Eid 10 easy heatless quick hairstyles 2019

Published on September 7, 2019

I thought like of everyone welcome back

to my channel I hope you’re doing great

I am finally back after so long or just

like it’s a couple of pics I thank you

Mary bon coffee booty conditioned me

when in Quebec could be styling Kiawah

straightened Nikki I’m a coach Vinny

Kiowa I just washed my hair yesterday or

I let them air-dry blow-dry Vinnie Kiowa

slinkys situation coffee Kerava so in

today’s video I’m going to show you guys

ten simple easy hairstyles that you can

do at home without curling straightening

or blow-drying your hair which will save

a lot of time for you as well and they

will be easy and quick and require very

minimal things though upload easily

color Pickers like that so if you guys

would like to see the video please keep

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my new video so let’s begin before

starting the video I will just want to

talk about at this product this is by

beautified my alumni Janka detangling

and fresh hair all day instead I just

spray it into my hair while cousteau

Chinese efendi those pivotal Somali

easily select your favorite Italy will

to borrow their to not so teen who

easily one of my cynical j’tia and it

smells amazing and I just pray it into

my hair like so just a little bit not a



for us of the Valois freakin Ichabod

Johannes Lamonica Charlotte you are

Mexico’s Colima Nagila got you

Mexico usually opening and spelling a

few Jocasta mid apologize either on her

jaw or the second thing that I put into

my hair after this is this Sarah this is

also by beautified by I’m not only in

car hair said I’m a high shine interest

control so if they occurred or made a

bizarre the frizzy or a timebomb

photometers I just apply this and it

came down my hair a little bit and it

softens my hair like crazy I was using

you want before licking s course a quick

comparison me and give positive Kabbalah

go soft banana tie or easily brush out

or rather and silky shiny smooth I am

absolutely in love with both of these

products so I’m just gonna apply some of

the serum as well I’m just gonna take

one pump of it which is enough and I’m

just applying it on to the ends of my


so I decided to do a voiceover because I

thought it would be easier for me so

here’s the first hairstyle all you have

to do in this one is to part your head

up beach mr. Magna carnage on your side

miss it’s all up to you

I like side parting on my face so I did

that and I just twisted my hair and I’m

just securing it with a bobby pin

I took two to make sure it’s nice and

tight and I’m doing the same thing on

the other side I’m just twisting and I

will secure it for the bobby pins and

that’s about it this is literally so

easy and it takes me seconds and it

looks pretty nice and decent so whenever

you’re having a bad hair day

this one can save you so the second

hairstyle is very easy as well as

symchay’s apni cornea I’m just tying a

bun at the back of my head because this

gives a very sophisticated a nice look

oh yes I love College offers your

university may percocet that’s very easy

it takes seconds it knows what is

similar ball pit is a messy little

because I don’t have a mirror and behead

a kiss are you here signs when are you

made about squishy shining here so this

is why there was a little mess so this

height or hairstyle is a ponytail I’m

just grabbing all my hair and I’ll make

sure I nicely brush them out our cake

will be the other not swag era now and

I’m just holding my head up tight and

I’ll secure my hair with a hair band

night ponytail nice what do you call it

hair tie okay so I’m just tying my hair

with a hair tie or Escobar of my hair I

go to Monica Lee I’ll take a piece of my

hair Orozco maliki up my pony hair to

hike around tiger lucky I’m really sorry

my brain isn’t functioning at the world

so I’m just wrapping the hair around the

hair tie and I will just secure it with

a bobby pin

Tokio just nicely tightly secured Raja

or here key ponytail copepod

sophisticated so nice look bigger or I’m

just pulling my hair a little bit of

front tacky told us messy lagaye

or total volume Mary bulimia trouble

Kripke biology so this is why I always

pull my hair makoy be a style curry

this makes a huge difference so the

fourth hairstyle is a hair bun and this

is the easiest way to do here but I

always do my bun like this my pony bond

let him escape either I just wrap my

