Hairstyles For Straight Hair!

Published on September 3, 2019

Hairstyles For Straight Hair! Hey Dolls! Sorry the video uploaded late! My computer is being super slow. I hope you enjoy this video!!

however you know I don’t think I should

do my intro my hair like this I don’t

think I’m vibing no would you be

insuring my hair done because I mean I

think people click off the video look at

my hair like this but hi guys welcome to

a hair tutorial like no no no hey

everyone welcome back to my channel

sigh sigh sigh sigh I feel like you can

so I mean that was just ironic I feel

like you could definitely play a

drinking game with the amount of times I

say so in my videos that every time I

end it I’m not why do I do it by doing

every single video so I’ve tried my best

not to say it in this video I don’t know

how well it’s like I’ve done it but I

just do it I’m like right so so shut up

anyway moving on to today’s video I’ll

learn it you know not good when you got

makeup on okay in today’s video I am

gonna show the guys my really really

easy quick and simple heads tour as I do

when I have Rory

I am so so simple you might watch this

video and think like what the hell why

she’s showing me this but it’s just my

tips and tricks that I’ve learned along

the way that helped me sort of maintain

my you straight hair and just to help it

really so that is basically what I

wanted to do with you guys and share

with you and I have a lot of like recent

hairstyles I do when I have straight

hair that I don’t think I’ve shared with

you guys my channel about how to

actually do it so that is what I wanted

to do so anyway if you want to see all

the different Alex that I create with

straight hair then please keep watching

I don’t know what this thing was doing

then I was like who did everyone like my

hair right now I mean I thought I’d

really that compared for heavier what is

going on with my hair like no joke it’s

been like this all day that I’ve been to

the gym had a shower

it’s just stayed like here and I just

don’t really know it’s going on to be

honest but hey ho also I’m really sorry

if I keep looking down I’m not definite

on babes but I’ve got this place in it I

love it so much it’s so cute but it’s a

v-neck here okay if you can see that the

inside bit keeps coming out and it’s

really annoying so

but is this tutorials basically to show

you guys different hairstyles that I do

in my hair my hair has definitely grown

out a little bit I mean let’s take it up

my bun it’s basically just almost my go

to her okay it looks oh oh oh I should

have like what the hell is going on oh

my god I think I’m gonna share with you

guys different hairstyles that I do sort

of my go-to buns very some really really

simple to sort of my updos mine down

dues low pony whatever yeah things like

that really do yeah that’s all the aim

for today’s video I’m sorry my hair

looks like this right now like it’s just

not a vibe is it it looks actually

disgusting it looks like I don’t even

know I don’t even know those first Alec

but I am gonna do for you guys

is my normal a straight hair but I I’m

good at straight hair I’m really really

good at straighten my hair not that it’s

hard to do or anything but I’m do find

that a lot of people do you find it hard

like to get dead straight hair I feel

like I’ve kind of nailed that quite easy

once you know oh

tonight my braids you guys are you sheep

right it’s like it lets you lips up and

electrocuted I mean I mean yeah I hope

you opt is gonna be good what is going

on anyway alright let us do sections

we’re gonna have to do smaller sections

because this term is just not okay today

it’s a good start isn’t everyone you

would have really really brush your hair

room so this is hairstyle and number not

too one number one that dates straight

hair I feel like I’ve mastered this now

like I mean not to burst my bubble but

like it has taken me a while and I feel

like I’m really really good at it so my

tapes for this is to always have like

smaller sections if you want like

straight straight hair and another thing

which my mom taught me was literally

goes close as your route to possible but

then drag the straightener really really

slow out you can either curve in the

bottom bit or keep it straight but it is

a dead straight and then just nicks you

do it over your whole wait doesn’t take

long to do I mean straightening my hair


easy for me to do then curling my hair

but it is lit you just personal

preference it’s called King keep the

bottom because I’ll put it up like two

days straight and basically I want to

grab my hair up for summer and I mean it

has grown a lot but I’ve loved try not

to put as much heat when it is possible

