HOW TO: 3 EASY Low Bun Hairstyles

Published on September 6, 2019

I’m so excited to share with you how to style these cute hairstyles with you. They are 3 quick and easy bun hairstyles. These bun tutorials can be recreated in under 3 minutes and will work beautifully for medium and long hairstyles.

Depending on how you dress up these hairstyles you could wear them to work, date night, and even more formal events like prom, or a wedding.

hey guys today I’m going to share with

you one of the most versatile hairstyles

below but this hairstyle is one of the

bests because depending how you dress it

up you could wear it to work date night

or even a formal event and the best part

it only takes minutes to do alright

let’s get started and don’t forget to

share with me which low bun is your

favorite alright first up is a sleek and

chic knotted bun so create a ponytail

worried like your bun to sit and then

with your left hand flip your ponytail

up bringing your ends to the right side

and I just want to slide your index

finger and thumb on your right hand

through that loop that we just created

all right grab your ends with your left

hand pull them underneath to the left

and then pinch all of your ends with

your right hand and just begin pulling

them all the way through to create a

knot now try to keep everything nice and

tight but you can always adjust this


once through keep your not pressed

tightly against your head and then swoop

your ends down into the left

tucking them neatly underneath the bun

now you can play around with the

appearance twist it and once you’re

happy with it just begin Bobby pinning

at the outside of your bun to your head

sliding the bobby pins towards the

center I love this chic low bun and it’s

the perfect hairstyle to take you from

day to night

next bun is one that everyone needs to

know how to recreate so toss all of your

hair back and on the last loop of your

ponytail instead of pulling your ends

all the way through just stop about 1/4

of the way so it looks kind of like this

and then we’re done no I’m just kidding

so grab your ends and then swoop them to

the left and up and over and then just

loop them underneath your hair elastic

and for that effortless look just mess

it up a little bit and pull on some

small sections to add some detail and

it’s that simple you guys I love how

effortless and cool this hairstyle is

but you could also recreate it more

sleek if you like and finally a twist on

the typical

donut bun again hair in a ponytail begin

tightly – wasting your ponytail

clockwise all the way down then bring

your twist up the left side and loosen

it near the hair elastic to help create

more of a bun shape once you’re happy

with the shape bring your twist over

your ponytail to the right and then

underneath your button wrapping as many

times as you need to and then tuck your

ends underneath your hair elastic or pin

them out of the way and then play around

with the shape or keep it tight for a

more formal appearance

I love how one simple change creates a

whole new style of bun and this was

actually inspired by Leah Michelle’s

wedding hair so there you have it you

guys how chic yet simple are these buns

I’d love to know what you guys thought

in the comments down below and please

let me know if you’d like to see more

effortless hairstyles or if you like

more sleek hairstyles

but thank you guys so much for watching

don’t forget to hit that like button and

subscribe and I will post the final

pictures of these hairstyles on my

Instagram if you’d like to check them

out but thank you guys so much for

watching I will talk to you in my next

video bye

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HOW TO - 3 EASY Low Bun Hairstyles ? Perfect for Prom, Weddings, Work
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