easy + heatless hairstyles for school!

Published on September 1, 2019

in today’s video I’m sharing my favorite go-to heatless hairstyles for school, these are super easy and fast to do, especially if you’re running late, these are perfect!

I bought this shirt and I have no

regrets I’m gonna go change hey guys so

today’s food is going to be a easy

heatless hairstyles for school I

actually wanted to film this video

because I have been doing these

hairstyles recently and I’ve been trying

to pull a bit more effort in my hair so

I thought it’d be good to share them

with you guys my hair is naturally

straight but I did curl it today and

it’s because I wanted more texture for

the hairstyles but I’m not going to show

you guys how to curl my hair in this

video because I made an edgy TV about it

it’s actually my first Eiji TV and I

just basically teach you guys how I curl

my hair like this so if you guys want to

watch that I’ll have mine scrambling

down below in the description box and

yeah with all that being said let us get

started so first up I have my viewfinder

off to the right of me and then I also

have my mirror so I’m gonna be probably

looking over there most of the time cuz

this isn’t like a blind hair stylist

challenge video I’m trying to make these

look good but for most of these

hairstyles you’re just gonna need small

elastics and bobby pins but starting off

I take my hair and I just card it down

the middle and then I bring it all

forward then starting at the top of your

hair you’re going to I start to twist it

very gently and gathering it all into

one big section like so and then I take

that and I just twist it and then I form

that into a fun then taking a small

clear elastic I secure that little

button so it doesn’t escape just like so


oh that looks horrible hold on we’re

gonna fix this but I like to secure it

and make sure it’s in place so I

normally use 1 to 2 rubber bands for

that and I’m gonna kind of retwist the

place and then bobby than that that

surprisingly turned out pretty good

sometimes it’s hit or miss with my hair

and today it’s a hit my mom texted me

don’t you take piano lessons this school

year every other week so now you’re just

gonna repeat the same thing on the other

side taking it lightly twisting it away

from my head and gathering more hair and

then twisting that into a bun and then

once again I take a bobby pin and I just

secure that more flat to my head and

there is the completed first hairstyle

this one I’m not gonna lie is probably

my favorite it’s so easy that took me

probably like if I actually like rushed

and tried my best probably could take me

actually like two minutes do do this

hairstyle if you want you can pull out

some pieces I feel like it looks fine

without it

and I do definitely feel like having a

little bit more texture in her hair

definitely makes this hairstyle look a

little bit better kind of like that

messy look if you’re feeling a little

bit extra that day you can take like a

hair scarf and go underneath and tie

this up just like that that’s all I say

so cute I don’t get to me like milkmaid


what would also be really cute if you

got like two matching hair scarves and

then you tied them to both of the buns

anyway so there’s the completed of first

hairstyle kind of look like Shrek it’s

okay okay next hairstyle these

hairstyles are like so easy it’s almost

like but I guess I mean no one wants to

learn how to do a hard hairstyle at the

end of the day we don’t have time for

that okay so this next one is kind of

like that milkmaid vibe so once again I

like to start with my braids most of the

time like with a middle part I just feel

like it looks even unbalanced so I mean

if you prefer having a side part you can

do whatever looks good on you I like a

middle part but I’m going to start off

with grabbing a small section of hair

towards the front like so and then I’m

gonna divide it into three sections and

then I’m going to do a Dutch braid which

is when you start with the middle piece

and cross it over instead of under and

I’m going to only incorporate hair from

the front so instead of like grabbing

hair from up here I’m gonna be grabbing

hair from down here and then I

rubberband it off I’m gonna be

eventually taking out this rubber band

so it’s not that big of a deal but then

I go in and I pancake my braids and

pancaking is when you take the edge of

the braid and you’re gonna slightly pull

on it just tug on it a little and just

makes your braid bigger okay so we’re

not done yet but I’m gonna go ahead and

repeat the same thing on my right side

of my face or right side of my head my

hair you know what I mean okay so now

I’m gonna take my bobby pins I use just

about one bobby pin and I take the braid

and I bobby pin it towards the back of

