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Published on August 31, 2019

One of the biggest fall hair trends of 2018 would have to be claw clips, so I’m so excited to share these claw clip hairstyles with you guys. These easy hairstyles were inspired by some of the most iconic women of the 90’s, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, and Sarah Jessica Parker (they all have incredible hair). I love this trend because it is quick, easy, and causes little to no damage to your hair. Comment below and let me know your thoughts on this 90’s hair trend, and how you style your hair with claw clips.

hey guys welcome back I am so excited to

share today’s video I think you guys are

really going to love it and it is easy

hairstyles using a hair club okay I know

I didn’t love this trend at first either

but just hear me out some of the most

iconic women of the 90s wore their hair

in a hair club I could think of Jennifer

Aniston Julia Roberts Sarah Jessica

Parker and they all had incredible hair

so I get it these clips are really easy

to use the cause and no damage to your

hair and they’re going to save you so

much time so if I haven’t convinced you

yet watch till the end and leave a

comment and letting me know what you

think but let’s go ahead and get started

first up is a voluminous ponytail hack

using a claw clip so go ahead and create

your favorite ponytail

my favorite way is once I’ve gathered

all of my hair where I want my ponytail

to sit I just lied two bobby pins on to

a hair elastic and then I insert one of

the bobby pins into the top of my

ponytail and then I just begin tightly

wrapping the hair elastic around the

ponytail and once it’s pulled nice and

tight I just slide that second bobby pin

towards the middle of my ponytail and

then I repeat this one more time and

this creates a nice strong base helping

to keep the ponytail

nice and perky and then I select to a

pinch and pull in some pieces to help

add some extra volume then divide your

ponytail roughly separating at the top

third away from the rest and then take a

small claw clip and you just want to

clip it on to the center of your

ponytail and I definitely recommend

using either a clear clip or one that

matches your hair it just in case it

Peaks through then let down the top

layer and there you have it you can see

how adding the claw clip just helps to

create a perky and voluminous ponytail I

just think it’s perfect for every day I

love this next one it’s a twisted half

up hairstyle so loosely gather all the

hair that’s above your ears and I just

begin tightly twisting it clockwise

I probably twisted it about 4 to 5 times

then holding your twist in a place you

just want to

we pulled down at the left side of your

hair to help cover your twists this will

help create more of an elegant

appearance now this may take a couple of

tries but once you’re happy with it to

take your favorite clock clip and clip

the base into place this hairstyle is so

pretty I think it’d be perfect for work

and it’s a great twist on a normal half

of hairstyle this next hairstyle I like

to call the Jennifer or the Rachel and

it guesses why so the first thing you

want to do is gather all of your hair at

the base of your neck and we are going

to twist this ponytail I find it easiest

to flip my right hand upside down so my

palm is facing out and my thumb is at

the top then I grab on to my ponytail

and just begin tightly twisting it in a

clockwise direction

once you’ve twisted it once or twice you

don’t want to direct your ponytail up

and just continue twisting until you’ve

reached the very end and then similar to

the last hairstyle gently begin

directing your hair on that right side

of the twist to help cover it and help

create a smoother more elegant appear

now if your hair is shorter you can just

clip everything into place but if not

just bring your end down the right side

and then tuck them away on the left side

and this will help create a little bun

at the top I think it’s super cute now

grab a large claw clip I’ll link some

really cool ones below and just clip

your twists into place now feel free to

leave your ends out but I just opened my

clip slightly and touch my hands

underneath out of the way and there you

have it a simple sophisticated classic

90s hairstyle next up is a quick chic

fun that you can do on the go I see

women wearing this all the time so place

your hair into a nice tight low ponytail

and then just begin creating your

favorite braids I stuck to the classic

three strand braid but you could do a

fishtail a rope braid whatever your

heart desires

so once you’ve completely braided your

section you just want to begin tightly

wrapping it around the base of her

ponytail to form the bun once you’ve

reached your ends just tuck them

underneath and grab your favorite clip

and secure it into place I love how

simple this hairstyle is just keep a

claw clip in your purse and you’ll

always be ready so there we have you

guys I would love to know which look was

your favorite and your thoughts on this

cloth clip trend I am

so here for it but I really hope that

you guys like today’s video if you did

please give it a thumbs up and if you

would like some more hair inspiration be

sure to check out my Instagram it will

be linked down below but thank you guys

so much for watching I appreciate it so


and I’ll talk to you guys in my next

video bye

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