which I’ll show you in this video like

hairstyles like I do if I don’t want to

put any or just like not a lot of heat

on I do like some hairstyles

I’ll show you them soon right I’m going

to change tops quick because this one is

just stressing me out one sec alright

I’m back I think I will just top in my

last video but I don’t care okay again

just really really slowly and then when

you feel such suction when you feel such

destruction when you finish that section

if it needs to go over it if it doesn’t

need to then do I sometimes go over it

because especially on this section

because there’s like kings right at the

bottom you have to use a really small

okay so this section is done I’m next

you’re gonna do the same will do with my

head I’m gonna beat up for you guys

you’re not bored because I’ve got other

hair things all I need to do so yeah

that’s it really enjoy this fast pace of

me doing man


okay so this is thought what we’re

working with since I straightened it

like fresh my hair is a little bit

greasy which is so annoying considering

I just washed it yesterday so that’s

more annoying I feel like straight her

but expected when you’ll eat you just

wash it so if you wash it like dry it

and then straighten it it’s literally

like go straight right there’s an ice

cream man outside my house now what I

want to do to add a little bit more

shine and stuff to it this is a

sponsored I didn’t really really like it

it’s from you too much it’s there

turning one at miracle spray I am

obsessed with it

it’s got antifreeze moisturizing crosses

and shines there’s literally so many

things about it but just really buddy

helps my hair what I do though we spray

it into the brush little trick so lets

you spray it to the brush and then just

brush my hair the roof so it sort of

goes evenly my hair it also smells

insane I literally feel like I’m

promoting that product right now I’m

really not I just really like it it just

really works well with my hair out this

is what I do if I would like dead

straight hair I normally sort of puck it

behind my ear like so that’s literally

what I do it’s not really like major her

style but for straight hair I feel not

gonna go to two bases

it’s really really easy goes with a lot

and I like here you can sort of do it by

stuff haha

what behind to if you want or you can

like have it behind and then bring these

forward like so so during the video I’ve

decided to sort of change up a bit no I

thought I would do sort of different

hair styles when you have straight hair

never seen a video like that that

probably is because YouTube I mean that

come on and but I’ve never seen a video

like it so I’m not gonna turn it today

but if you do want me to turn it by

familiy very soon we do it so many times

recently but if you do need to curl it

it will match your hair and stuff write

in the comments down below if you would

like me to you know because if you do I

will film it for you guys but I think

for this video I’m gonna keep my head

straight show you guys different hair

tutorial no different hair styles that I

do we’re gonna have straight hair no

normally I would like whenever I

straighten my hair it changes every day

it depends on how it falls but if I’m

having like off days with my straight

hair and it’s just not vibing with me

I’ll do a lot of these hairstyles I

think you guys can benefit from which

student likes but I’m really really easy

to do so this is the first straight hair

style it’s the most simple one out of

the hole looks I’m going to do for you

guys but I feel like if you sort of do

my techniques and products that I use it

should help you a lot another tip which

is also a Rico which my mom taught me

she needs a tunnel if you get a

hairspray get your hand hairspray your

hand and then you can you know sometimes

you get little baby heads at the top

just do that it will literally pin them

down and it doesn’t let go like to

hairspray like does it’s not really

stiff air spray but I’m really good at

like describing things that I assumed

you guys out a little bit so you can

sort of see all my hair but yeah this is

the first one my hair is all one length

  • it’s quite a block dial but I really

really like it this product does wonders

to hair so I definitely recommend it not

spawn should be bits not but I just love

it but yeah number one I need to stop

doing like one two because I mean like

that’s for what am i doing right now

that it’s all done hairstyle number two

is so easy you don’t worry you kind of

do I suppose you need at the top section

to be straight and like a couple of

strands to be straight that the rest of

it doesn’t have to be so this is

