Published on September 6, 2019

Hi everyone, I’m so thrilled to share today’s hair tutorial which is a French Twist hairstyle that takes under 5 minutes to create. This French Roll Updo is surprisingly simple but very elegant making it perfect for prom, work or wedding/bridal season.

hi guys I’ve been feeling so inspired

with all of the award shows lately and I

knew I just wanted to create a glamorous

updo for you guys so I thought I would

do a modern twist on a classic French

roll I broke it down into it maybe three

steps super easy so that you guys can

recreate this at home oh and if you guys

didn’t know I always share the final

look on my Instagram all right let’s go

start it I think you’re really going to

like it so I started off by adding some

texture spray to help give this

hairstyle a more effortless appearance

I’m going to use a one and a quarter

inch barrel to add some tousled waves

okay toss all of your hair behind your

shoulders and begin by loosely gathering

all of your hair on the right side of

your head I swooped my section across my

ear but feel free to pull yours tighter

for a more polished look once gathered

bring that section upwards and hold it

in place in near the center of the back

of your head now’s the time to pull out

any small pieces to frame your face all

right continue holding this section in

the center and smooth down at the top

until you’re happy with how it looks now

it’s time to pin I love using these

roller pins they’re great for holding

all of the hair in place but bobby pins

will work to just use more so slide one

pin upwards right up the middle trying

to hook all of your section and then

slide a second one up and across the

previous pin for extra security then one

pin down crossing through the center of

the two to make a star and then this

should feel nice and secure but it

doesn’t hurt to place a couple more and

then I pulled out some neck hairs to add

to the undone look which I ended up

curling later now for the left side

gather all of your hair and take a small

hair elastic and create a small bun at

the ends this is going to help with the

next step once secure hold your hair out

behind you and begin tightly rolling it

inwards until you reach your head don’t

worry if it’s not perfect it’s easily

adjustable now once you’ve reached your

head hold the roll with your left hand

tightly against your head as you

roll everything a little bit tighter and

tuck away any loose ends keeping a hold

of that roll start pinning the right

side of it to your head so starting at

the bottom hook small pieces of hair

with your pin and then slide it

underneath your rule and then just

continue pinning up the right side of

your bun now I’ll link the bobby pins

that I’m using below I find that they

work so well so once it’s nice and

secure and all the loose bits are tucked

out of the way just play around with it

a bit and we’re done I love effortless

hairstyles and I find that they are

especially great since they easily hide

any mistakes but you can use the same

technique with smooth hair for a more

polished look so there we have you guys

I would love to know what you thought of

this modern French twist

I think this hairstyle is absolutely

stunning I could already picture it at

as summer wedding it’s just so

effortless and timeless you know

sometimes less is more but I really hope

you found today’s video helpful if you

liked it please give it a thumbs up and

I will link some similar hair tutorials

down below that you might find helpful

thanks again you guys don’t forget to

subscribe and I’ll talk to you in my

next video bye

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HOW TO - FRENCH ROLL UPDO HAIRSTYLE ✨ Perfect for Prom, Weddings, Work
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