Published on September 1, 2019

I am so thrilled to share this EASY everyday updo that I think is just perfect as a summer hairstyle. This updo is perfect as a medium or long hair hairstyle and will only take a few minutes to achieve. What I love most about this updo is that it was inspired by all of you! I love hearing about all the proms, weddings, formals and work events that you wear these hairstyles to so I had to create one that was a little more versatile and practical for everyday use. I am also going to show you how I prepped my hair to achieve this textured look with some incredible products from an inspiring brand that created something not only effective but beautiful. Make sure to comment below and let me know where you will wear this updo.

okay everyone welcome back I am so

excited for today’s video I know I say

that all the time but truly this one I’m

very excited for because this may be one

of the easiest updos ever I get a lot of

messages from all of you about how you

wear these updos to prom weddings school

even work so I was inspired to share an

updo that’s practical and versatile for

any event depending how you style it I

also wanted to share how I prepped my

hair to get this soft voluminous look

which is my go-to for every day and it

makes a great base for an update alright

let’s get started so Before we jump into

it I am so excited because today’s video

is sponsored by our haircare now this is

a truly inspiring company that I really

wanted to share with you because it was

created by self-made women just like you

and I so they’ll be fun to prep my hair

with a few of my faves so let’s jump

into it so I just washed my hair and I

let it air dry a little bit while I did

my makeup and I’m first going to go in

with their soft styling foam and this

bottle is actually completely recyclable

how cool is that

so two pumps is all you need this stuff

smells so good rubber between my palms

and I just like to work it from my ends

up to my roots because this product

gives my hair so much body and volume

you’ll see you can see how much like

natural texture it brings out in your

hair if I let my hair air dry it just

leaves me with these really soft

beautiful beachy waves but today I am

going to below jar my hair so I’ll do

that real quickly and come right back oh

man I forgot how hot it gets when you

blow-dry your hair in the summer holy

but I just wanted to show you guys look

how much volume and that added it to my

hair I love it so I’m gonna go ahead and

quickly curl my hair with a one and a

quarter inch curling iron

alright my hair is all curled so I’m

going to go in with their luxury hair

oil this is a personal favorite of mine

and this is their award winner all right

so I just use about two pumps but this

is one of those products that I just

can’t help but

well before I use it it’s like citrus

and vanilla it’s so good for summer I

love it and then I just like gently

smooth it over my hair super lightweight

so you don’t have to worry about it

weighing down at your hair just gives it

this really nice shine makes it look

really healthy and yeah I reach for this

almost every single day now I love it

and then any excess I was just rubbing

to my hand and then to add volume and

texture to the updo you guys already

know my secret but I’m going to go in

with some dry shampoo this is their

invisible dry shampoo and conditioner I

just apply this to my roots and I mostly

focus this around the crown of my head

to help add extra volume I really enjoy

this dry shampoo it really leaves my

hair feeling fresh and voluminous and

you may have noticed but this is a non

aerosol dry shampoo and this is the

first non aerosol dry shampoo that I’ve

used that actually comes with a pump

which is super helpful alright so those

are my faves from voir and if you want

to try out any of their products they

have shared a 15% off promo code for at

their website which is awesome because I

only shop with promo codes but it’s Alex

g15 I will leave it down in the

description below let me know if you end

up picking out anything or if any of

these products intrigue you but my hair

is prepped hopefully you found that

helpful and let’s jump into the updo

okay all you need for this updo is one

hair elastic so first step toss all of

your hair back and just loosely gather

it at the back of your head about mid

ear height next pull out some small

pieces to frame your face on both sides

and I just love the effortless

appearance that this gives the look and

a simple way to add some more detail to

this hairstyle is by letting go of the

outside of your gathered section and

then just twisting it towards the middle

okay get your elastic ready I find a

thicker band holds my hair best and try

to use one that wraps around your hair

at least 3 times begin securing your

hair into a ponytail and we want to

create a bun so it’s easy instead of

pulling your hair all the way through on

the last wrap only pull it partially

through and

this will create your bun then you want

your ends to come out of the top similar

to this now let your ends hang off to

the left side for now and if you’re

going for a more effortless look just

pinch and pull your button to loosen it

up giving it that lived in appearance

next loosely gather your ends and just

bring them across the top of your bun

over your elastic to the right and here

you can play around with the shape to

create the look you want next you want

to tuck your ends underneath your hair

elastic now you don’t want to grab the

part of the elastic that created the bun

but a piece of the elastic that first

looped around your ponytail I find it

easiest to grab the elastic from

underneath the bun now pull your elastic

out as much as you can and you just want

to pull your ends through the elastic if

they’re short this will be easy and if

they’re long it’s a little bit trickier

but you can do it and then once they’re

all the way through you have yourself a

bun and then you can go ahead play

around with the shape by pinching and

pulling the bun and inserting any bobby

pins that you may need now I was going

for a daytime casual updo so I left my

ends out but you could take some bobby

pins and tuck them out of the way

underneath your bun okay here I was

trying to show you what it looked like

without the ends and I think it looks

very chic but that’s it

that’s how to recreate this easy

everyday app to do so there we have it

what did you think I really love this

hairstyle especially that it looks a lot

more difficult than it actually is it’s

hard to believe that it only takes a one

hair elastic and maybe a few bobby pins

but I’ll post pictures of the final look

over on my Instagram so be sure to check

it out and if you do recreate this

hairstyle don’t forget to tag me I would

love to see your recreations and how you

choose to style it but thank you so much

for watching today’s video if you liked

it please give it a thumbs up and

subscribe and leave a comment let me

know your thoughts and if you’re going

to try it but thanks again I will talk

to you in my next video bye

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