something that I do like the day after I

straighten my hair because I don’t want

to put heat on it and I don’t but it

still works well because it’s like you

can see what I’m so bad at explaining

you can sort of see that my hair is

straight underneath that makes anything

so what you’re going to do is just get

to like thin strands of hair at the


right and then you’re gonna pull the

rest of your hair backwards right the

next step is to Oh get some hair bands

I’ve got three here I’ve got to show you

up close a thick to thick ones and then

a thin one as you can see there I’m

using all three my hair is quite thick

so it’s really knowing that if I ever do

a bun it just falls down so I use the

way what you’re gonna do is pull your

hair back into like a low pony so just

sort of do it is if you’re doing a low

pony brush your hair through you get a

little bit in the back to get rid of a

little bit of the parting you’re gonna

like play somewhere you saw want your

bun to go I do mind low is like here but

it’s completely up to you not as low as

possible and then I’m gonna turn out you

guys can see like why do ya bitch you’re

just gonna do a bun as you can see as I

put their hair buns over I put my hands

over the leak baton and then tie it in a

knot but then I use the rest of the

headband to go over so you’ll get a

little flyaway bits like this I’ll get

rid of them in a minute like so then of

course you’re gonna get hairs that are

gonna come out you can use bobby pins I

don’t know where any of mine are gone

I’d recommend bobby pins but if not I’m

gonna get a thin hair band tie where I

want it to be watched you don’t need a

headband you can just sort of find more

other hair bands and just that pop it in

like this so it’s simple to do and then

what you’re gonna do is pull this part

of your hair pull it up a bit just to

smooth it out you can also get hair

brush and go over it lightly and

whenever I do this hairstyle I don’t

know why but when I adds like big

earrings that hoops or like gold

earrings or ever just makes it look ten

times better and I don’t know why but I

just just does so that’s what I do every

time I would say look at this hair and

my ring okay

I’d say at the moment this hairstyle is

my ultimate go-to look I love it I feel

like it just goes with everything I feel

confident in it and my hair is at my

face I don’t have to worry about whether

I don’t have to worry about doing my


properly in spending loads of time when

in the morning it’s just so quick and

easy like there Jim Bever out no but

like I just I don’t know why I really

like it so this is the helic number two

and I hope you guys like it as well

because it’s just so easy to do and I

know that I do wish this short like

these bits were it’s shorter but my

sister issues one of them’s a

hairdresser Daisy she’s that don’t cut

your hair at all just leave it or one

length let it grow and then style it

however you like is I used to like put

layers and stuff in it and my hair ended

up going into an V at the back it was

really strange but it just didn’t look

healthy so that’s why I got it cut short

um but yeah I’m just trying to work with

what I got here

but yeah it’s alright I would prefer

this bit shorter but maybe in a while

I’ll cut it I don’t know oh yeah number

two I hope you guys liked it how many

times have I said it we get Amy it’s

nobody okay okay so hairstyle number

three I should have done this secondly I

don’t know I didn’t do first right let

me tell you some quick okay so hair look

number three and this is Ariana Grande

vibes like completely I think you guys

know what I’m gonna do this is just a

really really simple half-up half-down

make sure all your hair is brushed

through and it is and it’s straight the

whole way through what you’re gonna do

you can either either either either

either do it from like get a section

from your ears and pull upwards like so

which I think I might do Oh

go from like your eyebrows now I’m gonna

do this one actually yeah I’m gonna sort

of going on my eyebrows I go up and just

pull a section like this and then just

gonna get my brush and just pull all the

hair backwards actually I’m not I’m

gonna do it for my ear I’ve decided

before that he just works better with my

head shake cuz I’ve got really fat head

so once you’ve done that you’re gonna

get some hairspray hairspray the front

so you can get your baby hairs and then

what I’m gonna do first of all is get a

little hair band just tie up the pony I

always fall out whenever I do this it

goes up really naughty but happen to

anyone else like I really know

two ponytails really frustrating but

it’s height

yeah and they get hairspray spray this

