like side profile picture it could look like, a pinterest picture so now i’m just making sure my
Bangs are in place and that’s it and i think it’s really
Cute, some people don’t like, scrunchies that’s okay, you can use a normal elastic i just think it’s like a
Cute little accessory, detail whatever that, is the third one’s. So now I’m going to show you guys how
I curl, my hair because you’ve all been begging me, jk, maybe like two, people it’s fine, okay?
So the curling iron that i used is the nume three-in-one curling iron, um this so it comes with
Three different barrels i use the biggest
One i’m going to just part my hair into two sections just to make it easier every time i would, ever like show
you, guys, how I curl my hair i always
Use this curling iron but i use this small the medium barrel this
Is the largest one basically how i do this so have my hair in two sections i would start from the back
Um the key to this is literally just make it as messy as possible
This cord is not long enough
This is so annoying so i just like wrap it around like
Twice i leave the end out, because, that’s what
Makes it look messy and not so like actually curl just kind of like natural waves and then just like run it up and down
for a sec
Then let it go pull on the end a little bit there you, go, and that’s literally it it doesn’t really look
That curled but then when you do it to your, whole head it makes it look, cute, oh my
Gosh, this cord is literally, gonna be the death of me i’m gonna, like burn, myself any second
Okay, so i just keep going i just do it like very messy, very fast
That sounds wrong, how come my mom always does my hair cuter than i do my hair, so and then every other few
Like, curls I’ll like, alternate the way i curl it and i’m putting it towards my head
And there we go. And then i’ll just do that to my
Whole head so gonna do that. I finished curling my hair so now i’m going to use some hairspray to
I don’t wanna use it, it’s like too direct
okay, some other products i like to use i like to use this, wave spray that focus on it
Okay, so i like to use this, wave, spray it’s basically a texture spray and a wave spray, so i’m gonna use that
You only need a little bit of this i used to put way too much and then my hair look greasy
so my hair is clean right now like i just washed it earlier today but, when i blow, dried it i put some of
Rip it’s broken but I actually really, like, this product I use some of this
I use some of that put in my, hair blow-dried it so now i’m left with, this the i don’t have, any
Like actual product besides something so um i like to use this gel my mom gave, me it was originally for my, brother but
He doesn’t use it so now it’s mine um i left it open for a day so it kind of like got all weird
Um anyway, okay i just put a tiny bit of this on my fingers, also if you do this and have bangs
Make sure to not
Start putting the gel up here i’m stupid and i did that and then it just makes your hair look really greasy so
Start at the ends and i just kind of like piece them together just like the more piecy look
Does that even look different just a little bit so that’s what, my bangs look
Like after i put the gel in it um it just gives it more of like a not so clean look
More piecy instead of like just
Blow-dried like i just did And then I’ll also here’s for my, bangs just to make sure that they, stay in the same spot
And then the left over gel i have my fingers i just kind of like scrunch my hair
Make it messier i really just like the look of messy, waves. it’s not making it like to clean and then
Also, my, hair is still looking
Extra flat for some reason um i can tease it if i need to just a little bit not too much
Okay, and that really is all that i do to my hair if i like make it like this it’s actually really easy really simple
Um i really like, my bangs because i can, style them like how I had them earlier and they’re all clean or i can
Make, it more piecy um like this
There’s just a lot of different things that i can, do with them so that’s why i really like
My, bangs a lot of you guys, have, asked, me if i like them i do not sick of them yet so you can
Do any of those hairstyles that i did earlier with
Curled hair or straight hair i just did it with straight just to i don’t know. Just cuz
i felt like it you, also don’t have to have bangs to do those hairstyles
Those are just what i do like, i don’t do anything like, specifically for my
Bangs so those are all the hairstyles that i like to do like i do those like every
Week just because they’re, super fast and super simple and it’s super easy
Thank, you guys so much for watching and i hope you enjoyed it if you, did make sure to give it a
Thumbs up, subscribe thumbs up did I already say that?
I don’t know whatever do all that fun stuff and thanks for watching and i will see you guys next time bye
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