head around the ponytail and I secure it

sometimes the hair tie kabhi kabhi mere

hairpins Kasab viscosity all credit even

stays for long and this is the hairstyle

that you’ll see me all the time and I

just loosened it up a little bit and

make it the way I wanted or same thing I

do with this one okay I just pulled my

hair out a little bit so it can be a

little messy and nice and gives my hair

more volume so the fifth hairstyle is

this one I just part my hair from the

middle section or skip arm and touch

afraid when I let you if you don’t know

how would why that’s read please let me

know so I can make a video on it I just

take here chunks left or right say and I

just continue it with like a regular

braid so it’s commando tariqa seminar to

hamesha kabhi kabhi mere si le braids

monarchy I believe our local college

hold it you and sometimes I tie it in a

ponytail which looks really nice as well


so the seventh hairstyle is going to be

the easiest top not bun I do this all

the time it’s very easy it looks very

check and nice or I’m doing the same

thing German of the hair bun banana me

Kitty half part metabolic a ponytail

mystic yogi or just a man hairpin

Cassata obtained by local rap theater or

bobby pins to secure porchetta I’m doing

the exact same thing in this one

just wrapping the hair around tying it

with a ponytail happens Kasab disco

secure character I’m using pins for

myself oh good okay take balance data to

help or hate I kiss abisco secure

cursive tataki he actually he leaning up

mishegoss a and I’m just pinching my

hair and giving it a messy look it looks

very nice if you curl your hair but I

was doing easy hairstyle video though

I’m not curling my hair well now that’s

an option as well I chose you Tom when I

are to a hairstyle optimal just so much

the worker said they call the brawny

videos will be because this is what I do

all the time demuccio good solution and

I came up develop chakra so I just

pinned them back and you can choose K up

each command Akali aside key

magnetically my daughter to have

stability and I just pull them back and

pin them up or I’m just loosening them

up a little bit okay they can frame my

face really nicely okay so the 9th Air

style is going to be a parade I love to

do braids when I’m varying like a daisy

dressed like shalwar kameez and stuff

because I think it complements the dress

really well and I really like doing it

because it’s super easy or just a matter

of navarre Luka pinata I leave them like

that and do a braid key okay I got my

pending car – usually of Nepal – – hey

sorry Baldwin leaders who were heavily

what was all about linkage attend looks

very messy the memory chef nibble on

cocaine could caper he bread cut – and

I’m just pulling my hair a little bit

tacky MIDI pocket HEC volume RJ grade me

and I can fake my hair just like a hobo

Haas I’ll take it do you sleep in the

but anyways it looks very nice so the

final tenth hairstyle is going to be

like a braided hair band kind of for

your side mizuki bottom which is music

z’ha’dum nepeta makan Kapiti certain

niches in those sections lady jitna

Jahangir Scotty Crocs actigraph just

take a booty breed a banana gentle tours

audible Lily


I’m just pulling my hair a little bit

talking Mary breathe go through all

volume Mel’s okay and now I’ll open the

rest of my hair or just a mature hunky

office maybe Center parting curse at the

elements idea or apni baahon could pitch

it was up in here

Jessica music Nebojsa here or to create

Simon coherent guitar pitch a trike a

donkey or in company con keep it cheeki

oh here pinky Satsuki okay do me talk

yup Samson not exact a hair pin school

or map Nabokov alley periodical young

guitar committee happens completely

chopped J and these were the 10 is a

hairstyle I hope you guys enjoyed it so

these are the 10 hairstyles complete I

hope you guys liked it and I just wanted

to mention that I have my code for these

two products I am NOT sponsored

whatsoever this is something that I

personally use on a daily basis since

I’ve got it the map locally recommend

can you if you guys would like to buy

this and if you use my code you will get

discount and you’ll get free goodies

along with this so if you guys would

like to mention the code or something I

just mentioned all the details in the

description below so you guys can see it

and until then I will see you guys very

soon in my next video bye

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