Easy Loose Curls in under 10 mins

Published on September 2, 2019

Thanks so much for watching! This is my first hair tutorial in a while but I’ll be uploading these more often! If you were wondering, I got a haircut for the first time in about a year so it is a little shorter and more layered.

hey guys so I’m gonna go ahead and show

you how I got this hair look basically

it’s a super fast and easy way to get

natural-looking loose curls so let’s go

ahead and get started so for this look I

use the new me 5 in one lustrum set

basically it’s a curling wand set that

comes with five different

interchangeable wands which is perfect

for if you want to try out a little bit

of a riot you want to come see your

hairstyles and so I use the biggest

barrel which is a 32 millimeter so what

you’re gonna do is going to start with

your hair and it doesn’t have to be

clean just it can be second day hair

it’s fine but you want to make sure that

you do prime your hair so that your ends

are protected and your hair is shiny and

it’ll make sure to prevent any

frizziness or anything like that so

you’re going to want to put your hair

into a high ponytail making sure to get

as much hair as possible into your

ponytail because we’ll be using this to

curl your hair so you’ll go ahead and

just make sure that is very secure and

tight and then taking a bout of a

one-inch section of your hair from the

base of the ponytail as much as possible

you’re gonna wrap it around the curling

wand away from your face and then once

you release the curl look like this so

basically that’s how you do it it’s how

we’re going to be curling our hair

you’re gonna keep repeating this process

of taking a one-inch section make sure

that it is as close to the point a base

as possible that way you get to curl as

much hair as you can so that way you’re

not curling just the very ends of your

hair it will look a lot more natural if

you curl the entire length of the

ponytail so I found that curling my hair

in a ponytail just cuts the amount of

time I have to curl my hair because it’s

not so specific on making sure that

every piece of your hair is cooled

because for the most part the top part

of hair isn’t going to be curled but it

looks really natural so I think that

it’s just a great way to curl your hair

on the go before school unless in like

ten minutes or so so yeah

and for this look you want to make sure

that you do use a thirty two millimeter

barrel or somewhere around that size not

smaller because you want to make sure

that these curls are looser and bigger

so that way the hair that you do curl

flows and blends more naturally into the

hair that you didn’t curl because if you

use a smaller barrel the curls tend to

turn out more defined and obviously more

curly and the hair that is not curled

will look very very much different so I

have two amazing coupon codes for you

guys you can use the code heartbreaker

for 40% off the entire new me site and

free shipping to the US and Canada and

the code strawberry gives you $100 off

selling sets which includes the lessons

that I’m using and then you get a free

argan oil so be sure to check out the

description below or I’ll have the

coupon codes and the details and links

and all that so once you’re pretty much

done curling all the hair in your

ponytail you just going to go through

and curl any sections that may be not as

curly as you want or any parts that you

missed and then once you’re done with

that you can go ahead and just take out

the pointy toe

so I went ahead and just took it out and

I’m not gonna lie this was experimental

completely I just stopped the night

before why not I try curling my hair in

a ponytail see how it turns out and this

is what it looked like so I thought it

turned out pretty good it looks really

natural and it is not obvious you only

curled your ends so what I’m doing is

here is I’m adding some texturizing

spray just to make sure that there’s a

lot more texture and definition in my

hair and then I just scrunch it up to

define the curls even more so as a

finishing touch I’ll be using this

hairspray and it’s a flexible hold

hairspray you don’t want to use too much

of a firm control because it leaves your

hair really crunchy so I just spritz

this all over and scrunch to the little

it’s just to lock in the look and that’s

basically it

I hope that you found this video helpful

and let me know in the comments if you

have any other video suggestions be sure

to like this video and subscribe for

more videos and yeah thank you so much

for watching and hope you’re having a

wonderful day bye

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Easy Loose Curls in under 10 mins - viviannnv
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