my head and then I take the rubber band

out from the braid and then I repeat the

same side and then I’m gonna go ahead

and pull out just a few like baby hairs

but that completes this hairstyle this

one’s also super pretty and it’s very

elegant-looking I don’t know why but

like one said my braids always turn out

way better than the other like this side

is way better than this side if you guys

wake up on time and you don’t hit the

snooze button maybe you can have time to

do this hairstyle in the morning it also

is like feels very secure in my head so

this would be perfect for school like it

won’t move with pretty foolproof and

good way to practice your braiding

skills and flex on everybody with them

so there’s her style number 2 that’s 4 –

ok hairstyle number 3 I don’t even know

if you can consider this a hairstyle

because it’s so crazy simple that it’s

like it literally takes two seconds all

you’re gonna do is part your her a

little bit deeper than you normally

would so I’m gonna do a deep right part

and bring all my hair this side like

this I normally like to tuck it behind

my ear and then take this side my hair

tuck it behind my ear and then take like

two bobby pins and pin the hair behind

my ear right here literally like that’s

it this kind of looks a little bit more

like edgy I know some air around there

like the twenties or thirties where they

like would tuck their hair behind the

ear and then if you want you can go

ahead and add some accessories like

there’s Clips like this a lot more

bougie or you can use like flowery clips

or honestly just whatever plus would be

super pretty if you like got a nice pair

of earrings and you just wore them it’s

a good way to showcase your ears super

pretty and very fun and fresh

don’t it and last but not least it is

not the least don’t even think that for

one second it is the Rope twist braids

than I did the other day I did it in my

back-to-school clothing haul and some of

you guys asked for a tutorial on it it’s

also super simple and it’s easier than

like regular braiding so if you’re not

the best of braiding maybe you’ll be

good at this but all you do is put your

hair down the middle what a shocker and

then divide them in the back to bring it

to the front and then you’re going to

start with two pieces of hair to grab

one section divide it in half like so

zoom in fit and then you’re gonna cross

over the front then incorporate some

hair then cross it over again and then

repeat that process just over and over

down the side of your head

okay so once you get to about like the

nape of your neck you’re going to you’re

gonna twist the section towards your

face and then cross it away does that

make sense so you’re gonna twist it

towards your neck but then you’re gonna

flip it away so I’m twisting towards and

then I’m crossing it away and basically

what this does is it secures it so when

you rubberband it it like doesn’t


you’re twisting forward crossing away

and then once you’re done Rubberbandits

what we’ll kind of I like to do mine a

little bit tighter because it will

unravel when you let it go it’ll rub a

little bit just like that honestly it

stays though if you try just regular

like rope twisting just crossing it then

it will unravel by twisting it and then

going like that like secures it I don’t

really know the science behind it but I

just know it works okay so now I’m gonna

go ahead and pancake the raid or the

twist and that’s what makes it like

voluminous and not more messy look

tumblr Instagram aesthetic whatever if

you guys want a pancake it more than you

can but so start off a little bit

smaller that way like you won’t mess up

then you can increase the size if you

want you know a bigger look

and see how I like gets super puffy

right here that’s what I take a bobby

pin and I just pin it down towards my

head to flatten it more then I also like

to just take my fingers and kind of

rough them over my baby hairs and that

completes the last hairstyle it’s very

simple as well this one’s super pretty

and that’s how you do it and that

concludes today’s video I hope you guys

enjoyed it and you guys learned some new

hairstyles that you’re gonna use and

love and feel confident in because

that’s what matters you guys can

definitely adjust these to like your

liking if you want a side part do a side

part or whatever and you can definitely

accessorize your hair too I put like

flower clips in my braids yeah I will

see you guys later thanks for watching

thanks for liking you guys my kin like

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do all the social stuff and I will talk

to you guys later bye

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easy + heatless hairstyles for school!
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