How-To for Pinless Buns that Last All Day

Published on October 14, 2019

Sometimes we just want to throw our hair up into a bun to keep it out of the way, but we don’t have the time or tools for doing a fancy pinned updo. And, we still want the updo to last all day. Here’s a tutorial for three of my favorite pinless buns that are easy, fast, last a long time, and only require one hairstick.

Difficulty: Easy

Hair Length: at least armpit length

Materials: one hairstick

Skills needed: none!

Time cost: less than one minute

ideal hair type: any

today’s hair tricks video is about hair
stick buns there are many times when we
want to just throw up our hair into a
bun to keep it out of the way but we
don’t have the time or tools to do a
fancy pinned updo and we still want the
updo to last all day so here are the
three favourite pinless buns of mine
that are easy fast lasts a long time and
only require one hair stick I’ll show
you how to do each one and I’ll also
show you proof of how long the hairstyle
lasts keep watching to learn how to do
them on yourself this first button I’ll
show you is a classic in the long hair
community this is called a Nautilus
button to start it gather your hair into
a ponytail opit once around one of your
palms now wrap the rest of the hair
around the base of the ponytail
underneath your hand as if you were
choking off the loop of hair that you
made around your palm now slide that
loop off your hand and shove the Raps
knot of hair through the loop with your
thumbs grab your hair stick and push it
into your hair on the inside of one side
of the loop push the stick underneath
the knot of hair in the middle and then
push the end out again on the inside of
the other side of the loop and that’s it
here’s how long this bun lasted for me
bun number two is called the
figure-eight bun make a ponytail again
twist up the hair tightly and then wrap
it around its base tightly to form a
spiral once you’ve reached the ends lift
up one loop of the spiral and lay it
flat against your head above the rest of
the twist now with your hair stick poke
it into your hair through the top of the
top loop push it in through the hair
underneath the crossing part of the
figure 8 and stick the end back out
through the bottom of the lower spiraled
hair I wore this one for a full day of
roller coaster rides so check out how it
finally number three is a bun that I
came up with I’ve called it the silk
knot because it’s based on the knotting
technique I learned to tie off the silks
in my aerial silks classes gather your
hair into a high ponytail wrap the
ponytail once around your palm passing
it underneath first then over cross the
back of your hand while holding the tail
of the hair still with the other hand
spin your wrapped hand in a circle once
now grab the remaining tail of your hair
with the wrapped hand and pull it
through the loop around your palm
pull it tight pushing the button down
against your head as you do so and then
poke your hair stick through like with
the last buns push it down through the
top of the bun throw it underneath the
middle of the bun and then push the end
back up and out the bottom of the bun
what is your favorite hair stick button
tell me in a comment below and if you
like the hair sticks I used in this
video I got them from the Etsy store AKC
woodworking there’s a link to their shop
in my description box you should check
them out for fun fantasy hair sticks
thanks for watching see you again next

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How-To for Pinless Buns that Last All Day
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