bit down like so honestly these

hairstyles are so easy but they’re so

easy to do basically that’s why I wanted

to film because you can do so many

different looks with straight hair and

it actually looking at okay but for

example if you’re going on a night out

you’re wearing straight hair fair enough

you get it’s like raining or whatever it

gets windy you’re sick of your hair in

your face this is such an easy hairstyle

to do because you’re pulling like the

main parts out of it it’s at the back

but from like face or and panics good

you know so you know I started Australia

then oh but like yeah it looks good in

my eyes I really really like it it’s

like out of the way but it’s still

exclam because your hair’s down but yeah

ariana grande bad I do like it next head

tutorial you don’t really need to have

straight hair for I mean it does like a

bit better but I suppose if you use

loads of hairspray you don’t need to but

anyway I’m literally getting I think

I’ve got four hair bands in my hand in

my hand in my hand right now I’m gonna

do like a really high pony

I do think you do actually need straight

hair I suppose but I don’t know so

you’re gonna get your hairbrush get all

your hair and you’re just gonna put it

in a pony nothing too difficult but make

sure you keep brushing your hair the

room so when you’ve got it in like the

position you want it get hairspray spray

the from lighting it down you can also

get a toothbrush you get a toothbrush

and spray it with hairspray

you’ll get down all your baby hairs like


this hand start is good for school like

say to straighten your hair in the

weekend on the Monday you can just put

your hair up or for work or anything

like that and you’re literally good to

go so this is that simple you can spray

down any hairs on the side with baby

hairs whatever but it’s so so simple and

easy to do but it’s really really

effective it’s all out of your face and

it still it’s nice and glam at the same

time so yeah that’s probably like the

easiest one to do at all of them it’s so

simple but effective so the last

hairstyle is super super easy it’s

you’re gonna take up your ponytail or

ever hairstyle you’ve got you don’t

really have to have straight hair for

this base up to you music for hair bands

again oh I’ve got the same position as

my ponytail was poor but I’m gonna do a

bun so I’m gonna zoom you guys in so you

can see that up close

why do twist stop halfway and pull this

does not work with Australia like no

thanks guys I look not only not the

Spice Girls oh my god so normally my

buns alright but it just wasn’t working

out today no I don’t really know what

was happening so you’re not doing that

hairstyle but that’s gone out the window

oh God and the next one we are going to

do is also it very simple but I do it a

lot this is like the concept of the

video simple but effective

you know you’re gonna have straight hair

literally you can use a finger or get

like a brush or a comb or whatever your

parting I’m doing a side parting for

this you can do like any part in that

you want

I feel like this look looks really good

with a side parting

do you basically it’s a very sleek look

you’re gonna tuck both sides behind your

ear you can hairspray any bits down but

because I’ve bitched even headaches by

my hair throughout the whole thing it’s

actually staying and this is literally

I’ve got an itch jump it oh this is

actually the hole it keeps so easy to do

but I feel like for like that a night

owl or like a glam event or something

how Sonique and like classy does this

ad-lib it’s so easy to do it I don’t two


obviously after you’ve strained your

hair and stuff but it’s so easy I’m

gonna do more beside yeah this is just

so easy to do it’s so effective I’m

sorry if you’re not on record distance

the West video there’s such easy

hairstyles they are but there that’s the

concept of the video easy hairstyles

which is easy to do but also look

effective and sleek so everyone this is

the end of the live video I’m sorry

should go back to this hairstyle because

it’s my favorite hair start up the whole

look I literally love it so much

obviously my head’s a bit of the greasy

side so humming it up and away it’s just

like the best thing for the moment

because it’s just I don’t have to deal

with it I thought up I mean that bus was

braids out I feel like whenever up my

hair is like down I just play with it

and it’s just like no wait at my face I

love it especially in the summer

oh good I am excited to grow my hair out

though like I’m looking for too long

hair again oh boy I reckon ah peanut I’m

annoys open it or negate sure again know

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