EASY Wedding Half-Updo HAIRSTYLE with CURLS | Bridal Hairstyles for Long Medium Hair

Published on October 26, 2019

Easy Hair tutorial: how to create a quick and easy, wedding hairstyles with romantic half-updo twists and voluminous curls for long or medium hair. With that said, you can do this cute hairstyle for everyday too; school or work!

Holiday season is just around the corner – Thanksgiving, Christmas – so we’re going to start doing a couple of fancy hairstyles – but I’ll keep it easy. 😀

Today, in this step-by-step tutorial made especially for the beginners – note; you won’t need to know how to use bobby pins for this hairstyle – I’m going to show you how to do an elegant, curly half-up half-down for holiday parties, prom, homecoming, weddings, graduation, and bridal occasions for brides or bridesmaids.

This simple hairstyle with curls can be done on straight, wavy, frizzy, naturally curly, or on layered hair. Since wedding hairstyles tend to look fancier and more voluminous with curls, I’ll show you how to curl your hair to create natural curls look.

hi guys I’m Tina from the Cat wearables
and today we’re going to create an easy
half of hairstyle without using any
bobby pins so today I’m wearing the
luxury for princess hair extensions in
22 inch and my hair was curled this
morning with the very old curling iron
from kortek so first we’re going to
tease our crown for some volume use a
hair powder then back home dissection
then use the hairspray to set it before
moving on to the next section in the
u.s. our Bridal style sent a little more
natural and simple because we like that
timeless look so I’m not going to make
the crown to be here next we’re going to
use some matte wax on the hair that’s
going up into the updo I’m using my
usual which is the sexy hair one to get
sexy Bridal hair this time if you’re
doing this hairstyle for everyday look
you start from here where we’re going to
do is gather a crown into a ponytail and
then tie it with an elastic band now
take a small section and twist it
upwards and around towards the elastic
then wrap the twist over and under the
elastic band
create an opening in the elastic and
pulley twist the strands through it
then toggle the twist to create a softer
and we’re just going to the same on the
other side take a small section twist it
upwards and around towards the elastic
once you get to the elastic this time
we’re going to wrap it directly below
the first twist and again create an
opening to pull the hair through it
we’re going to make another ponytail so
we can do another layer of twist so grab
another elastic band just two inches
below no not two inch one inch below it
and then just repeat
so guys if your curls are small then
you’re going to take small sections so
your twist will also come out small if
you have medium sized curls you’re going
to take medium sized sections so you end
up with medium sized twists if you have
big loose waves barely-there waves then
you’re going to take big sections and
barely twist it around the elastic okay
okay now we’re going to curl our hair
away from our face with a one-inch
curling iron to put the look together
and since I already have some waves I’m
basically just going to look at the hair
and curl just the parts that look too
messy or straight all the products I
used today and there were plenty will be
down below or on my blog post later
and we’re basically done be sure to LIKE
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★ EASY Wedding Half-Updo HAIRSTYLE with CURLS - Bridal Hairstyles for Long Medium Hair
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